Note: This chapter takes place exactly one year after Roy and Riza's first date. It has been approximately 9 months since Riza was declared pregnant. Poor Roy.

Chapter 10

"Roy, you look like a mess! And stop chewing on your fingernails, dear," Ilia reprimanded sharply, brushing his uncombed hair out of his eyes. "And you haven't even shaved! Goodness gracious, if you keep tearing yourself up like that, you'll die of anxiety when the babies are born."

"But don't you get it Mom? Do you know what day it is today?"

"Why it's your birthday, and your father's birthday," she said, kissing his cheek. "Don't worry so much."

"But MOM! They're due today, do you realize that? Today will be the birth of thethird generation of the Mustang family on the same day!" he moaned. Ilia cocked her head. "What's wrong with that?"

"It's unnatural," he groaned. "Three generations! Not just two, three! One boy and one girl, what will I name them? Will Riza want me there next to her? Maybe she'll want me to stay outside..."

"You mean you didn't discuss it with her?"


"Tsk, such an unprepared young man; and you're a Brigadier General too..." she sighed.


"Alright, alright. I'll go talk to her; you talk to your father, he'll help I'm sure." She pushed open the door to the other room in the mansion where Riza was resting and Roy took the opportunity to chew his fingernails down another couple of centimeters. His father poked his head around the corner. "You won't have fingernails left if you keep doing that, you know."

Roy sighed and forced his fingers out of his mouth with some difficulty. "It's not like it's your first time either... what's bitten you? Or do you need your medicine again?" he asked, taking the gun out of his sleeve. Roy yelped and shook his head. "I don't need the damn medicine! I'm just nervous!" he muttered. Leroy put it back into his sleeve regretfully. "Alright, if you say so. You really shouldn't worry so much, though I suppose I can't talk. I was terrified when you were born..."

" 'Terrified?' You dove down under the table and didn't come out until I stopped screaming; some husband you are!" Roy's mother called from the room. Roy raised an eyebrow at Leroy, and Leroy's jaw set firmly. "I was fifteen, it scared the hell out of me! I wasn't ready for it... nobody even told me Roy was coming on my birthday!" he yelled to no one in particular, though Roy heard his mother scoff loudly from the room. Leroy grumbled something uintelligible and Ilia said something in a tone that Leroy decided he didn't want to deal with. He sat down on a couch. "She always makes me feel guilty about it," he sighed. Roy, on the other hand, was beginning to feel unloved.

"Did you even want me?"

"What kind of fool question is that? Of course I did! Well... uh... you weren't exactly expected and uh... well, you were wanted! It just happened sooner than we planned!" Leroy said with conviction.

"If you say so..."

"Look, your kids weren't expected, and you want them, right?"


"Then stuff your stupid questions."

"Fine. But they're twins... what if something goes wrong and Riza can't..."

"Your mom will take care of it."


"Your mom will take care of it," Leroy repeated. He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back into the couch as Black Hayate scampered in. He barked twice, then went back into the hallway and yipped again. White Hayate waddled in, followed by a prancing Black Hayate who circled around her and yipped. Roy looked over at her and jumped off the couch. "White Hayate? Your... going to have puppies?" White Hayate rolled onto her side and panted wearily. "So that's where you've been all this time... with this little rogue," he said, gesturing at Black Hayate. Black Hayate whined as White Hayate rolled to her feet and waddled to the puppy room, where she promptly rolled onto her side again.

"Spring time already...?" Leroy mused. Roy shot him a look saying that he wasn't helping. "It's just been so long since I've seen a kid born... it takes me back to when Terra was born, and you. You were the cutest little baby, you know that? And now look at you."

"What's wrong with me?" Roy asked heatedly. "Nothing, that's my point. Your a handsome man now, and it boggles my mind as to how you grew up so fast..." he sighed. "But you still don't look as good as me," Leroy murmured witha grin.

"So your saying Mom detracted from my looks, are you?"

"Nah, I'm saying that you look slightly more fragile, that's all," he was playing on Roy's nerves, and Roy knew it.

"Fragile? How on earth do I look fragile?"

"The eyes for instance, makes you look a little more feminine..."

"I happen to like my eyes!"

"Can't deny the truth, Son." Roy wanted to strangle him, but that wouldn't get him any further in life. It would, however, make him feel much better. He also couldn't deny that he had a smaller build than his father did, but that didn't make him any less dangerous. It was just... he thought with a sigh, that his father was much better at intimidation. Roy could only intimidate so far with his height, but his father had perfected the art and could take it for miles.

"You've had more time in the world than me, that's all the difference there is between us."

