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Summary: An eccentric change of fate brought an unlikely couple together… One rainy day, Akari stumbled into an unfamiliar neighbourhood, without an umbrella and met a boy that changes her life tremendously. AkiAka

Twist of Fate

Chapter 1: In the Rain

Raindrops pelted down the pavement hard. It had been raining very often everyday and everyone should be intelligent enough to bring an umbrella out the house. However, a lonely girl dashed blindly through the rain without one. Her red auburn hair drenched lay limp and straggly on her shoulders, some even plastered on her beautiful oval shaped face. Her Haze Junior High, brown uniform wet and clinging to her skin.

She cursed herself for forgetting her umbrella when she stormed out the school building. It wasn't raining then, but the downpour began when she ran blindly away from the direction of her home. Now, she was in an alien neighbourhood, running to don't know where and what made it worst was the rain had no mercy on her, pelting down hard and painfully.

She was none other than Fujisaki Akari, Shindou Hikaru's best friend, childhood friend and neighbour. After school, they had one of their usual stupid quarrels over some stupid move she made in GO and everything went badly. He was supposed to teach her not to bawl her out and made her feel so small and insignificant for her mistake. With cruel words lashing out at each other, finally Akari shouted never to see him again and stalked off.


Akari tripped over and fell hard on the pavement. So what else was going to go bad for her? She was in a verge of tears but growing up with Hikaru had made her tough and she will not cry! Her head hunched towards her front, her hands stretched straight downwards with her hands pressed flat on the pavement. Her legs sprawl on one side. So slowly, she got up but a surging pain shot up her right leg, double her over and she fell back on the ground again.

This time she was muttering a string of curses. Some cursing Hikaru and some cursing herself for being the hotheaded, baka to forget her umbrella on rainy seasons!

Not far down the street Touya made his way home in his collected cool sort of way. Even the rain didn't bother him while he walked along the pavement, an umbrella in his hand and the other holding onto his briefcase. His feet were slightly wet from slouching over the wet pavement but he ignored it and walked on his face straight. As long as he could keep his upper body dry to prevent catching a cold he was fine.

Anyhow, that particular evening, everything didn't go as normally as any other evenings for him. His usual routine after he leave the GO salon was to go home, get a shower, change and do homework. Wait for his mother and father to get home and have dinner together. But somehow a few feet away from him, across the street he saw a small figure in brown clothing, wet to the bone and sitting on the pavement.

Touya inclined his head at the odd person sitting there in the middle of the rain wonderingly if she was in trouble or maybe hurt. He noticed that the person was wearing skirt and not to mention it look vaguely like a school uniform. Being a nice, polite and kind boy, Touya walked over to the fallen girl and stopped next to her, he moved his umbrella slightly so that it covered both of them from the rain, but it made no difference now because she was drenched all over.

She looked up and Touya saw himself staring into a pair of glittering burgundy eyes staring back at him, very beautiful burgundy eyes that sparkled with light. Even she was in a mess, her eyes still had that interesting spark in them like she was a lively girl and nothing was able to bring her down. After getting over a short trance, Touya only realized she was from Haze Junior High and she was one of Shindou Hikaru's friends, his rival's friend. He had seen her before in the science laboratory when he visited Hikaru the other day. Even he had no idea what her name was and what embarrassed him most was she remembered his.

"Touya-kun…?" Her eyes was questioning like wonderingly why was he there.

Akari was surprised when she no longer felt the rain pouring down on her painfully and looked up. Immediately she met with a pair of warm emerald green eyes that looked at her with concern and care. It was astonishing, even how cold she felt, it vanished instantly just looking at them. Then she realized that person was in a Kiao Junior High uniform and he was Touya Akira, who Akari remembered, had come to Haze not very long ago to look for Hikaru. He was holding an umbrella over them and she voiced out his name uncertainly.

"Are you alright?" Touya asked bending over slightly.

"Well, I guess I deserve this," Akari said rather sarcastically. "Being a baka for forgetting my umbrella after quarreling with that baka Hikaru and ran off. Instead of going home, I decided for an unnecessary marathon which ended me up in a downpour to a strange neighbour and fell!"

Touya didn't really know how to respond to her, only stared rather wide eyed at her outburst.

"Gomen!" Akari quickly uttered when she saw Touya's surprised look. "I just feel like an idiot still!"

Slowly Touya smile softly, he freed his hand, which was holding his briefcase, passing it to the one gripping onto his umbrella and offered his now free hand to her. Akari looked up at him in surprise.

"Arigatou," Akari blushed slightly at his politeness taking his hand into hers.

