Chapter 7: Bringing Down Blood

As Brother Blood was being surrounded by Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Starfire, Raven made the first move against Blood, by using her powers to throw some benches at him. Blood then leaped over the benches and then leaped and kicked Raven, sending her flying against the wall. Cyborg then raced toward Blood aiming his fist at him, Blood quickly grabbed Cyborg's arm and then threw Cyborg against Beast Boy, sending both of them crashing down to the ground. Starfire then fired several star bolts, but Blood dodged them as if they were nothing more than a weak attack against him. Blood then grabbed Starfire's leg and then threw her at Raven as she was trying to get up and recover from the previous attack.

"Face it" said Brother Blood as he stood his ground, "you can't defeat me. And your friend Danny will be my star pupil at my academy."

Meanwhile, Danny was firing several ghost beams at Robin. Robin was dodging them as fast as he could.

"Look, I want to help you" said Robin, "Blood is brainwashing you. You have to understand."

"I understand perfectly what my orders are" said Danny, "the headmaster wants you and your teammates destroyed and that's what I shall do."

As Robin's ideas all didn't go through, he noticed the Fenton Helmet was still on him and had the anti-mind control button. As Danny was racing toward Robin with his fist aiming at him, Robin then quickly took off the helmet and then ran toward Danny, leaped over him and placed the helmet on Danny. Suddenly Danny started to get all dizzy and started to stumble as he was getting back to a conscious state.

"What's taking you so long star pupil" said Brother Blood as he shook his fist at Danny, "I thought it would take you faster to destroy the Titans."

Suddenly Danny finally regained consciousness and noticed that something was wrong with the school and then noticed Robin behind him.

"Look, I'll explain what happen later" said Robin, "we need to take down Brother Blood."

"Why do I have a Fenton Helmet on me?" asked Danny as he noticed the helmet on his head.

"I sort of placed it on you as you were being brainwashed to attack me" replied Robin.

"And the anti-mind control button is activated, right?" asked Danny.

"Of course" replied Robin.

"What, what did you do to my star pupil?" cried Brother Blood as he shouted from the top of his lungs.

"You are turning my school into a prison" replied Danny as he got into his fighting stance, "and I don't take that too kindly."

"It's that stupid Fenton Helmet you are wearing, take that off immediately!" ordered Brother Blood.

"I don't think so" said Danny, "good thing my goofy father installed an anti-mind control button."

Danny then raced toward Brother Blood and fired his ghost beam at Blood. Blood then leaped out of the way and then tried to leap and kick Blood, but Danny turned invisible and then grabbed Blood's shoulder and then threw him right into the wall.

"You're pay for this!" shouted Brother Blood at Robin.

"Just doing our job in kicking your butt" replied Robin.

"And do you think you Titans and your ghost boy friend can defeat me?" asked Brother Blood, "Are you not forgetting that I still have some of Dr. Chang's henchmen with me?"

Suddenly Dr. Chang's henchmen came in as reinforcements into the gym. Brother Blood then pointed at the Titans and Danny and ordered them to attack them. As Dr. Chang's henchmen made their way toward them, Danny fired several ghost beams, knocking several of Dr. Chang's henchmen against the wall. Starfire then fired several star bolts at Dr. Chang's henchmen, knocking them down to the ground. Beast Boy then changed himself into a large spinosaurous and roared right in front of their faces, sending them all running away like cowards. Cyborg then fired his laser cannon at Dr. Chang's henchmen, knocking them unconscious while Raven used her powers by picking up one of the henchman and sending him crashing into other henchmen who were running into the scene, while Robin got right in front of Brother Blood and along with Danny.

"So it comes down to this?" asked Brother Blood, "You two shall never defeat me."

"That's what you think" replied Danny as he managed to make a quick punch at Brother Blood, sending him flying across the floor and right toward Robin.

As Brother Blood was turning his head around, he noticed that Robin was about to kick him right in the face. As Robin kicked Brother Blood right in the face, Brother Blood started to stumble around the gym floor trying to keep his balance up. All Danny needed to do was just blow right at Brother Blood, sending him crashing down to the floor and knocking him unconscious.

"So is that it?" asked Danny.

"Not so fast" replied Cyborg as he had Freak Show in one hand and Dr. Chang in the other, then he threw the two right on Brother Blood who was unconscious on the floor, "we have to deliver these bad guys back to prison."

A few minutes later, the police officers from Steel City were at the scene along with the local police force from Amity Park. Danny was out of the scene, while the Titans were overseeing Brother Blood, Freak Show and Dr. Chang being escorted into a prison van.

"Don't worry" said the police officer from Steel City to Robin, "we'll extradite Blood back once he is charged with crimes here."

"And if you need us in the future you know where to look" said Robin.

After the police officers left the scene, Danny returned to the scene in his human form as the Titans were preparing to leave Amity Park.

"Here's a new Titan communicator for you" said Cyborg as he handed it to Danny, "you know since your old one was destroyed."

"Wow, thanks again" said Danny as he retrieved the communicator, "I promise I won't break it."

"Well, until we meet again" said Robin as he then signals Cyborg to drive his car.

As the scene then turns to the Titans leaving in Cyborg's car, Danny waved good bye and hoped that he would see them again.