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Chapter 19: Surprise Encounter

Days went by rather uneventful for Akari. It had became worst when Touya had not come to school. The girls made sure she felt unwanted. Besides that, her things had gone missing. Books, pencil cases, PE uniform and her indoor school shoes.

"Are they in grade school..." Akari mumbled sitting inside on of the stalls in the girl's toilet. "And I thought this school was suppose to be well mannered..."

With a rather deep sigh Akari finally got up and was about to open the door. That was when a bucket of cold water came splashing over the door and gotten her drenched head to toe.

That was when she then heard the door of the girl's toilet opened and slammed rather loudly. She pulled opened the door of the stall, stepped out quickly and found the place empty.

"What the..." Akari shut her eyes and took a deep breath. "Whatever..."

She left the toilet and came face to face with Yashiro. He blinked at her state.

"What happened to you?"

"One of the pipe broke..." Akari quipped.

"What are you going to do?"

"I think there is a dryer in the nurse's office." Akari said. "Class is about to start if I don't return in time can you explain to sensei for me."

"What am I to say?" Yashiro frowned slightly. "You got drenched in the toilet?"

"Just say that I am sick..." Akari told him as she walked away.

"Right..." Yashiro sighed.

In the Nurse's office.

"So can I ask how did you get wet again?" Aoi Sensei asked. She who was the nurse of the high school building. "The sky is very bright and sunny today. I don't think you got wet in the rain."

"The piping in the girl's toilet was bad..." Akari repeated the same excuse she told Yashiro. "It was an accident."

"Hmm..." Sensei was looking at her rather doubtfully. "Well, since all the spare uniforms are loaned out I have no extra for you. You can't really go back to class in your undergarments. I guess you have to miss second half of your classes."

"I guess it can't be help..." Akari mumbled quietly. She was wearing only a singlet over her bra and in her panties sitting on one of the beds in the Nurse Office and the drapes were drawn around the bed.

"I have a meeting to go to right now." Aoi Sensei told her. "Will you be alright by yourself?"

"Yes..." Akari smiled slightly. "I'm fine. Thanks for the help sensei..."

"No problem."

After she left Akari sighed again and lay down on the bed looking up the ceiling blankly. The bullying was getting on her nerves. Not that her things were missing now she had to miss class too. Classes were so crucial to her. She can't afford to miss any of the lessons. She had a certain grade requirement to achieve.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard the door slide opened. Did sensei came back again? That was a very fast meeting if she did. Akari sat up on the bed when she heard footsteps approaching.

"Sensei... are you taking a break again?" A deep male voice asked and drew the curtains aside.

Akari stared up at the tall senior boy in glasses staring down at her. He was the president of the student counsil Kishimoto Kaoru. Akari remembered he had given an opening speech during the first years Orientation Day. Never did she would have imagine that she would meet him again since the third year students rarely came to this level of the building. Not to mention she was barely dressed.

Kishimoto swiftly drew the curtains back again... Akari could feel her face burning hot.

"I am sorry I didn't know that someone else was in there." Kishimoto said after a short moment of silence. He had managed to keep his voice rather leveled and monotone. "Usually Aoi Sensei takes a short nap and in this bed and she will draw the curtains.

"It's nothing..." Akari replied softly. "If you are looking for sensei, she just left for a meeting. If there is a message I can help you pass on to her..."

"No it's nothing..." Kishimoto replied. "I just needed some aspirin..."

"Are you sick?" Akari poked her head out through the curtains and came face to face with Kishimoto. He stepped back at her sudden close intrusion. She blushed again not knowing that he stood so close to the curtains. "Sorry..."

"No it happens sometimes." Kishimoto replied uncaring and turned away. He headed for the medicine cabinets and looked into it trying to find the aspirin. "It's not easy being president of the school council, GO club and having to study for University examinations as well."

"That's amazing..." Akari grinned at him. "I can't juggle club activities and school works together and get good grades. Not to mention you have three responsibility you must be really smart!"

Kishimoto turned back to Akari again. She still had her head poked out between the curtains. Why is she in her undergarments anyways? What a weird girl.

Before he could say anything else and a series of continuous beeps interrupted their conversation. They both turned to the sound. It was the dryer beeping indicating that the cycle was done.

"Great now I can go to class!" Akari exclaimed . "Ano sempai... can you do me a favour?"

Kishimoto raised an eyebrow at her uncertain request.

"My uniform is in the dryer can you bring it for me?"

Kishimoto turned back to the machine and walked over to it without replying. So that was why she was not dress. Something happened to her uniform?

"I'm so sorry for troubling you." Akari continued.

"It's no big deal." Kishimoto passed the uniform to her without looking at her.

"Thank you..." Akari pushed one of her hands out between the curtains grabbed the uniform and popped back inside. "If you are looking for the aspirin I think it is in the far end of the left cupboard third shelf."

Kishimoto turned back to the cupboard again. As she instructed the bottle of aspirin was at the third shelf left side of the cupboard. He took it when Akari pulled the curtains back. She smiled at him.

"Did I get it right?" Akari said. "I wasn't very sure and I suddenly remembered..."

"You got it right." Kishimoto smiled ever so slightly and held up the bottle.

Akari went over the resgistry book writing down her name and time she was in and out of the nurse office before she looked back at Kishimoto again.