With a swift strong tug Touya pull her to her feet, but she instantly grimace like she was in pain. She was about to fall back on the ground when Touya grab her around the waist and slam her towards his side in a rush, to prevent her from hitting the pavement again. As a result got himself wet too because her soaking clothes start to sip through his and realized how cold it was. This girl must be freezing under that! How did she endure it?

Akari was slightly bent over, one hand on her ankle and both her eyes shut at the pain. Touya however, blushed at her closeness of her body, he had never held any girl so close before but he soon got out of his stupor when he realized that the girl was in pain.


"I think I sprain my ankle when I fell!" Akari muttered in between gasped and still try to smile like it was nothing.

Touya did a mental note that this girl was rather strong willed.

"My house is just another block away," Touya said, arm still around her waist. "If it is alright with you, I can see how bad your ankle is and maybe we can get out of the rain too!"

"That will be nice!" Akari smile for real this time, straightening up and placed a bend arm on his shoulder next to her, unconsciously.

At that moment, getting out of the rain was the most heavenly thing to her. She didn't even notice that Touya was guarding her down the block with his arm around her waist or how close they were. Limping she followed Touya to his house.

"Sorry I kind of soak your uniform!" Akari mumbled under her breath when she gave him a side way glance and finally noticed she was leaning on him.

"It's no problem." Touya grinned back at her, couldn't help a small blush appearing on his cheeks.

Soon they reach Touya's traditional house, Akari stood by the entrance dripping wet. She had created a small puddle of water on the spot she stood, while she took off her shoes and soaks slowly. After she did, she still stood by the door not daring to step into his house. She might get sloshes of water all over the matted floor. So she waited for Touya to return. He said he was going to get a towel for her.

"Please do come in!" Touya gestured for her to step up into the house when he returned, changed into his normal clothing and brought her a towel.

"A moment," Akari said taking the towel from him and drying every part of her as much as she can before she gingerly stepped up. Touya instinctively reach out to help her but she shook her head. "I will be alright, arigatou."

Touya watched the girl half limp and half jumped into his house slightly amuse. Never could he imagine any girl to have such strong determination before. For the past few months he had started in Kiao, all the girls were rather giggly around him. Not that he hated it neither do he like it either but he just felt like they should treat him more normally then giggle and stare at him when he was around. Being in the School GO club wasn't much better either.

"Here sit down, and let me have a look at that ankle." Touya said watching her sprain foot which looked slightly swollen and red. "I think you had sprained your ankle pretty badly… er…"

He just realized that he still did not know her name and blushed again!

"Fujisaki Akari…" Akari offered without looking at him while she sank down on the matted floor, next to the Japanese fashion dining table with great effort trying not to hurt her ankle more. "I forgot to introduce myself earlier, sorry…"

"Iie, I should have asked earlier!" Touya blushed harder at his rudeness. "Wait a moment, Fujisaki-san, I'll go get the First Aid!"

Akari watched Touya striding out the dining area before she turned back down to her ankle with a slight concern frown on her face. There was no way she was able to go home in that ankle. Maybe she can ask Touya to call a cab for her. But cabs are expensive! What will her mother say? She didn't even know how far this place was from her house.

She sighed when she touched her ankle carefully. It had started to look a strange bluish, green and red. Not to mention swollen. Now Hikaru was going to laugh at her elephant leg. Gah! Hikaru! She still felt like wringing his neck! Plus, drowning him! Maybe poisoning him was not such a bad idea either!

After a float of plotting how to kill Hikaru, finally Akari felt weary and her rage of fire put out! She felt all energy sipped out of her, while she looked down the table wretchedly. She could never stay angry at him for long even how bad the quarrel went.

Feeling slightly sad and defeated, she had been always tagging around him like a nice little puppy. Always curious at the thing he did and what he didn't. But he was sure really harsh on her always. Frustrated Akari flop her head down on her arms crossed on the table. She was just so tired that her wet clothes didn't even bother her anymore.

"Fujisaki-san?" Touya called.

He had returned with the First Aid and dry clothing in his hands when he realized that Akari couldn't keep wearing her wet uniform. It will get her sick. When he returned he saw Akari resting her head on her arms. With her head still on her arms, she turned to gaze stonily at him, like he wasn't even there. She looked rather weary and worn, though her eyes still held that spark he saw. However, this time the spark was barely there, like it was going to flicker and die off.

Akari jerked her head up when she realized Touya knelt down next to her, looking at her worriedly.

"Gomen, I just feel kind of tired…"

"I think it is all the walking in the rain." Touya said passing her a yellow button long sleeve shirt, a pair of black slacks and a belt. "These are mine, but I think you are able to wear them though it will be loose. So I brought you a belt. You can't stay in those wet clothes. You will get sick."