"And that's why I'm your father, and not the other way around," Leroy said with a smile. "Now listen to your father, and don't worry. Riza's a tough girl, she'll live. If anything goes wrong, your mother's right there to heal her; you know your mom's healing powers don't you?"

"Yeah... she can heal anything, can't she?"

"Pretty much, except for broken hearts and the dead. I don't think I'd be sitting here if it wasn't for your mom."

Roy was quiet. "What if something happens to me, Dad? I don't want to leave her all alone."

"She won't be, because I don't think you'll die for a long while."

"Eh? What makes you say that?"

"You remember what your buddy Maes used to say? 'If the rude live longer, you'll live forever, Roy.' That kid was a piece of work, I'll tell you. His parents were devastated when they heard what happened... poor guy. He was a great kid, I would have been very proud if he was my son. But he wasn't, and you happen to be, and I don't think I could tell you how proud I am of you."

"Me? I'm an emotional wreck."

"True. But you never died by your own hand, that's what I'm proud of. You've got your inner will, kid. You'll make a great Fuhrer one day. And a great husband and father too." An evil glint came into his eyes. "You'd better be, or I'll hunt you down and kill you myself. No abuse; I better not even hear a rumor of it, got it?"

"I got it, I got it." Like that was ever going to happen.

There was an unearthly scream from the bedroom and Roy and Leroy jumped straight out of the couches. "Wh-what was that?"Roy asked. "It was your wife, stupid, go on!" Leroy pushed his son towards the door and Roy pushed open the door timidly. He pulled his head back sharply as something flew towards him and smashed on the door. Whatever it was, it sounded expensive.

"You'd better stay out dear, I don't think she feels like seeing your face right now," Ilia called to him. Roy didn't need to be told twice, and sank against the closed door, hand over his heart, dizzy. "I think I saw a head. OH MY GOD."

He could hear Roy cursing his very existance and wishing he was never born; which Roy was almost sure she would take back later. Almost. Finally, he couldn't stand to here her screaming on the other side of the door and flung it open, and in two strides had her hand held firmly in his and trying to comfort her as best as he could. Her face was turning a unique shade of red and sweat was beading on her face, and the best Roy could do was to continue to hold her hand, wipe her face from time to time, and talk to her.

He was scared, terrified, and more; his heart was thundering in his chest and his head felt light, like when he drank three too many bottles of beer with Maes on Saturday nights, his hands felt clammy and cold, and he wondered vaguely if Riza would notice through all of her pain. He decided probably not and started as another scream ripped from her throat and her grip tightened on his hand. He held her closer, frightened that she would not survive this at all, and if he would be alone again, just like last time. In the whirlwind of his thoughts, he had not noticed that the first child had already been born, and this was the second that she was laboring over. His mind only registered pain and fear, and anguish that he could nothing to still her pain.

And then it was over. She sank into his arms and closed her eyes, crying and sobbing in pain. He pressed his face gently against hers, assuring her that it was all over, that there was nothing to worry about now, that everything had been okay. Ilia gently pressed her hands against her stomach, then pulled away, announcing that there was nothing wrong with her, and that she was in superb condition. She had wrapped up and cleaned off the newborns, and now presented them to Roy and Riza. Roy let her rest against his chest and took the first bundle, smiling a little. This one already had a soft puff of black hair with curious little wings of blonde on the sides, and his eyes were already open, wide like Riza's, but night black like his own. He cradled the baby against his chest for a few seconds, then passed it to Riza, who admired it quietly and sighed happily. The second was much smaller than the first, but was healthy to his relief. This little one was a blonde like its mother, but carried the same black slanted eyes as Roy. He passed that baby to Riza as well, when a thought occured to him.

"Which one is a boy, and which one isa girl?" Ilia shrugged, saying that she had wanted to check up on Riza, and had not thought to check the two babies. "There's only one way to find out, then!" he said as Leroy poked into the room to examine his grandchildren. Ilia had made it clear that Leroy was to stay out until the babies were born, since he tended to freak out and overexert himself when babies were being born. Royleaned over tothe black haired baby in Riza's armsand patted it's head gently. The baby let out a fierce cry and punched him in the nose, and he laughed, declaring it was a boy. He patted the other baby's head, but it did nothing but coo happily, to which Roy ascertained that it must be a girl. Riza only sighed even more deeply and cuddled with both of them, the pain already forgotten. Or at least, most of it.

"What are you going to name them, Roy?" Leroy asked. He looked at Riza, but she was too busy feeding and cuddling her newborns, leaving the naming to him. He stroked the baby boy's hair and he swiped at him, not liking being disturbed in his feeding. "This one can be Leroy," he said, and he tickled the little girl playfully. "And this one Ilia. Leroy and Ilia Mustang."