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Chapter 14: High School

Akari blinked unlocking her window and slide the glass pane aside. "Why are you here this late at night?"

"To apologize…." He mumbled and rather abash. When Akari remained silent, he continued. "I had done a lot of thinking and truthfully Akari you had always been a good friend… and I had been an ass…"

"True…" Akari agreed softly without thinking.

"You could at least be dishonest about it…" Hikaru said slightly annoyed at how direct Akari was about the matter. "Anyways… I am really sorry… It is just that recently you and Touya had been so close… I felt rather left out."

"Hikaru… don't tell me you are jealous of your childhood friend?" Akari stared uncertainly at him.

"Urusai…" Hikaru snapped a little too loudly.

"SHHHH…" Akari hissed at him and turned to look at her room door. Then she turned back to him angrily. "Baka you want to wake my parents?"

"Sorry…" Hikaru lowered his voice.

"It's alright Hikaru… I am fine now." Akari smiled. "I heard from Touya-kun that you are elected to represent the Japan's team in the North Star Cup."

"Oh, you have met up with Touya…" Hikaru smiled softly, though he couldn't help but anger welling up inside him again. He was really jealous. But he didn't want to hurt Akari anymore and said something else instead. "Yeah I won the prelims match to get into the Japan's team. It was pretty hard you know that Yashiro Kiroharu guy… he had a weird way of playing. But I manage to out beat him."

He laughed softly and Akari grinned.

"That's great isn't it?" Akari said. "Now everyone will be able to recognize your strength."

"You think so?" Hikaru grinned.

"I had always believed in you Hikaru…" Akari said honestly to him. "Besides, we did grow up together. We practically could know what each other are thinking about."

"You are exaggerating." Hikaru smirked. "Besides… I don't think that you know everything about me."

"Why do you say that?" Akari raised an eyebrow. "I thought that I knew everything that happened to you since we play and went to school together for the passed nine years."

"Fine then… if you know everything about me… what colour of underwear am I wearing now?"

Akari blushed.

"You hentai!" Akari reached out to knock his head with her fist. "Is that why you can think of?"

Hikaru chuckled grabbing her arm to prevent her from hitting him. Her wrist was so thin and feminine. Hikaru could never think of this tomboy Akari who tag along doing the things he did was so small under his grasp. Hikaru held on her arm protectively unable to let go.

"Moh Hikaru…" Akari was still blushing like a tomato. She was unaware of how Hikaru was holding on to her. "That is the worst thing you can ever ask."

"You said you know everything about me…" Hikaru continued laughing and finally let go of her arm even though he did it reluctantly.

"Not perverted things like this!" Akari hissed angrily.

"I guess you didn't change as much as I thought." Hikaru touched the top of her head. "Ganbatte in your new school…"

"I will… arigatou Hikaru and ganbatte to you too in your Junior Team Tournament this April." Akari smiled. "You coming here tonight to encourage me really means a lot to me."

"Really…?" Hikaru looked at Akari slightly sadly with a small smile on his face. "Did Touya encourage you too?"

He will never know whether his or Touya's encouragements will mean more to Akari. But for now, he would take it as Akari will put his at first priority.

"Yeah…" Akari looked at him thoughtfully. She had never seen Hikaru looking like this before. She wondered why. "Touya-kun was pretty upset when he couldn't accompany me for my first day. But it's ok. I am sure I am able to make it on my own. I won't let you down!"

Akari winked and flashed a 'V' sign.

"That's the spirit and I will not let you down at the tournament too." Hikaru returned the same 'V' sign gesture. "You better get some rest, oyasumi."

"Oyasumi…" Akari inclined her head slightly, while she watched Hikaru went back to his house roof skillfully. "Hikaru is acting pretty strange lately."

It had been many years that they met up on her roof top to look at stars. It wasn't surprising that Hikaru had no trouble climbing back and coming over to hers. Everything should be fine if it remained like this. He was glad he was able to talk to her like normal again.

"But I will not give up… not until Akari had chosen." Hikaru whispered to himself. "So be prepared Touya Akira…"

Beginning of April and the commencement of school new semester…

Sakura bloomed and pink petals of the sakura flower flew in the air. The gates of Kaio High School were filled with students again. There were many excited year one students lingering outside the gates and in the school grounds looking for their friends from Kaio Junior High school. Since Kaio had junior high and high school level, it was only normal for students from Kaio Junior High to proceed to Kaio High school. The chattering was loud as the year one students greet one another enthusiastically and getting ready for their orientation in the school auditorium.

