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Chapter 6: Team 7 in Training

They were in a room in Tazuna's house. It was small but comfy none the less. And his daughter Tsunami had welcomed them with open arms. Everything went well except for that little confrontation with the boy Inari. As Tazuna had told them the boy's 'father' had died trying to protect this country.

Trying to protect this country…


"They had died protecting this country. They are heroes." The Third announce to everyone during the memorial of her dead parents.

Heroes of the Village.

Their country.

They're dead.

You're all alone!

End Flash:

Reality hurts…

"Starting tomorrow we're going to have a more intense training." Sakura looked up to her sensei. His right leg was broken and he had suffered greatly from Chakra depletion. But amazingly he was already awake. She was expecting him to wake up after three days or so.

"What kind of training, Kakashi-sensei?" said Naruto who was seated across her asked.

"Chakra training. You'll find out soon enough tomorrow." He let out an orange book and went on reading as if he wasn't in a bad condition. Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke sweatdropped.

'How could he read that thing at a time like this?!'



Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke thought randomly. Sakura sighed. Was he really serious at this?!


They were the forest and Kakashi was explaining to them what they were going to do for their training. After that he walked up a tree with his crutches without any hesitation.

"AMAZING!" Naruto shouted in awe. Sasuke was also amaze as his eyes slightly widened. Sakura though smiled at his sensei. So he was a bit of a hentai but judging by the way he was able walked on the tree that easily she was sure that Kakashi was an excellent ninja. Well he wasn't an ex-ANBU for nothing. She was happy at that thought. It's never an easy thing to control your chakra.

'She seems happy.' Kakashi thought as he saw Sakura smile at him. 'Maybe she has a crush on me!'

(Author: AAASSSS IIIIFFFFFF!!!!) And echo… echo… echo in the background.

He erased that thought when he swore he heard somebody screamed from the distance. (Hehehe!) He continued his explanation. That of such that chakra control is very important to win and get through a battle with other ninjas and that during battle it is harder to control your chakra. At that your feet is the hardest place in your body to control it.

"In this training there is a possibility that you might die." Silence reigned. "Maintaining chakra in your feet is the hardest place for you to manipulate it. So be careful." He went down from the tree. "I want you climb a tree individually by using chakra at your feet. Use a kunai so you can measure how high you can go. Remember your goal is to reach the top of the tree. You may start now."

Three of them took out a kunai; closed their eyes and concentrated hard to put chakra at their feet. Their eyes opened at the same time and at the same moment they claimed up the tree with their feet using what chakra they were able to store there.

As soon as Naruto had stepped on the bark of the tree he instantly fell backwards, landing painfully on the head. On the other hand Sasuke was bale to climb a few feet up but then repelled and landed gracefully on the ground.

Sasuke muttered a curse under his breath. But he felt better at himself knowing that Naruto couldn't even step a foot on the tree. The said boy was rubbing his head to get rid of the pain. He frowned as he noticed something. Where was Sakura?

Where is she? Did she fall like he did earlier and had landed somewhere in the distance? Was she unconscious due to the fall? His thoughts were random and unknowingly to him his frown deepened.

Kakashi shook his head at the scene. Naruto was barely able to store chakra at his feet thus he wasn't able to climb even an inch on the tree. While as for the Uchiha, the over stored chakra in his feet repelled him from the tree. There would be a lot of work to be done.

"Your chakra controls are terrible." Kakashi said casually. "Why can't you be more like Sakura up there?" He pointed his forefinger upwards and Sasuke's and Naruto's eyes followed to where he was pointing at.

Naruto was awed again for the second time that day. As for Sasuke he gaped… well slightly.

Sakura was waving down at them from the very top of the tree. Her kunai was impaled to where she was standing. Not a bead of sweat could be found on her beautiful face and she didn't look tired at all.

"WOW! SAKURA-CHAN THAT'S AMAZING! YOU'RE A GENIUS!" Nauro shouted his praise. Whether it was out of the fact that Sakura was high above that he had to shout it out or that was how he really says it. Either way Sasuke didn't care. He was probably just as surprised as Naruto. What irritated him was that Sakura blushed when she heard the blonde shouted like that.

"Sakura, you can get down now." Kakashi simply said. The after mentioned girl jumped down from the tree and landed on the grassy earth with grace that would match that of a ballerina. "Good job Sakura. You won't be training with us anymore seeing that you can control your chakra perfectly. You can just rest under a tree and watch these two fall over and over again." Sakura sweatdropped. Her sensei had a way of irritating her two teammates and judging by the way Naruto and Sasuke were flaming there were clearly very irritated. But she knew it was only to make them strive harder.

