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Hiei was engulfed in a strange blue light, similar to the glow Yusuke had with his Spirit Gun. He didn't have a clue what this light meant, or what it was doing to him, but chances are, it wouldn't be good. His intuition let him know, loud and clear, that he needed to get his ass to safety. Immediately.

He blinked, looking at the spot where Revii was before she had disappeared, knowing that that wasn't the last he would see of her. His pride was telling him to go into the forest, where the demons had went, but his nerves were tingling, and he'd have to go to Kurama's before he could do anything.

He started off, hopping on the rooftops like the trademark Hiei, this time, keeping his senses incredibly sharp so he would not be ambushed again. Preparing to jump off of a rooftop, he could have sworn he was shrinking. His pants consumed his legs, disabling him from moving anywhere, so poor Hiei fell right off the roof, face-first.

And Hiei, he didn't like eating dirt, and tasting grass. He loved making others do that, though. Gathering himself, he could barely make it to sunlight, his clothes esclipsed him so much.

He more than a mere baby.

The door of the house of the roof he fell off of opened and a young man, with crimson red hair walked out. He literally stepped on Hiei before noticing that he was there. Hiei let out a loud cry, and went out on the typical, "You hurt me," eternal baby-cry.

Kurama stepped back, looked down with curiosity and surprise. He bent down, untangling Hiei from the mess of fabric. He blinked a few times, examining Hiei as if he were a lab rat. He ruffled his hair, eyeing the starburst in his hair.

Looking at this eyes, he noticed that they were crimson red and he gasped softly, "Hiei?"

Hiei looked up at him for a long time and Kurama knew that it had to be him, when he noticed the redness of dried blood on his arm. He quickly carried Hiei back into his house, along with his clothes. He sat the naked baby in the bathtub, sighing.

"I have to get in touch with Koenma."

Hiei looked at him as if to well, "Well, duh, you dumbass." But sat and allowed Kurama to bathe him.

Kurama was curious about how Hiei had come to be a child, why he was a child, and more importantly, since it was Hiei, what was going through his mind.

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