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Anakin Skywalker stood outside the Intensive Care Unit of the Medical Wing of the Temple. On one of the beds rested his master, Obi-Wan Kenobi; bandages encased all of Obi-Wan's left side. Anakin could not help but believe that it was his hard headness that caused Obi-Wan such grief if he hadn't rushed in to fight with Count Dooku then Obi-Wan would never have been injured. Anakin touched the glass window and rested his head against the window; the healers had said that Obi-Wan would make a full recovery but it would take time. Obi-Wan had been exposed for too long to the Sith lightening and had damaged some of his nerves; Anakin squeezed his eyes shut, trying to stop the tears that were rapidly filling his eyes.

"Blame yourself, you do" came the quiet voice of Master Yoda. Anakin looked to the green alien that stood in the door way and nodded; Yoda sighed and walked into the observation room where Anakin stood. "Blame yourself, do not; was not you who did this to Obi-Wan".

"But I let my temper guide my actions" Anakin replied. He knelt as Yoda poked at his shin with his cane; Yoda gazed at the sad face of the Padawan. Yoda sighed and shook his head; he tapped his cane on the tiled floor.

"Not the first is Obi-Wan to have been injured in the line of duty" Yoda replied, "nor by the temper of his Padawan Learner". Anakin looked confused but said nothing; "a bond I feel between you growns, you care for him, yes?" Anakin looked away, ashamed. He knew such feelings were forbidden by the Jedi and he knew he shouldn't have them not for his Master. He foolishly thought that if he tried to love Padme then the feeling for Obi-Wan would disappear but they only grew. "Good this bond is, not been seen in thirty-five years. Help you it can". Yoda looked at Anakin who looked very confused at this moment; "not the first are you to have fallen for another Jedi nor are you the first to have fallen in love with your Master. Understand I do, forseen this I have". Yoda rubbed his head and tapped his cane; "born Obi-Wan was to Jedi Fathers".


"Born to the Phaedos Tribes Obi-Wan is" Yoda replied, "able to give birth, the Phaedos men are; Obi-Wan is no exception. Many Jedi Phaedos have produced; Obi-Wan's fathers were no different".

"Who was Master Obi-Wan's fathers?"

"Zephryus Gallagher, one was" Yoda replied, "apprentice to Oistin Kenobi, Obi-Wan's second father. Apprentice Oistin was to me; happy for them I was when the Council learned of their Bond and saddened we were to hear their deaths". Anakin nodded, understanding. Anakin made to say more but was silenced when a Healer rushed in; Anakin recognized her to be Obi-Wan's friend, Bant Eerin.

"My apologies, Master Yoda, but I think you should see this" Bant said, handing over a data pad to the aging Master. Both Anakin and Yoda's eyes widened in surprise at the information that was just given to them.

"That is not possible" Anakin whispered, "I never . . . I couldn't have . . ."

"Explain this, you should" Yoda said, "understand we do not".

"You aren't the only ones" Bant said, rubbing at her temples. "The nearest we can figure is that Obi-Wan was artificially inseminated with Padawan Skywalker's genetic code. Whoever did this, we do not know or how they came across Padawan Skywalker's genetic code".

"Troubling this is" Yoda said.

"Is the baby alright?" Anakin inquired, "Obi-Wan was under the Sith lightening for a long time. Surely that didn't harm the baby".

"The baby is alright" Bant replied, "I think Obi-Wan had some knowledge of the life inside of him and used the Force to protect it from danger. It's a possible reason as to why he was so badly injured". Yoda tapped his cane on the floor attracting both Anakin and Bant's attention.

"To Phaedos, I send you and your master" Yoda said, "The Tribe of Maidin Gleann, help they will; Obi-Wan's tribe they are. More knowledgeable of male pregnancy they are then we. Inform the Council I shall but tell them not of this development, great harm it could do to Obi-Wan".

"I'll leave to prepare immediately" Anakin said, standing. He bowed to both Yoda and Bant; he hurried away, leaving Bant with Yoda.

"Prepare Obi-Wan for the journey but inform not the other Healers" Yoda said, "of this development. Tell them, to Phaedos I send them so Obi-Wan can heal away from the war". Bant nodded and bowed, hurrying away to do her part; Yoda rubbed his head again.

