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Chapter 21: The Breaking Point

It was before the first lesson and students were still loitering around in class chatting with their friends. Akari took her place with a small smile on her face when she looked at the keychain hanging on her bag.

She had been feeling like walking on clouds since yesterday. She couldn't understand the feeling and since it wasn't a bad feeling so she didn't mind it.

"Ok class, take your seats!" Their teacher finally entered.

Everyone hurried to their place and took out their books for their first lesson.

Kumiko watched Akari with narrowed eyes. She sense something must had happened with Touya since she had that radiant smile on her face. She saw them leave together the day before and because she had to stay back that day she didn't got the chance to follow them. Kumiko gritted her teeth staring at Akari in anger.

That when she noticed Akari kept looking at that odd soft toy dog keychain hanging on her bag and an idea came to her. Kumiko finally smiled at what she was going to do.

"Fujisaki-san, you are the person on duty today?" The teacher asked when their class came to an end.

"Yes, sensei." Akari stood up immediately.

"Carry these assignments to the staffroom for me."

"Hai…" Akari went over to the table and picked up the pile of papers that the students had hand up.

"Hey Fujisaki we will be attending PE for our next lesson." One of the girls called. "We will meet you at gym!"

"Ok, thanks!" Akari nodded and walked out.

"Why did you talk to her?" Another girl whispered.

"I feel like she is a nice person." The girl who called whispered back. "Sometimes I really wonder whatever Kumiko is doing is rather weird."

"Why would you say that?"

"She kept saying Fujisaki was trying to trick Touya-kun but I always think Touya-kun isn't the type that can be tricked so easily."

"You think so too?" Another girl who overheard came to join the two girls whispering to one other. "I find it really weird too. I mean they look like genuine friends. Touya-kun and Fujisaki."

"Yeah… now you say it I feel like it is really weird too."

"Sometimes, I wonder if Kumiko is the fake one. She is always being goody two shoes and everything. I find it rather hard to believe."

"What are you girls talking about?" Kumiko came behind the three girls and nearly making them jumped.

They turned to her with an awkward smile.

"Nothing!" They said together hurriedly.

Kumiko frowned slightly at them.

"Well, we should go get change…" One of them said quickly and all of them rushed for the door.

Akari was rather high-spirited that day. The girls in class actually talked to her for the first time. That was something new. She almost skipped back to class to get her gym clothing. When she got back to class it was already empty. She headed for her table and immediately she noticed that the keychain was gone.

"Eh?" Akari knelt down next to the bag and stared. "No… no… this can't be happening!"

She checked under her desk, in her bag and the floors of the classroom. It wasn't anywhere. Finally she crouched down, hugged her feet to front and lowered her head to her knees. She shouldn't have brought it to school. Though she really never thought that this elementary bullying would go this far.


Akari looked up slightly and saw the girl who told her about PE class was standing next to her. What was her name again? She barely knew the girls in class since she was an outcast but Akari was not the type who will ignore her classmates even if they didn't talk to her. So she remembered everyone's name in class, this girl was Shizuka Hana. She always hung out another two girls in her class, Taka Chiaki and Kurohara Mayu. Akari saw the three of them talking before she left the class earlier.

"You didn't come and sensei was asking. I was worried something happened so I came to see." Hana said. "Are you sick?"

"No…" Akari whispered. "I'm fine."

"If you are not feeling well, I can bring you to the nurse office."

"No, that's not it." Akari shook her head. "I will come in a minute after I change."

"Ok if you say so." Hana said still not very convinced. "Are you sure, you are ok?"

Akari nodded with a small smile. Her mood was dropping rapidly. How can her beautiful day turn out to be such a horrible one?

With a soft sigh she left the class with Hana. She will try looking for that keychain again during lunchtime. She had somehow had a feeling she knew who took it but she pushed the thought away. She would not want to resolve into pointing fingers at that person when she had no prove.

The day went by quietly for Akari and without any luck she never found that keychain. She stood before her shoe locker looking rather downcast.

What was she going to tell Touya? She told him that she would take good care of it.

After he took so much effort and finally got it out from that machine, she lost it the very next day!

She knew there was nothing she could do about it but she couldn't give up. She clutched one of her hands into fists and hit the shoe locker slightly.

Where else can it be? She searched everywhere.

Akari shut her eyes tight trying to stay calm.

"Miko-chan! Please stop it already."

Akari's eyes flew opened immediately. Her whole body became rigid. The voice was coming from the other rows of shoe lockers.

She knew that Miko-chan was the name Kumiko's friends called her.

"Are you trying to tell me that you girls are backing away?" Kumiko said in a heated voice.