Maybe she should help Naruto in this. Maybe give him a few tips on how to properly do it. Then maybe getting more close to him… then at night they would talk… accidentally bump on each others shoulders… they would make eye contact… move a little closer… closer… then maybe a … kiss?

Damn! Her face was red as those thoughts popped up suddenly in her head. Well more like in slow motion like in a romance movie. She cupped her flushed face and shook her head furiously. But it didn't help get the thoughts out of her head.

"Err… Sakura. Are you Ok?" She stopped shaking her head as she heard the wondered voice of her masked sensei. She slowly turned around and if any more possible she turned even redder. They were all staring at her as if she lost her mind. She sweatdropped. She can't blame them; by the way she acted right now she really did look like she was crazy.

"Ehehe… Err… I'll be sitting down now." She said in a low voice and sat under a tree near the others. Damn again! That was embarrassing!

He had seen that look before. The blushing and head shaking after the dreamy look in the eyes. Oh he had seen it all too often. The look he had seen on his fan girls every time they would ask him out on a date. He knew what they were thinking while having that look. The thought of being with him while making out! Every time he would allow himself to think about it he would cringed in disgust.

But who was she thinking about. It couldn't have been him. She wasn't interested in him. Of course he already had an idea of who it was. He turned to the blonde idiot at his side who was shouting at their silver haired sensei. As of now he was stronger than him and he would make sure that he would be. It was suddenly a competition. One that even he wasn't aware of.


Sakura's face frowned deeply as she watch her two teammates, as like what their sensei said, fall over and over again. She sighed. At least they were getting better at it. Naruto was finally reaching a few meters higher than four hours ago and Sasuke had reached 5 meters higher than before.

'But they were wasting too much chackra!'

She sighed again. She had to hand it to them though. Their determination never quivered but she could see that frustration was getting the better of them. She cringed as Naruto once again had fallen after another successful attempt. She tried to stop the urge to come to him and aid the scraps and bruises on his face. She knew it would just bother him from his training. She saw him rubbed his butt and stood to stare at the top of the tree. He had that pout on his lips and that annoyed look on his face, which she considers pretty cute.

'You can do it Naruto-kun!!!!' Inner Sakura screamed inside her head. She smiled to herself which instantly faded as she saw the boy that she was thinking of earlier coming near her. Her eyes widened and her heart went at a fast pace.

"Sakura-chan." He screamed as he came nearer. Damn! It was getting hard to breathe. Why couldn't she get use to having him near her?

"Sakura-chan, can you help me?" He asked stopping in front of her. She blushed. He was so near. She hadn't had him this near to her in normal occasions before. The incident when it rained and when he was wounded wasn't normal. And the time when they had ramen he wasn't at all that near to her.

"Y-yes, Naruto-kun?" She tried not to stutter.

"Can you please please please help me how store enough chackra on my feet?!!! PLEASE!!!" He practically begged to her.

He was asking for her help. She inhaled deeply. This was her chance and she wasn't going to ruin it because of her uneasiness around him. 'This is your chance Sakura!'

"Naruto-kun, I'll be happy to!" She smiled and if only she hadn't closed her eyes while she was smiling she could've seen the faint blush on his face.

Sasuke panted heavily. He was barely able to achieve anything much for the past four hours of training. His body was filled with a few scraps and bruises from some of the times that he wasn't able to land perfectly land on the ground. He could feel himself nearing chackra depletion and knew that soon enough Kakashi would end their training.

What was he doing wrong? He was able to store chackra at his feet and yet as if it was the tree itself that was repelling him. He felt his legs giving in and sat down on the ground after an exhausted sigh. He looked up at how high he was able to reach. The tree was marked with numerous scrapes from his kunai which escalated higher and higher. 'But not high enough.'

Not that he wanted to compare but he just wanted to see how high the dobe was able to reach. And so he looked up at Naruto's tree. He smirked seeing that the blonde was doing worst than he was. Speaking of which, were was the idiot? He turned his head form side to side trying to see were the blonde idiot was. He might have dropped dead somewhere on the forest floor. Not that he cared.

He found him. Talking to Sakura. He was begging about something. Sakura looked nervous but then smiled. The idiot blushed… Sakura said something to him. Naruto frowned, obviously not getting anything of what she said. She said something again this time more firmly. Naruto thought hard and then nodded then grinned. He heard him say a loud thank you. Sakura blushed again, said something to him. Naruto just laughed.