Darkness faded as Obi-Wan regained conciousness; he gazed around the small medical bay what looked to be a small freighter ship. A series of beeps alerted Obi-Wan to a presence nearby; Artoo-Detoo rolled into the artifical light making several beeps. "Hold on, Artoo, I'm coming" came an familiar voice. Obi-Wan watched as his Padawan learner entered the medbay then lock eyes with him; "you're awake" Anakin breathed, relieved. The younger Jedi headed over to the bed that Obi-Wan rested upon and grasped his unbandaged hand. "How are you feeling?"

"Like I've been hit with a speeder a few hundred times" Obi-Wan admitted, "are we heading back to Coruscant?" Anakin shook his head.

"We're five days away from Coruscant" Anakin replied, "we were planetside for almost three days before I received orders from Master Yoda to bring you to Phaedos to the Tribe of Mai-din Gle-ann".

"It's Maidin Gleann, Anakin" Obi-Wan replied, "or it's translation as Morning Valley. And please, try not to butch my native tongue". Anakin smiled; if Obi-Wan could chastise him for something as trivial as his prouncation of other languages then he would be alright. Obi-Wan looked up at his apprentice, with inquiring eyes; "there's something else, isn't there".

"Yes" Anakin said, softly.

"Anakin, what is it?" Obi-Wan asked, trying to prop himself up but Anakin carefully and gently pushed him back down.

"The Healers . . . Healer Eerin discovered something" Anakin replied, "you are with child, Master". Obi-Wan would have fell down if he hadn't been lying down; he was pregnant? How? He never had a relationship with someone, he followed the Code. "You were artifically inseminated but we don't know by who or when it happened. Healer Eerin believes you are at least a month along". Obi-Wan reached down and touched his stomach; he had always known about the possibility to carry a child to term but it was very dangerous even for him being of the Phaedos Tribes.

"Could they --- Who is the other father?" Obi-Wan inquired, softly.

"I am" Anakin said, equally as softly. "We don't know how my genetic code was acquire but it was and now . . ." Obi-Wan noticed how heart-broken his Padawan was; Obi-Wan lifted his good hand and moved to Anakin's neck and gently pulled the younger Jedi to rest on his shoulder. Anakin clutched tightly to Obi-Wan's tunic; the reality of everything came crashing down and Anakin sobbed into his Master's tunic. "I'm sorry, I am so sorry".

"None of this is your fault, Anakin" Obi-Wan replied. Anakin pulled back, guilt evident in his ice blue eyes.

"It's because of my damn impatience that got you injured" Anakin protested. He whirled around and slammed his fist into the wall; Obi-Wan forced himself to sit up and off the bed. His arms wrapped around his Padawan and pulled him away from the wall, attempting to stop him from doing any damange to himself.

"Anakin, stop" Obi-Wan pleaded, "you'll only hurt yourself . . . Anakin!" The younger Jedi pulled away from Obi-Wan. Artoo gave a series of low and mournful beeps; he gentle bumped into Obi-Wan's legs. The ginger-haired Jedi placed his good hand on Artoo's dome; man and droid watched Anakin remove himself from the medbay. Obi-Wan sighed and ran a hand through his ginger-color hair; Artoo gave a series of beeps and whistles.

"I don't know, Artoo" Obi-Wan replied, "I think Anakin is having a hard time dealing with this". Artoo whistled and moved off to follow the younger Jedi when Obi-Wan stopped him; "I think it's best if we leave him alone for a little while, Artoo. To give him time to think". Artoo looked at the door and gave a whistle; "I know, Artoo, I don't like it either".

Anakin gazed at the bright green and blue planet that appeared before them as Anakin pulled the spacecraft from hyper-space. "Phaedos" came a quiet voice behind him; Anakin looked up to see Obi-Wan leaning in the doorway. He jumped to his feet.

"What are you doing up, you should be resting" Anakin said, he guided Obi-Wan to the co-pilot seat and made the older Jedi sit down. "How are you feeling, any pain?"

"Only in my left arm" Obi-Wan admitted, "but that can be expected. I read Bant's report on my injuries. My injuries aren't that bad that we need to go to Phaedos, even if the Tribal Healers are far more knowledgeable of Male pregnancies then most".

"Master, there's been something that I've been wondering" Anakin said, looking up from the instrument panel. Obi-Wan looked at his apprentice; "how is it possible that the men of Phaedos are able to reproduce? I've heard of certain alien races that are able to reproduce but from what I've read about Phaedos, the tribes are all human".

