Something Wicked This Way Comes

Author's Note –

Marik lives with Yugi because Isis went back to Egypt and he wanted to stay in Domino.

Chapter One

The sun dawned over the tall business buildings of Domino City, shining through a window of a turtle shaped game store and into the closed eyes of a fifteen year old, spiky haired boy. Yugi Motou groaned and flung his hand over his face, shielding his eyes from the bright light. Suddenly, a powerful force jumped on his bed and sent the short boy flying into the air before hitting the ground rather unceremoniously.

"Marik! Why did you do that!"

Yugi was fully awake now and sending evil glares at his attacker. The tall Egyptian boy laughed at his friend's fuming face before helping him up off the floor.

"Come on! Your Ojii-san says that you should get up. He said some wierd bird has letters for us."


"My words exactly. Now come on!"

Yugi yawned widely before getting ready. He decided against wearing his usual outfit and picked out a blue t-shirt and jeans from his closet. Finally, he put his most treasured posession on his neck. The Millennium Puzzle.

/Morning , aibou/ Greeted a familiar voice from the back of his head. /Morning, Yami./

/Aibou, I have a bad feeling about today/ Yugi frowned. /Is it evil-maniac-trying-to-rule-the-earth bad feeling/

/No, it's more like something strange is going to happen today bad feeling. I don't know, there's a power that seemes so familiar... I can't place my finger on it./ Yugi shrugged and helped himself to a bowl of cereal, taking the letter addressed to him from Marik.

Mr. Yugi Motou
The Bedroom next to the Stairs
Kame Game Shop
Domino City

He stared at the address, stumped. Alright, most of it was normal, but how did they know where he slept? He looked over at Marik's and read,

Mr. Marik Ishtar
The Messiest Room in the House
Kame Game Shop
Domino City

Yugi chocked on his cereal, suppressing a laugh. Marik growled. "I do not have the messiest room in the house!" He snarled. Yugi made an odd noise which sounded something between a squeak and a snort. "Shut up, you!" Yugi shrugged, smiling innocently and sat down, listening to his other half chuckling amusedly. (A/N: Is that even a word?) He tore open the envelope, revealing a plane ticket to England and a train ticket from somewhere called Platform 9 ¾. Laying those aside, he pulled out an official-looking letter written in emerald-green ink.



Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,

Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. Of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Mutou,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

P.S. As you are muggle-born, (not related to wizards), we can arrange a meeting so you can see that magic truly exists. If you are interested to meet with me, please do so at Domino City Park at noon today.

Albus Dumbledore

Yugi stared at the letter, not quite sure what to do.

/If this is a prank, I think that Jounouchi and Honda really out-did themselves./ Yami said, eying the envelope though his hikari's eyes.


Marik seemed to be thinking the exact same thing.

"Maybe we should ask them about it, but I don't think they could come up with something this extravagant, I mean, look at this supply list!" Yugi handed the other piece of parchment to Marik whose eyebrows flew up as he read down the list.

"I think you're right. Finish your breakfast, we have to meet the others at the arcade at ten and it's already nine forty-five."

Yugi quickly gulped down the last of his cereal and stuffed the strange letter along with the two tickets into his pocket. The two friends left, both wondering if these strange letters were real and if any of their friends also got similar ones.


When Yugi and Marik got to the arcade, they saw a very pissed off Tomb Robber holding Jounouchi by the collar, the latter swinging from the ground and yelling angrily. Anzu and Honda were standing by, shouting at Bakura to put the blonde boy down.

"I'm tellin' ya! I don't know what you're talkin' about, Bakura! I didn't send any letters to anyone!" Yami immediately took over, and walked up to the group, Marik following close behind him. Bakura turned to Yami, his face twisting into an ugly sneer.

"Glad you could join us, Pharaoh."

"Tomb Raider, did you get any strange mail today?" Suddenly, Bakura's features softened and he let go of Jounouchi, apologising for his Yami's behaviour.

"S'okay, Bakura." Jounouchi mumbled, getting up off the floor.

"You did too? Something about a school for magic?" Ryou asked Yugi, who had taken control again.