Not far from the school at a nearby train station, a red headed girl in a brand new Kaio uniform dashed through the crowd. She dodged the people around her skillfully as she ran up the stairs of underground train. Then very deftly, she placed one hand on the rail that divided the train station to the streets, she hoisted herself up and jumped over it without any difficulty. To grow up with a boy for a best friend did help sometimes, especially in situations like these. She didn't even bother that she was wearing skirt; all it matters now was not to be late for school. That would save her some time than running to the exit. That girl was none other than Fujisaki Akari, going to her first day of high school.

"Moh!" Akari mumbled looking down her watch as she continued to run. "Why am I late like this of all days?"

When the front gates of Kaio High School loomed before her, Akari continued her frantic sprint to reach it before the gate closes. There weren't any students left outside and she panicked.

"Oh no, this is not good!" Akari cried. "Everyone had gone in!"

There were a teacher and senior male student wearing glasses standing next to the gate. They turned when they saw Akari running up to the gates and flew past them in frenzy.

"O… ohayo!" Akari shouted back to them but didn't stop as she continued to run on to look for the auditorium next.

The senior student looked at her with a thoughtful look on his face.

She looked familiar. He thought to himself.

"She must be a new student from another school." The disciplinary teacher said with a smile. "It looks like she was trying her best not to be late. Don't you think so, Kishimoto-kun?"

"Hn… yeah." Kishimoto muttered in his aloof manner still staring at the direction Akari had gone. "I wonder where I had seen her before."

"You know her?" The sensei asked him.

"Iie… I just think she looked familiar." Kishimoto shook his head and checked his watch. "I think its time to shut the gates."

"You have a beginning of the year speech to make at the auditorium." The sensei smiled. "Don't you think you should get going? You are after all chosen to be the president of the student council this year."

"I didn't want it." Kishimoto frowned. "It will be in the way to all my Go meetings after school."

"You are already the best in the school Kishimoto-kun. It must be a busy year to be the captain of this year Go club as well. You must be very famous to be chosen. I heard that you were also the captain during your third year in Kaio Junior High."

"When its GO, I will always find a way to succeed." Kishimoto replied indifferently before he turned away to make his way to the auditorium. "Excuse me…"

"Hai, hai…" The sensei grinned before she locked the school gate before heading into the building.

No one notice a lonely figure not far outside the school looking rather annoyed as he stared at the close school gate. He had short spiky orange hair and looked like a year one student. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and wondered how he was going to enter the school now.

"Tsk…" He smacked his tongue. "Not a very good way to start a new semester."

Akari walked around holding up the map, still trying to find the auditorium. The school was twice as big as Haze Junior High School. The Kaio High building was also next to Kaio Junior High building that made the whole place even bigger. Akari sighed and shook her head.

"First I am late and now I am lost." Akari groaned and leaned on the high stone wall that separate the school grounds from the street outside. "What if I miss the orientation? That wouldn't be a nice way to start… ITAI!"

Her sentence was cut short when something landed painfully on her head. She looked down when something landed at the side of her feet. She bent over to pick it up. It was someone's school briefcase. She frowned and looked up in time to see a boy maybe her age, jumping down from the high stone wall.

"GAIYAAKK!" Akari shouted and tried to back away but fell on her posterior instead.

"Haik ya…" The boy with short spiky orange hair muttered.

He landed on his feet rather stylishly like he jumps over high walls everyday. Both his hands were trust in his school pants pockets as he stood over Akari in a laid-back fashion. Akari was still on the ground looking up at him with wide eyes. It took him a minute to look down and that was because he was looking for his school briefcase. That was only the time he realized Akari was next to him still staring at him rather speechless and thunderstruck. He blinked when he comprehended someone was there with him.

"Oh…" He muttered and his eyes slowly widened with surprise. "That is my briefcase."

Akari looked down at her hand and saw that she was still holding on his briefcase she had picked up. Without a word she passed it to him.

"Why are you doing on the ground anyways?" The boy asked as he took his briefcase from her.

Akari snapped back to reality then and jumped up to her feet in a flash with an angry glint in her eyes. She turned to him with her hands on her hips.

"Your briefcase landed on my head and then you frightened the wits on of me by jumping over the wall like that!" Akari shouted at him. "How rude! You didn't even help me up!"

"Whao…" The boy raised his eyebrows. "Gomen….?"

He was still slightly confused that suddenly this strange girl was screaming at him.

"That doesn't even sound like an apology…" Akari huffed while she brushed the dirt off her skirt.

The boy smiled slightly at Akari. She seemed like someone rather interesting.