"That isn't entirely correct" Obi-Wan replied, "we are aliens but we just look like humans. As to why, it's because of Phaedos' sun, Grian, which has altered the peoples of Phaedos on a genetic level". Obi-Wan leaned back and rubbed at his beard; "perhaps I should give you a little insight to my people before we head to Maidin-ardu Gleann".

"Wonderful, I'm away from the temple and I'm still going to get lessons" Anakin muttered, sounding much like the Padawan that Obi-Wan adored. The older Jedi smiled and looked away. "I'll put her in orbit, so you can have my undivided attention".

"No need for sarcasm, Padawan" Obi-Wan rebuked, gently but smiled anyways. He watched Anakin fiddle with the instrument panel before returning his attention to Obi-Wan; "Anakin, there is one thing that you must know about Phaedos and its people" Obi-Wan started off, "we are a very secretive people and don't like intruders very much".

"So, you're xenophobic?"

"Not entirely" Obi-Wan said, "we deal with a great number races and have a every good relationship with the Jedi Order. But we can be xenophobic on a certain level, I suppose". Obi-Wan rubbed at his beard again and sighed; "Phaedos was discovered by the Ancient Jedi, who ironically, intermarried with the already Force-sensitive Tribes native to the planet. How the Ancient Tribes came to be there, is entirely unknown".

"How many tribes are there?"

"Fifteen Tribes to Five Provinces" Obi-Wan explained. "The population is very limited and each tribe refuses to have the Republic attempt to colonize the planet. Phaedos has one of the most diverse climates known to the Republic; each tribe is well-adapted to their home province. Might be an explaination as to why the Phaedos men are able reproduce".

"Are there women?"

"Yes, but they are not as plentiful as one would suspect" Obi-Wan admitted, "for every five males born there is only one female. Another possible reason as to why men can reproduce".

"What of the tribes? What are their names?" Anakin inquired, he was very interested in his Master's Native planet and its people. Obi-Wan smiled at his Padawan's eagerness to acquire information.

"As before there are fifteen Tribes, each bearing a Chieftain, a War Chief and a Medicine Man" Obi-Wan replied, "above those three are the High Chieftain, the High Chieftain of War and the Holy Man. These men are elected after a fifty year reign-----".

"Fifty year reign?" Anakin echoed.

"The Tribes of Phaedos are a little long-lived then most would think" Obi-Wan said. Anakin had a feeling that Obi-Wan was being entirely truthful; he gave his Master a pointed look, indicating he wanted the truth. "Master Yoda has nothing against some of our oldest Tribal Members".

"But Master Yoda is over eight hundred years old" Anakin protested.

"My grandfather is well over a thousand" Obi-Wan replied, "and he doesn't look a day over fifty years. My parents were well into their nineties before they concieved me". Anakin gapped shocked at his Master then looking more closely at him.

"How old are you, exactly?" Anakin inquired.

"Thirty-five" Obi-Wan said truthfully, "but you will probably notice that I haven't aged a day in ten years since you've become my Padawan learner". Anakin had noticed that as he grew older, Obi-Wan didn't though he didn try to perceive the fact that he was growing older. "To many of the Elders, I still very much a child; of course I'm the only son born in the last hundred years. Well, I was the only son born in the last hundred years". Anakin noticed Obi-Wan's hand trail along his stomach; "anyway, where was I?"

"You were describing the High Chieftain and his cohorts" Anakin replied.

"Anakin" Obi-Wan rebuked, "yes, after a fifty year reign, a new Triad would be elected. Only the High Chieftain of War has changed over the years; my grandfather has held High Chieftain for the last three hundred years as his brother has held the Holy Man for the last two hundred and fifty".

"So, you're royalty?" Anakin asked.

"Yes" Obi-Wan replied, "I am though sometimes I wish I wasn't". Anakin noticed the sad gleam in Obi-Wan eyes; "now, as I said there are fifteen tribes, three to each of the five provinces. The Provinces are Greine, Uru, Talamh, Cnoc and Sneachta or translated as Sunlight, Eclipse, Earth, Mountain and Snow. Greine is nothing but Valleys and Hills, covered in lush jungle forests; Uru is located on the other side of the planet which is usually in totally darkness, it really nothing but plains and desert lands". Obi-Wan shifted in his seat, bringing his arm closer to his stomach; "Talamh is full of forests and plains . . . anything that you think of linked to Earth. Cnoc is just as it's says, it's a mountainous province with the Tribes living in caves; Sneachta is located at the top of the planet and is covered in snow seven months out of the year". Anakin nodded, understanding; "Greine has the Maidin Gleann Tribe as well as the ag Arud Banu and Solas dar Maidin Tribes".