"It is not that! We really are getting tired of this silent treatment! Fujisaki didn't do anything wrong!" Akari heard Hana said

"I remember Fujisaki had that keychain on her schoolbag this morning! Please don't say you stole it!" another girl voice out and Akari recognized that voice it belonged to Mayu.

"Please stop this and give it back!" Another girl said unmistakably belong to Chiaki.

"I was only borrowing it." Kumiko replied without regret. "I bet she tricked Touya into getting this for her! The way she was looking at it this morning. I am sure of it!"


Akari went over to them quietly and stood there watching the three girls from her class trying to convince Kumiko to give the keychain back to her. She could see Kumiko clutching the keychain in one of her hands.

The three girls turned to Akari in shock and Kumiko frowned at her appearance.

"So you took it!" Akari's voice was low and threatening.

"Oh crap!" Hana mumbled softly and stepped aside. The other two followed her and moved away too.

They had never seen Akari furious before and now that they witness it, Akari was scary.

"I try to reason with myself that it wasn't you." Akari spoke on in a low voice with her head slightly bowed, her bangs covered her eyes. "I kept pushing it away even though the thought came to me every single time I fail to find it. I didn't want to think anything bad about you but in the end it was you after all."

"You are the bad one here!" Kumiko said stubbornly. "You bewitched Touya-kun! You make him ignore me! You came to this school to chase after him! You are nothing but a stalker!"

"I came to this school to stalk Touya-kun?" Akari finally looked up her eyes flashing. "You don't know anything about me! Don't make assumptions! Now give that keychain back!"

"I won't, I am going to throw it into the incinerator!" Kumiko shouted back clutching the keychain hard in her hands. "Touya-kun became an idiot because of you! I have to put a stop to this!"

Akari's nerve snapped as soon as she heard Kumiko called Touya an idiot and that she was going to throw the keychain into the incinerator! That keychain she told Touya that she would treasure it all the time.

A loud crash echoed through the school corridor. The girls nearby were screaming. Their schoolbags flew and the contents inside scattered all over the ground.

"Called for sensei quick!" The students nearby shouted.

Akari had grabbed Kumiko by her front collar and crashed her back onto the shoe lockers with a loud bang. Kumiko didn't back away and reached out to grab Akari's long hair and pulled her towards the lockers. In the result Akari hit her forehead really hard and started to bleed. But Akari didn't let her go and her fists landed on one of Kumiko's eyes.

"If only you were never here!" Kumiko shouted her façade of a good girl had fallen. "You should just leave!"

"Give me back my keychain!" Akari cried trying to pry the object out of Kumiko's grasp.

The fight went on until the teacher came to intervene. They were pulled apart and Akari finally got her keychain back. She clutched it tightly in her hand not willing to let it go anymore. However, Kumiko still didn't give up tried to reach for it and scratching her trying to make as much damage as she could to Akari's face even with the teacher pulling her back.

"You will pay for this!" Kumiko yelled as the teacher ushered her away.

Even Akari got a bloody forehead and some scratches on her face and arms. Kumiko didn't get away unharmed. Her wounds were worst with a black eye, scratches on her face, bleeding lips and bruises on both arms.

Akari was taking deep breaths as she watched Kumiko being pulled away by the teachers and she sank to the ground. The girls nearby came to her quietly.

"Are you alright?" Hana asked.

Akari turned to her slowly and gave her a small smile.


"Fujisaki-san." The teacher who stopped Akari looked down at her sternly. "You will have to come with me and explain what happened."

Akari looked down and nodded slowly. This will not look good in her academy records.

"Sensei! It is not Fujisaki's fault!" Hana came to her defense. The other girls next to her nodded their agreements.

"It is ok Shizuka-san, Taka-san and Kurohara-san." Fujisaki finally stood up and smiled at her worried classmates. "You all did the best you could. Thank you."

"Please call me Hana from now." Hana smiled back slightly but wavered and she quickly bowed. "And I am so sorry."

"Me too, I'm sorry…" Mayu started to say and stopped to look over to Chiaki. "We are so sorry."

They both bowed as well and then looked up immediately.

"We will also like you to call us by our names too, I am Mayu."

"I am Chiaki."

"Please call me Akari then." She smiled at them slightly. Their friendliness was making her feeling a little better.

"Come on Fujisaki-san." The teacher said to her. "Let's go."

"Don't worry I will be fine." Akari told them before she walked away with the teacher quietly.

The girls watched her go anxiously.

"Let's go explain to the sensei what really happened." Hana finally said after they disappeared down the corridor. The other two girls nodded their agreement.

Touya stepped into the school front doors and sensed an odd atmosphere near the shoe lockers. He had come to school to get his assignment like usual but today somehow he felt something was wrong. He recognized some girls from his class and they were talking in hush voices.

