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Chapter one

New Daughters

"Casye what are you doing?" Kelley asked her best friend. "The Magna Mater is going to be so mad that we're late." She fiddled with the moon amulet that hung from her neck.

"What's the worse she can do? Turn us over?" Casye joked tucking her red hair behind her ear. She continued to peer into the candle shop. "Look, there's that girl from History." Casye pointed a thin finger at a young girl, who couldn't be more than sixteen. The girl had mid-back brown hair, and tan eyes.

"What do you have against Catty?" Kelley asked following Casye's finger.

"She's weird." Casye said quit matter-of-factly. She let her hand drop and watched Catty walk away from the shop window.

"She's weird? We go around fighting shadows instead of dating. She's more normal than we are." Kelley joked.

"She's given me dirty looks since yesterday." Casye went on as she continued to walk.

"You're also new. You're new, from Missouri, and a bit anti-social." Kelley smiled; her blue-gray eyes caught the sunlight and twinkled.

Casye laughed. They had been best friends, since fifth grade; well before they even found out that they, like three other girls, were Goddesses, Daughters of the Moon. Their old Magna Mater had been killed the week before and had told the five of them to find a Daughter named Jimena; they were told that she was the Mater of the Daughters now.

Just looking at Kelley and Casye you would think that they were sisters or even first cousin's not Casye's mom's distant cousin. They had the same fair skin, blue-gray eyes that twinkled in the sun and the same innocent smile.

Casye, though, had short fire red hair that matched the orange freckles on her face, her arms and the ones that showed on her ankles where her Capri's weren't.

Kelley's hair was longer and lighter. Her blond hair reached her waist and was wavy, even in the humidity. Her freckles were mainly contained on her arms that were shown almost year round.

"Come on." Casye called as she ran ahead.

They reached an old apartment in the Welshire district. They met the other three Daughters.

Christina-- the free spirited short haired brunet.

Krista--the laid back planner with 'champagne' hair.

Kelly--the newest of the friends with short blond hair.

"There you guys are. You do know this is gang territory, right?" Kelly asked, pulling her long jacket tighter around her.

"We'll just ruff anyone that messes with us up." Kelley joked with Krista, they hit knuckles and laughed.

"We should go up." Christina suggested.

The other four nodded and Krista pushed the buzzer.

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