"ag Arud Banu is translated as Rising Dawn and Solas dar Maidin is translated as Light of Morning" Obi-Wan replied. "Uru Province has Corran Gealach, or Crescent Moon, Solas na Gaelai – Moonlight and Oriche Rothai, Night Rider. Talamh has Damhsa Duille – Dancing Leaf; Gorm Crann – Blue Tree and Saileach – Willow. Cnoc has Maidin Realta – Morning Star; Sceimhiul Eiri – Sunrise Peak and Storim Thoirni Rothai—Storm Rider. Sneachta has Calog Shneachta – Snowflake; Leac Oighir – Ice and Sneachta Blath – Snow Flower".

"That's tongue-twisting" Anakin said, after trying to pronounce some of the Tribal names. "What is the native language called?"

"Gaelige na hAlban" Obi-Wan replied, smiling as Anakin tried to twist his mouth to pronounce. "It's pretty hard language to learn if you aren't a born Eireannach".

"A what now?" Anakin said.

"Eireannach" Obi-Wan replied, "it's what the people are called. The Tribes of Phaedos are what off-worlders call us".

"Okay" Anakin said.

"You don't understand, do you?"


"I didn't think so".

High Chieftain Odanodan Kenobi stood with several of his Honor Guard as they plus the Tribe of Maidin-ardu Gleann, Maidin Gleann, watched the silver ship settle into the clearing. On board was Odanodan's only grandchild, Obi-Wan; he really didn't understand why his young grandson was coming home to Phaedos when his Jedi Term was not even up yet. The Council hadn't been very clear about why Obi-Wan was coming home; well, Yoda was always cryptic . . .damnable troll. Odanodan smiled as his grandson exited the ship only to frown when he saw the boy's arm bandaged and in a sling. Not to mention the way the younger boy was pestering his grandson about being up and about. Odanodan walked forward, glaring at the Tribe to keep back; last thing he needed was to explain to Zaltana Gallagher and her bothersome mate why their grandson had been trampled to his death.

"Seanathair, dia daoibh" Obi-Wan greeted, giving the Chieftain a short bow even though he was his grandfather's heir. "Seo is mo printiseach, Anakin Skywalker".

"Hello" Anakin said, bowing. Odanodan looked the younger boy over with a critical eye before looking at his grandson; the usually vibrant life energy that Odanodan usually sensed off of Obi-Wan was there but something was off. Odanodan then sensed a smaller and more significant life energy emitting from his grandson. Odanodan knew immediately that his grandson was carrying a child and a powerful child at that. This Anakin Skywalker must be his grandson's mate as well as his Jedi apprentice.

"Se togradh coisir" Odanodan replied.

"Coisir?" Obi-Wan replied, confused. Anakin was watching Obi-Wan and the man that he called Seanathair – what ever that meant – exchange words that sounded very melodic.

"E is do Saol-Ceile, is e nach?" Odanodan questioned. The crowd seemed to go wild when that word was said.

"Saol-Ceile!" Obi-Wan exclaimed, "Seanathair, Anakin is nach mo Saol-Ceile! Anakin is mo Jedi printiseach agus e is cuig bliain mo soisear!"

"Do seanathair is triocha mo soisear" Odanodan replied, simply. He smiled as Obi-Wan blushed furiously; "no is si tu a is nach reidh eiligh eisean?"

"Anakin is daonna" Obi-Wan replied.

"Dairire?" Odanodan said. He peered at Anakin, who peered right back; Odanodan laughed and shook his head. "Se togradh coisir, mo leanbh; e toil dean a brea Saol-Ceile agus Maidin Gleann gaiscioch".

"Seanathair" Obi-Wan tried to protest but was shushed as the High Chieftain turned around to face the crowd.

"Me laithreach mo garmhac, Obi-Wan Kenobi, agus a Saol-Ceile agus Jedi printiseach, Anakin Skywalker" Odanodan annouced. The crowd roared and danced about, chattering wildly; Anakin leaned over to his master, who was staring at his boots.