"Yeah, Marik got one too." Marik held up his letter as evidence.

"So do you guys want to go?" Ryou asked hopefully.

"Yeah, I want to, I should probably ask Ojii-chan first though." Yugi said thoughtfully.

/Aibou, you do realise this school is a boarding school./

/It's okay Yami. Besides, we might learn something about our Items and maybe your past./

/Alright then, but if Ryou's coming he'd better learn to control that baka tomb robber./

"What about you Marik? Wanna go?" Yugi asked the Egyptian, who was twirling his Millennium Item like a baton.

"Well, now that Yami Marik is sealed away, Isis wanted me to start going to school, and I'd rather go to a magic school than a normal school." He said thoughtfully.

"Should we meet this, Dumbledore guy? I mean we don't even know how were supposed to get to school." Bakura said, looking down at his letter.

"Yeah, and where are we supposed to get this stuff? Cauldrons? Robes?" Asked Marik, scanning down his item list.

"Come on guys, it's almost noon." Yugi said, looking at a clock on the wall. The three teens said good-bye to their friends before heading off to Domino City Park to meet Albus Dumbldore.


They were taking a shortcut through an alley when the three boys felt a prickle on the backs of their necks. Yami and Bakura immediately took control, whirling around to see who was behind them.
It was Shadi.

"What do you want?" Marik snapped angrily at the Egyptian.

"Merely to tell you that the eigth Millennium Item has been found." Shadi replied, looking directly at Yami.

"What? There are only seven Millennium Items, I read the scriptures myself." Said Marik impatiently, fingering his Rod in a threatening manner.

"Yes, but the Pharaoh's wife locked herself away in a Millennium Item of her own design after her untimely death."

"What?" That was Yami. Yes, he knew nothing of his past, or whatever he knew had come from Shadi and Isis, but having had a wife was something he thought that he should have known about.

"When were you planning on telling me this?" Marik and Bakura began to back away. They knew that look. It hardly ever crossed the ancient Pharaoh's face, but when it did, all hell broke loose.

"When the rumors were confirmed. Very few people knew what had happened to her, and even fewer knew where she hid herself."

Yami growled angrily. A wife. He had a wife. What's more, she was the spirit of a Millennium Item.

/Yami/ Yugi asked from his Soul Room. /Are you alright/

/Just fine and dandy, aibou./ Yami snapped. /Afterall, I just realised that I had a wife that is sealed away in a Millennium Item, you know, nothing important./ Yugi winced and Yami immediately felt bad.

/I'm sorry Yugi, I didn't mean to snap at you./

/S'okay, Yami./

"Her re-incarnate lives near here, I was hoping you might want to meet her." Said Shadi . The three boys turned to each other.

"Well, we still have some time before our meeting." Marik said, checking his watch.

"Alright, Shadi, lead the way." Said Bakura.

"Ah, yes, the meeting with Headmaster Dumbledore... The Queen has also recieved a letter inviting her to the school."

/Yami/ Yugi said through their mental link /this day just keeps getting wierder and wierder./



In a small house in Domino City, sat a fifteen year-old girl, by the name of Amaya Mitsumaru. She had sandy blond hair that spiked up in many directions and lightly tanned skin due to her vacation in Egypt. Her bright green eyes drifted from the book she was reading to the package that her father had given her as a parting gift. He and her mother had been having problems, she liked staying in one place, while he loved to travel. Earlier that month they had gotten a divorce, and while her father got to stay in Egypt and explore the new tomb he had found, she and her little brother, Toshiro had to stay with her mother in Domino City, Japan. A place where almost nothing happened. She picked the small box up, carefully unwrapping the brown paper with great care and love. Afterall, she wouldn't see or hear from her father for nearly a year. Finally, she unwrapped a beautiful necklace. It was made of gold and was in the shape of a small flat tablet onto which was carved a lotus bloom surrounded by ancient hieroglyphs. She caressed the pendant lovingly, surprised how smooth the surface was.

She picket up the note her father had written her.