"I am Okamura and you must be new." He said. "Which school were you from?"

"Haze Junior High…" Akari turned back to him in surprise. "I am Fujisaki by the way."

"You know, Fujisaki-chan…" Okamura smiled. "We are extremely late for orientation."

"AUGHHH!" Akari screamed. "I totally forgot!"

"We will be able to still make it if we hurry." Okamura grinned and started running ahead.

"Ah, matte Okamura-kun!" Akari exclaimed and ran after him. "I got lost and couldn't find the auditorium! If not I wouldn't be this late."

Okamura laughed as Akari followed him to the auditorium. Even everything started out pretty unpleasantly. She was glad that someone was there to show her the first event of the day.

Akari looked down at the piece of paper that held the direction to her homeroom. Most of the students seemed to know their way about very well. Besides that, everyone seemed to walk in a huge group of five or more and the least in one group were also in twos. Feeling a bit downhearted Akari bravely walked on to look for her class. Some students turned to look at her some just mind their own business.

How I wish Kuniko-chan could come here too… Akari thought silently.

It was nice to have friends being together all the time. When she finally found her class, she walked in rather hesitantly. Some students were already inside and had taken their seats. Then she saw at the front, their seat arrangements were actually drawn on the board. She looked for her seat and saw her name written on a table next to the window on the second row. Then not mistakenly, she spotted Touya's name too. She brightened up immediately. He was on the third row and two tables away from her. That wasn't very far.

I guess it won't be as bad if he is in the same class… Akari thought, feeling her self cheering up slightly.

"So you are in my class." Akari turned to see Okamura grinning behind her.

"Yeah I guess…" Akari smiled. "I am sitting by the window."

"My seat is way at the back." Okamura said while he checked the board. "And… oh damn."

"What?" Akari looked at the board he was frowning at.

"I can't believe I have to sit next to Masaiki…" He muttered. "Bad luck…"

"Masaiki…?" Akari inclined her head.

"Masaiki Kumiko." Okamura said darkly. "Touya Akira's huge and biggest fan… hmm… maybe I could say stalker…"

"Stalker…" Akari's eyes widened and remembered that there was this girl that always Touya was trying to avoid. "She is in this class?"

"Yeah…" Okamura grinned. "Touya-kun is in for a huge surprise when he comes back. Never once in Junior High, Masaiki and Touya-kun was in the same class and Touya-kun did a great job avoiding her. But this time…"

Akari sighed inwardly. It looks like Touya wouldn't be too happy to come to school right now.

"This should be some good shows to watch this year." Okamura grinned back at Akari as he walked to his seat behind. "Ah, Masaiki is here."

Akari turned towards the door where Okamura gestured. All those time, Akari didn't have a close look at this girl that Touya tried his best to avoid. But now up close, she was really beautiful with long charcoal black wavy hair flowing over her shoulders. The flawless posture and her slim figure could pass her as a model. Akari gapped at the girl before her.

"Ah… Masaiki-chan!" The girls in the girls rushed to her. "Why are you so late? We were all waiting for you."

"I was caught up by a senior boy confessing to me." She smiled sweetly and innocently.

Akari took her seat as she watched her. She didn't look like who Touya mentioned her to be like. If boys falls heads over heals for her she shouldn't be that bad… or was it? Her thoughts were interrupted when something hit her from the back of her head. The impact made it bounced, flew over the top of her head and fell to the front. She looked down to see a crumpled piece of paper landed on her lap. She turned around angrily to see Okamura grinned and gave her a thumb up sign.

She opened up badly wrinkled paper and read what Okamura wrote inside.

Don't be deceived by her looks. At the side of the note he drew a round grinning face with big teeth.

Akari turned to him with a small frowned and stuck out her tongue in a childish manner. However, after turning away from Okamura rudely, her eyes shift back towards Masaiki Kumiko again. She was smiling and looking rather innocently to her small group of girls gathered around her. All of them chatted happily and cheerfully. Akari couldn't help but felt her heart dropped slightly when she missed her friends from Haze. Very gradually Akari turned away from the scene and looked out the window. Her seat gave her the scenery of the school field. She leaned her head on one hand and continued to stare out the window unaware that a pair of deep set brown eyes staring at her.

"That girl looks familiar." Masaiki said to her friends. "Where did I see her before?"

"Eh, Kumi-chan, (short of Kumiko) you know that new girl?" One of the girls said. "She is transferred from another school caused of a scholarship. That was what I heard."

Masaiki narrowed her eyes at Akari. Somehow, she was sure she had seen her before…


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