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Chapter five


The five new daughters walked out of the school building.

"Hey, Chicas!" Jimena called waving them over.

"Hey, what's going on?" Casye asked as they reached the older daughters.

"You guys want to come with us to my house? We're gonna raid my mom's closet. She's the costume designer for one of the film companies." Vanessa explained.

"Sure." Kelly answered.

"It's cheaper than 'clothes borrowing'." Casye said giving Krista a sarcastic look.

Serena laughed, "Yeah, we used to do that."

That night, Kelley drove to the address Catty had given them. They got out of the car and went to the door. It opened as soon as they'd stepped up to it.

"They're upstairs." A boy said, holding to door open for them. Physically he wasn't much older than Jimena, but his eyes said that he'd seen too much and had outlasted his time.

"Vanessa and the others?" Krista asked nervous.

"Who else?" He asked annoyed.

"Don't let Stanton scare you." Serena smiled coming to the door.

"Word to the wise: It helps not o stare into a Follower's eyes, even if they don't plan to turn you it'll happen." Stanton smirked.

Serena grabbed his hand and pulled him up the stairs. "I want to see what you think about this outfit." She said to him. Then her voice called to the new daughters. "Come on up!"

They followed them to a room with two closets.

"Just pick something out." Vanessa said messing with her hair in the wall mirror.

They did.

Krista pulled out a t-shirt to go with her jeans.

Christina pulled out a baby blue halter top that went with her jeans.

Kelly pulled out a golden tank top that went with her jeans

Casye pulled out a purple halter top, a black skirt--that went with her pirate-like boots and her fishnet, elbow-length gloves.

Kelley was fine with her short sleeved silver shirt and her skirt and Jean layered look.

"You sure you want to go out in that?" Catty asked snobby.

"Yeah." Kelley smiled.

"We strive to stand out. Kelley just does it differently." Christian said.

"We ready?" Jimena asked them.

They nodded. Jimena gave the new daughters the address.

"I'll meet you there later Serena. I have to go see something." Stanton told her.

"Yeah." Serena smiled. He smiled as he turned to shadow and left through Vanessa's open window.