Dearest Amaya,

Though I won't see you for another year, I hope you have fun and make friends in Domino. The tomb that I had found contained nothing but this pendant and a story tablet, telling the tale of a young girl, the sister of a feared thief who became the wife of a young Pharaoh and gave her life to protect him. The story went on to explain that when the need arises, the great Queen will awaken, and stand by her Pharaoh like so many years before. I thought you would like that story. You've always been fascinated with these myths and legends.

I suppose I'll see you during summer, I'm still trying to covince your mother to let you and Toshiro go to Egypt to visit, but you know how she is. I'm afraid that I'm going to have to cut this letter short, since it's time to start on the new tomb, but again, I hope you have fun this year.



p.s. I know that this may sound strange, but please don't show this necklace to your mother. She can be a bit paranoid at times and will probably insist that you don't touch it.

Amaya re-folded the letter and looked closely at the necklace, tracing the carvings with her fingers. They seemed so fresh and new, like they had just been carved. The sweet scent of cassia, and other ancient spices tingled her nose. She closed her eyes, letting the sweet smell overpower her senses. Gently undoing the clasp of the chain, Amaya placed the pendant onto her neck. As soon as she did, she felt as if something awoke inside her. Suddenly, she felt incredibly sleepy and lay down on the couch. Tucking the pendant under her t-shirt, and her father's letter in her pocket, before closing her eyes and drifting to sleep.


Amaya looked around her. She was standing in a small, comfortable room that was filled with books and games. While a large canopy bed stood in a corner. The walls were painted a warm golden color, and the rest of the room had the same decor.

She looked around and spotted a door in the corner of the room, and walking through it appeared in a long passageway that led up to a large statue of Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war. It looked like it had just been made, though the style was definetly Ancient Egyptian. She was walking toward the statue, hoping to get a closer look when she saw another door. This one was barred, though Amaya could see a carving of the lotus bloom on its wooden face.

She reached toward the bars when they suddenly disappeared and the door swung open. Standing in the middle of the room was what looked like an exact copy of Amaya. The girl looked a bit older and her hair was wilder, though it was the same color, length, and even had a sort of curtain over her right eye.

The girl smiled at Amaya. "I'm glad someone was finally chosen by the pendant." Amaya was in shock. A mirror just talked to her!

"I'm no mirror or illusion, hikari." The strange new girl said, smiling gently at Amaya.

"You read my mind!" Amaya exclaimed in shock. "And what did you mean by hikari?"

"You are my light and I am your dark. Basically you're my re-incarnate."

"Who are you?" Amaya asked.

"Well, you could call me Yami Amaya or Dark Amaya, or Sakura but my real name is Sekhmet-Neferu, Queen of Egypt." The spirit replied.

"Are you the Queen who my dad read about in the tomb where he found my necklace?" Asked Amaya.

"Yes, I had that tomb especially built to house my pendant and protect me from thieves." Came the reply.

"Why are you here? I thought that the story was just a legend!" Amaya exclaimed, looking as if her dreams had come true.

"You shouldn't believe so many things, my light. Things are not always as they appear." Yami Amaya said.

Amaya looked around the corridor. "Alright, where are we? What is this place?" The Queen replied, "We are in your soul-corridor. It's in your mind."

"Fine, what about the whole mind-reading thing?" Asked Amaya.

"That I don't know how to explain." Suddenly, Amaya felt as if something was pulling her out of the corridor and into reality. She looked at the fading spirit that she just met.

"What's going on?" Amaya cried out in confusion.

"You're waking up, hikari." Came the distant reply, as if Sakura was a long way away.

"What if I want to talk to you again?"Amaya asked.

"You will find out how to soon."

Amaya was really confused now. "Huh? Okay, what do I call you?"

"Yami will suffice, hikari."

Amaya opened her eyes, to see her mother looking at her with worry.

"Amaya, are you alright?" She asked, looking at her daughter with concern.