"Nice meeting you again sempai." Akari told him when she was by the door. "You gave a rather inspiring opening speech during Orientation Day. I'll always remember it. Hope to see you around."

With that Akari left in a hurry for she doesn't want to miss anymore classes.

"Ah..." Kishimoto finally said when Akari was gone. "I forgot to ask her about her uniform."

Later during the day during lunch break...

"So did Aoi Sensei ask questions?" Yashiro asked.

"Yeah, she did... but she didn't push for an answer." Akari answered rather despondently as she looked down at her bento. "It is a good thing too."

"What?" Okumura asked wide eyed. "Did I miss something? Yashiro said you were sick! When you miss the 4th period."

They were having lunch at their usual place. Akari made lunch for everyone like always.

"Ya I was sick..." Akari mumbled and poked onto her tamagoyaki. (Japanese Egg Rolls)

"You are acting pretty weird since you came back from the nurse office." Okumura said. "Are you still feeling sick?"

"I'm fine." Akari replied and sighed. "What happened when I wasn't in class?"

"Sensei told you to see him after school." Yashiro told her. "He will let you know the assignments you missed."


Okumura turned to Yashiro with curious eyes. Akari looked a lot more upset than she usually was since the day the nasty treatment started. She usually never really cared. Did something worst happened?

Well, since Touya wasn't around Akari didn't have to force herself to smile. Okumura thought to himself.

Akari had gotten use to the girls ignoring her. But she wasn't that happy when her belongings went missing after school. She had gone to the Teacher's Room to meet her fourth period teacher to get her assignment only to return and found her bag was missing. Since she told Yashiro and Okumura not to wait that had given the girls the chance to hide her bag.

"Just great..." Akari mumbled.

Not far from Akari's classroom, Kishimoto and Hidaka Yuri were making their round of school checks to make sure nothing was broken. Since Aoi Sensei had reported something rather weird to him earlier that day about the girl's toilet piping broke and drench a year one girl.

"I will go through the girl's toilets." Hidaka told Kishimoto. "And the classes on the east side to make sure everything is in order."

"Please do." Kishimoto replied and they went their separate ways.

As Kishimoto was crossing out his to do list as he walked down the corridor over looking the back couryard, he nearly tripped on his own footing when he saw the girl he met earlier that day trying to climb one of the highest trees in the school. His glasses almost drop off his nose. He dashed down the corridor and out to the courtyard.

"What the hell is she doing?" Kishimoto's callous expression crumpled.

At that moment Akari was already half way up the tree. She managed to find her school bag because the windows of her class over looked the back courtyard. There she saw her school bag sticking out on one of the tree branches. The girls must have just toss her bag out the window before they left the class.

"Almost there..." Akari stretched out her arm towards her bag at the end of a branch.

"HEY!" A shout came from below.

"Whao..." Akari steadied herself when she felt herself slipping. She looked down and saw Kishimoto looking up at her enraged. "Eh... did I do something to anger him?"

"Do you know how much danger you put yourself into?" Kishimoto shouted.

"I just want to get my bag out of the tree!" Akari cried back.

Kishimoto turned towards where Akari pointed and saw her bag hanging out of the far end of the branch she was clinging herself to.

"How did your bag get up there?"

"Beats me..." Akari shrugged and reached out again for her bag. "I'm almost there so..."

Kishimoto held his breath as he watched her fingers grasped for her bag and then got it. Akari smiled at her own accomplishment and held her bag up waving it at him excitedly. That was when he realized he had his breath held and let it out heavily.

"OK please come down now!" Kishimoto told Akari. "And slowly!"

"Hai!" Akari grinned and made her back down again.

Kishimoto stood by closely ready to catch her if she do fall but she got down to the ground in one piece and smiled up at him. He didn't know whether to continue shouting at her or smile in return. But he was relieve she was alright. Even though she was in a mess. Her uniform was dirty, her hair that she tied into a ponytail had come loose and strands of her hair were falling all over. Not to mention her face was smudged with some dirt too.

"Are you being bullied?" Kishimoto finally spoke again after a few seconds of silence.

"Eh?" Akari's smile wilted.

"You went to the nurse office this morning because something happened to your uniform." Kishimoto noted to her. "Now you have your school bag up the tree. Who is responsible for such acts! You have to report it to the teacher."

"Sempai..." Akari sighed. "If I am the person who is trying to pick on someone, I don't think I want to expose myself. Sad to say I do not know who is behind this."

"Not a single clue?" Kishimoto pressed on.

Akari shook her head. "However, I am fine." She looked determined when she replied.

He sighed "You got dirt all over your face." And hand out his handkerchief.

"Oh..." Akari's hand flew up to her cheek. Then she excepted his handkerchief and smiled at him. "Thanks."

"Are you sure this will be alright?" Kishimoto asked again. He remembered last time when Touya was bullied when he was in the GO club. But her situation seemed so much more dire than his.

"I want to solve this myself." Akari told him as they walked back into the building.

Kishimoto looked over at Akari slightly to see the courage in her eyes. Somehow he had a feeling she will turn out just fine.

She was unnoticed in one of the classroom up the building, Kumiko starred down at the situation with so much anger in her eyes. She got another guy to stand by her side again! And not just any guy in school but the president of the school council? That is the last straw!

To be continued