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Rated T for slash and violent and/or sexual themes. Big surprise, eh? ('wink')

This is a series of unconnected drabbles, that will be updated and added to whenever and are placed together simply because I'd feel silly separating them into different stories when they are only drabbles. Yeah, I know, I'm weird. This is not a new realization.

Anyway, enjoy. Peace, all.


Tales From The Backseat

Easier To Love

by Ghost Helwig


He thinks he loved the Seiten first.

Not that he didn't love the Goku who was Goku, all lanky goodness and unbeatable enthusiasm and large, winsome golden eyes. And truly, he had 'loved' that Goku first, before as Konzen, and again when they met and the name he used was Sanzo.

But when it came time for Sanzo to fall 'in love' with Goku, it happened with the Seiten Taisei, all angry eyes and blood-drenched hands and scary smiles, first.

Because it was easier to love the part of Goku that would kill him than the part that never would.

--fini drabble the first--