"Yea, Mom, I'm fine." Amaya got up and went to her room. Sitting down on the bed, she stared at a picture she had of her family on her bedside table. Her father was always so adventureous, he always wanted to go and do something new. In the picture, her father was laughing at the camera, while her brother was desperately trying to escape from their fathers' headlock. Her mother was standing nearby, smiling but still looking disapproving. She regretted looking so much like her mother. Aside from their looks, they were total opposites. Her mother was always trying to make her do ballet, or dancing, or sewing, or anything that involved acting like a perfect girl. She hated that stuff. Suddenly, a knock at her door inturrupted her thoughts. Her mother walked in, holding an envelope in her hand.

"Amaya dear, there's a letter for you and some strange people at the door that want to talk to you."

Her mother handed her an envelope, before going to the kitchen.

Amaya got up and walked to the door. Opening it, she saw the strangest group of people. The oldest was wearing sand-stained white robes and a turban, while a golden Ankh hung fron his neck. Another had bright blonde hair and lavender eyes and wore loads of gold on his arms, wrists and neck, while holding what looked like a golden baton. The third had pure white hair and kind brown eyes. He wore no jewelry except for a strange necklace that hung from a cord around his neck. The last boy looked that strangest. He was easily the shortest of the group, though his foot-high hair made up for that.

He had large violet eyes and his hair was three different colors. He had blonde bangs, and the rest of his hair, which was black was tipped in red. From his neck hung a strange upside-down pyramid.

"Hello, are you Amaya Mitsumaru?" The white haired boy asked politely smiling at her.

"Yeah, uh, do I know you guys?" She asked looking at the group strangely.

"Miss Mitsumaru, did you get any strange jewelry today?" The oldest one asked. His voice made Amaya shiver.

((Hikari, they're alright.)) Her Yami's voice drifted though her, (( The short boy is the re-incarnate of my husband, the white-haired one is that of my brother.))

"Yeah." She pulled the pendant out. It flashed gold for a second before in Amaya's place stood a young woman. She looked not too different from Amaya. Her bright green eyes were large and she looked regal, even though she was near tears. Bakura and Yami quickly switched places with their hikaris. The girl smiled softly, greeting her brother and husband warmly before launching herself at her former husband. Yami was surprised when he felt her tears leak through his jackets.

"I promised you that I would find you, I didn't mean for it to take 5000 years." She whispered in his ear. Yami felt his Millennium Puzzle glow warm, and felt her necklace heat up as well. They broke apart, looking at their appropriate Millennium Items. The glowing burst into a flash of light, before Shadi, Marik, and Bakura watched as the glow faded leaving the Pharaoh and his Queen dressed in the clothes of ancient Egypt, the crown holding the Eye of the Wisdom of Darkness glowing brightly on Yami's head, while the Queen wore a beautiful crown resembling a lotus bloom. In a flash the two were back in their hikari's clothes.

Marik looked a little more than shaken. "What just happened?" he asked uncertaily. Bakura shrugged, while Shadi looked like Christmas had come early.

"This is how the Queen awakens. Now her power will be added to the cause of the Chosen, and she will either fight by her Pharaoh's side or fall."

Sakura looked at her husband. "Do you have any memories of your past?" She asked looking into the ruby-violet eyes that she had missed so much. He shook his head sadly.

"No, but how did you remember what happened?" He asked, looking at her with interest.

"My Millennium Item was not madelike yours. When I died, I sealed myself inside it, and my memories went with me."

"Do you remember everything?" He asked, desperately wishing he could remember his own past.

Sakura closed her eyes gently, "I do. I remember how we met, the wars, my death…" she shook her head, trying to get the memories out.

The hikari's took over, and Amaya greeted the group.

"Miss Mitsumaru, have you received any strange mail lately?" Shadi asked. Amaya nodded and pulled out the letter she had received. Quickly opening it, she read it.

"So Amaya, do you want to go?" Yugi asked exitedly.

"Yeah, but what will I tell Mom? She abhors all strange things." Amaya said, looking at the front door regretfully.

Marik smiled, casually placing his arm over Amaya's shoulders. "Tell her you're going to a very private school for priveledged students. Won't be too far off from the truth." Amaya smiled at Marik, and went back inside to tell her mother.

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