The girls saw Touya coming in and one of them who barely spoke to him came to him to his surprise.

"Ah Touya-kun?"


"You see, it's about Akari-chan."

Touya eyes widened as he listened to the girl in his class told him what happened. He wasted no time when she finished her story and he dashed down towards the staffroom.

"Oh Touya-kun? You came for your assignments today?" the teacher looked up when Touya burst in.

He scanned the room and Akari was not there.

"Fujisaki-san came by earlier?" Touya asked the teacher anxiously.

"Ah that girl who got into a fight." The teacher scratched the back of his head. "Such trouble! She was a good student too. I let her off with probation and first warning. I think she should have gone home."

Touya left the staffroom without another word.

"Eh Touya-kun? What about your assignments?" The teacher called but Touya had already left.

Akari couldn't go home. She knew her mother would be waiting for her when she gets back. The teacher had already called her home. She knew her mother would be very angry.

She sat on the swing in the park watching the sun set in the distance. It was such a nostalgic atmosphere. She remembered that she asked Hikaru to her sister's school festival when they were in elementary school in this park. He had refused but to her surprise he actually turned up.

She smiled at the memory.

"I wouldn't be smiling if I have such injuries."

Akari sucked in her breath and looked up with wide astounded eyes. She could feel the top of her head came in contact with the person behind her.

Hikaru standing behind her was looking down at her. He had his hands in his pockets and looking very laid back while he stood there studying her. The top of her head was resting gently somewhere below his chest.

He could see that she was injured pretty badly. Akari's forehead was bandaged and there were several plasters on the right side of her cheeks and both her arms.

"Hikaru?" Akari was still wide eyed. "Why are you here?"

"That is supposed to be my question." Hikaru sighed and went over to the swing next to Akari and sat down. "I came home from my GO studies and your okasan was in my home talking to my okasan. She was worried since you haven't got home and she got a very disturbing phone call from your sensei in school."

"Ah, that…" Akari turned away and stared in front of her.

"Don't 'ah' me!" Hikaru almost yelled. "How the hell did this happen? What made you lose your temper this bad?"

"I don't know." Akari chuckled softly. "I only remembered that she called Touya-kun an idiot and I just got piss off."

"Hah?" Hikaru raised an eyebrow. "That's it?"

"She took something very important from me." Akari said softly and looked down on her lap. "I was searching for it the whole day. When I found out that she took it. I just wasn't myself. Honestly, I don't know why I lost it so bad."

Hikaru sighed softly. Realize your feelings already baka. He thought to himself quietly but instead he asked.

"What did that person took?"

"Touya-kun gave me this." Akari reached over to the ground where she had place her schoolbag and picked it up. She stared at the keychain she had hung on the handle once again. "I told him I will treasure it and when I lost it I just couldn't imagine how much I would hurt him. He took a lot of effort to get it and I just…"

Akari's voice trail off and she shut her eyes tight. Tears started to fall from her eyes as they drop onto her school bag she placed on her lap.

Hikaru looked up at the evening sky in silence. So this was about Touya after all and Akari was still so dense about her feelings. He wasn't going to say anything. Besides, he thought that it would be best for Akari to realize it herself.

Finally he stood up and went over to Akari. He placed a hand gently on her bowed head.

"Come on let's go home."

"Hm." Akari nodded once and quickly wiped her tears away. When was the last time she even cried over something so small? She couldn't remember at all.

She finally stood up pushing away any negative thoughts. She would not dwell on such petty things.

"I hope you gave hell to whoever that did that to your face." Hikaru told her.

"Well, I did grow up with you Hikaru." Akari smirked. "I could say she looked worst than I am."

Hikaru laughed.

"Well that will teach her for picking the wrong person to fight with." Akari added strongly.

"Right," Hikaru reached over to ruffled her hair. "That is the Akari I know."

"Hey watch the hair!"

Hikaru continued to laugh and ran forward with Akari behind him trying to hit him.

Touya stepped out from the corner of the park after they left.

He reached just when Hikaru arrived at the park and he couldn't make himself to go to Akari. He was too shock when he saw the injuries Kumiko had inflicted on her. All this time she had been bullied and he knew nothing about it.

If he knew he would have put a stop to it immediately. He clutched his hands tightly in anger. How can he be so oblivious? All he cared was about GO and even so that Akari never blamed him for it. He didn't know how to face Akari.

So he stayed behind the shadows listening to their conversation instead. As he listened on he could feel his face growing hotter by the minute. He knew he was blushing.

Even though Akari wasn't talking to him but it sounded like Akari was confessing to him.

So that was how she really felt about him.

The only problem was Akari didn't realize it herself.

to be continued...

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