Suppi looked at his master,

"What's wrong, Eriol-sama?"

He shook his head and grabbed his coat, "Nandemonai. I'm going out for a walk."

Tomoyo sat on the same bench alone, it had been an hour since she's been to Eriol's mansion, and yet she was still blushing,

"Mou… how embarrassing!"

Daisuki. Daisuki. Daisuki.

Those words kept playing in his head, 'Maybe she was joking…' he shook his head, 'Daidouji-san never lies about these things…' he told himself. 'I like her as a friend… but that isn't just it…' he widened his eyes at what he had thought of, he blushed once again, and went to look for her,

'I have to tell her…'

Sakura froze, Syaoran looked at her, "What's up, Sakura?" Sakura smiled,

"It's happening…"


"It's happening…"

"What! What's happening?"

"It's happening…"

Syaoran face-faulted then shook his girlfriend, "Could you be anymore specific!" he uttered, Sakura laughed softly, making him blush. She leaned over and whispered in his ear.

He just grinned.

'Think, Eriol, think where would she be?'

He walked down the dimly lit street, crossing his arms over his chest as he huffed, 'Hmm…'

Tomoyo finally got over it and stood up, "He probably didn't read it… I hope…" she then continued walking home, her foot making soft stomping noises as she walked home.

After a few minutes searching, Eriol gave up. "That was just fifteen minutes! Are you kidding me! It seemed like hours!" he exclaimed, glancing at his watch, he sulked all the way home, burying his hand into his jacket pocket when he felt a piece of paper, his eyes brightened up,

"That's it!"

He found a perfect solution to his problem…

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