It all happened so fast that Sasuke's tired mind didn't have time to analyze any of it. Obviously Naruto had asked some help on their training. Maybe he should ask some help as well. No! He didn't need any help. He wasn't like Naruto who couldn't do any better than him. As he tried his best to get up he noticed how Sakura would smile at her spot at Naruto. 'Does she really like him?' He got up and breathed in. 'What does she see in him?' He stored up some chackra at his feet. 'It's not like I care but-' With a kunai in one hand he climbed up the tree using whatever amount of chackra he had left.

3 meters…

4 meters…

5 meters…

6 meters…

7… and -

He was repelled back again. 'Damn!' He landed not so softly on the ground and muttered another soft curse. Naruto went back to his spot after talking to Sakura. Still having a grin on his face, Sasuke tried to stop himself from hitting the boy senseless. He thought for a while and made up his mind. He knew he might regret this afterwards.

He stood up and faced him. "Um… Naruto." The said boy stared at him, surprise on his face since this was probably the first time he talked to him without quarrelling.

"Eh? What is it Sasuke-teme?" His right eyebrow twitched. 'Teme?'

He tried to calm down. This was for the sake of getting stronger. "Can you tell me…" Man, this was harder than he thought.

"Can you tell me what Sakura told you earlier?" He asked in a low voice.

Naruto stared at the Uchiha wide eyed. Did he just hear it right? The human ice cube was asking for HELP? "Your asking for my help?!"

The Uchiha frowned. "Not your help. I'm just asking what Sakura told you earlier."

"Oh!" Naruto grinned. "So you're curios on what were talking earlier, eh?" He teased.

Much to Sasuke's disgust he could feel his cheeks heat up. "Ha! So it's true then. You're jealous, aren't you?!" Naruto continued.

"Dobe, I knew you were asking her about our training. I just want to know what she said." He defended as he tried to stop his cheeks from betraying him.

"Eh? So that was it? Hmph! And why should I tell you?!"


"Why don't you ask her yourself?" He could just ask Sakura instead of this idiot. But that would mean facing her and it didn't feel right to asked help from a girl. Besides from that, the last time he was face to face with her he couldn't breathe well.

"Because you already asked her and it wouldn't be right if she'd be asked again." He reasoned a lie of course.

"Mmmm… Alright. You have a point." Sasuke thanked the gods, if their were any, that Naruto was born an idiot for believing him.

"Sakura-chan," There was that annoying chan again. He frowned. "Eh, why are you frowning?"


"As I was saying. Sakura-chan, didn't really give me instruction on how to do it. She just said that I should just relax and ignore everything around me. Then feel one with the tree. She said that I shouldn't push the chackra towards the tree but make it flow within the tree or something like that." It was Naruto's turned to frown this time. "I don't get it though."

"Shouldn't push the chackra towards the tree but make it flow within the tree." Sasuke repeated.

"Yo!" Kakashi appeared form nowhere making Naruto jump to his feet.

"Kakashi-sensei, where the hell did you came from?!" He screamed.

"From the road of life." His sensei said.

"Oh shut the crap on that road of life shit!" Naruto said, ready to pound him.

"Ok, come on. Training for this day is over. We will continue this tomorrow. Hopefully you'll do better by then." And went ahead of them to Tazuna's house.

Naruto was about to complain. "But-"

"No buts. Like I said earlier if you abuse yourself in your chackra control, there will be a possibility that you would die. You can't become a Hokage if you're dead" Naruto stopped. His sensei words made a point. And so the rest followed.

Sakura stood up from her spot. Finally it was over. She looked over at Naruto and made a mental note to tend to his wounds when they back. Sasuke came into her view and thought that she should help him as well with his wounds.

'If he would allow me!'

Whether he'd allow her or not, she still has to do so. Even though the Uchiha is a cold bastard, he still is her teammate. Her heart skipped a beat when he caught her staring at him. She couldn't look away. She had to do something and so she did what comes naturally to her.

She smiled.

Sasuke was surprise that she smiled at him. he was expecting her to look away instead it was him who looked away with a scowl on his face. As of before he couldn't handle her smile.

Sakura frowned. She smiled politely at him and yet he looked away from her as if he was disgusted. Was he still thinking that she had a crush at him? The nerve! 'Stupid Uchi-'

She stopped midway. And looked up. It was there for a moment but then it disappeared as fast as it came. That chackra pattern.

"Uy, Sakura-chan let's go!" Naruto called. She snapped out of her thoughts. It couldn't be. He was already dead.

"Hai! Coming Naruto-kun." But she couldn't erase that feeling. Something was up.


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