"Arigatou…" Akari mumbled taking the clothes from him. "I wasn't walking, I was running. But anyways, it doesn't matter now."

"Here let me guide you to the washroom." Touya offered her his hand again.

"Hai," Akari placed her hand in his again, as Touya pulled her up and led her to change.

Touya waited outside the washroom for Akari patiently even she was taking quite sometime inside.

It took Akari some time to fit Touya's clothes on her properly. One his shirt was definitely quite big and the sleeve was so long that she had to fold them up. Then the pants were a problem too. It was so loose that she doubted she was able to wear them. But the belt he gave her did the trick. She had to fold the bottom of the pants up too because she was sure to trip on the extra cloth. She came out the washroom looking slightly baffled.

Touya found she looked rather cute in the oversized clothing but didn't find the courage to tell her that. He hardly eulogize any girls before, in fact he barely ever even talk to them, unless they want him to tutor them in GO. He helped Akari back to the dining area in silence to check her leg after that.

"Here let me bandage your feet." Touya said when Akari finally settled down the floor again.

"Hai," Akari replied with a small smile. "Hontoni arigatou, Touya-kun."

"Iie, this is nothing." Touya blushed at Akari's constant gratitude. "I am glad I am able to help."

The rain soon began to slow down as hours went by. Akari looked out the window and sneeze. Damn! She can't get sick now can she? She was wearing Touya's comfortable loose shirt and pants. The belt did help her to keep his pants around her waist. She had folded the sleeves and pants up because they were too long. She knew that it looked terrible and rather odd on her but at least they were warm.

Touya and Akari were doing their homework on the dining table waiting for the rain to end. There were times Akari couldn't be able to solve a math problem, Touya was there to help her out. She was amazed that Touya wasn't only outstanding in playing GO but he was remarkably smart too. Ah well, she was pleased that he was able to help her or she will be up all night trying to solve the annoying problem.

In return, she helped him in Japanese Literature and was glad she was able to help him in something. Akari had no problem teaching him, he was a fast learner. Even it was strangely comfortable with Touya's company, she still strongly wants to go home.

The rain finally came to an end, leaving drops of water on leafs and puddles of water on the ground. Akari was happy beyond words when the rain stopped. Practically jumping up to her feet, Akari nearly winced at her sudden movement. But she didn't care she is going home! Moreover, after Touya had bandage her ankle and it didn't hurt as much to move around anymore.

She wants to reach back before it gets to dark outside! Besides, her mother had warned her not to be late again. The last time she was late, she sneak off for a party after school forgetting about the time and came home later than she intended to. So if this happened again, she was sure grounded.

"Touya-kun, thanks for your help and everything!" Akari said in a rush as she packed her things quickly. "But I really have to leave or my mother will ground me for a week for being late again!"

Again? Touya thought.

"Well, I guess I will be seeing you another day!"

"You will?" Touya asked getting up to his feet slowly watching Akari slung her backpack over her shoulders.

There was a swooping joy in his heart to hear Akari wants to see him again because he sure didn't mind seeing her again. Sometimes being the only child may be lonely and her company was somewhat pleasing.

"Well, I guess." Akari turned to him and smile. "I need to return your clothes."

"Oh," Touya's heart sank slightly. That was right she was seeing him again because of his clothes. What else could it be? "I forgot…"

"But first, I will need a few directions to get to the train station."

Touya drew out a map for her without hesitation, the train station wasn't really far off.

Akari's school uniform was still wet and packed away in a plastic shopping bag. After seeing that she had everything, Akari limp slowly out Touya's house. Touya watched her out his gate until she disappeared around the corner.

"A surprising turn of issue…" Touya mumbled to himself before he head back inside to clear the dinning table.

He usually did his homework in his room but because Akari was around, they had spread their work on the table and work together. She was awfully good in Japanese Literature and had helped him tremendously in that subject when he had helped her with math. He wouldn't mind her around everyday to do homework.

She was easy to be with though sometimes she spoke with a sarcastic humour but Touya didn't mind, he still found her amusing all the same.

While walking back to his house only did he realized that he didn't even know where she stayed or her phone number. He turned back towards the gate of his house anxiously. He walked out through the gates again, watching the deserted street.

"So how is she going to meet me again?" Touya wondered out loud.


Ah well, this story sort of pop into my head and I couldn't help myself and write it out! I just love Akira so much I couldn't stop writing story about him. LOL. Hope this chapter is alright. Thanks for reading!