"Master, what's going on?"

"The Tribe is happy that I have returned to them with a Life-Mate" Obi-Wan replied. Anakin nodded then looked at his Master, shocked.


Night had fallen over Maidin-ardu Gleann causing the Jungle village to look radiant in the dying light. Anakin leaned over the wooden railing of his and Obi-Wan's new home. It was built in this huge tree that housed Obi-Wan's family for centuries; Anakin listen to the children's laughter from the house and mixing into the natural sounds of the beautiful jungle. "You've been pretty silent since we've arrived in the village" Obi-wan's voice came, interrupting Anakin's thoughts; the younger Jedi turned to see Obi-Wan had changed from his Jedi garb to a loose fitting light green tunic with white trousers and low fitting boots. The tunic was embroidered with gold around the neck and on the sleaves. His arm was unbandaged but rested in the sling; Anakin could see the burns had gone and the skin was smoothed. Obi-Wan had also shave away his beard, revealing his immortal youth to his Padawan.

"Just thinking" Anakin replied, turning back to look at the city. Obi-Wan moved to his side; it was then that Anakin realized how much smaller Obi-Wan was compared to himself. The older man only came up to Anakin's shoulder; his ginger hair was growing out and would soon need to be pulled back into a ponytail to keep from getting into his exquisite blue-green eyes if he didn't cut the beautiful hair.

"I forgot how beautiful my home really is" Obi-Wan said, "it's been nearly twenty years since I've been home". Anakin looked toward his Master and noticed the sad gleam in his eye; "I'm glad I could show you". Obi-Wan looked over at Anakin and gave a gentle smile; the smile that always made Anakin's heart thud in his chest and his mouth go dry. It was the smile that Anakin liked to think belonged to only him for he had never seen that exact smile on Obi-Wan's face when he smiled at anyone else. Without thinking, Anakin leaned in and captured Obi-Wan's lips in a kiss; the older Jedi's eyes widened for a second before closing. Anakin moved his right hand behind Obi-Wan's neck, holding him in place; Obi-Wan suddenly came to his senses and pushed Anakin away from him.


"I can't" Obi-Wan said, "We can't". Anakin grasped Obi-Wan's arms, keeping the older Jedi from leaving.

"Yes, we can" Anakin said, "this is right, Obi-Wan. You know it's right".

"We can't do this Anakin" Obi-Wan protested, "no matter how much my heart wants it. It goes against the Code". Anakin gritted his teeth and internally swore behind his mental shields over that part of the Code then suddenly remembered what Master Yoda said about the growing bond between them.

"Your Fathers had something like we do" Anakin said, "Master Yoda knows this". Obi-Wan froze and with disbelieving eyes looked up at his apprentice.

"A Soul-Bond grows between us?" Obi-Wan replied.

"Is that what it's called? This bond between us?" Anakin said, cocking his head sideways like a curious child; Obi-Wan could not help but smile at his apprentice. Slowly, Obi-Wan lifted his good hand and trailed his fingers over Anakin's chiseled features.

"Don't you love Padme?" Obi-Wan asked, softly. Anakin took Obi-Wan's hand and pressed a kiss to the knuckles.

"I thought that if I could love her" Anakin explained, "then I could forget what I feel for you. But Padme saw through my attempt and I realized that I had a silly childhood crush that turned into a love for a true friend". Anakin wrapped an arm around Obi-Wan's waist and pulled the slighter man against him; "I love you, Obi-Wan, and nothing will change my heart". Obi-Wan blinked away tears; he never thought he could find love again after the death of his childhood sweetheart. He rested his head against Anakin's chest and listened to the steady beat of his heart.

"Please don't ever leave me" Obi-Wan ordered, quietly.

"I promise for as long as I'm able" Anakin promised, pressing a kiss to the ginger hair. The two Jedi held each other in the dying light, their promise sealed.

Seven months later . . .

Anakin woke in the darkness, unable to figure out what woke him. He could feel Obi-Wan still lying beside him; his back to his chest and their fingers entwined with one another. Anakin looked around in the darkness, but his eyes could find nothing; Obi-Wan mumbled and shifted closer to Anakin. The younger Jedi rested back down and rubbed his hand against Obi-Wan's large stomach; he nuzzled the back of Obi-Wan's neck before slidding from the bed and leaving the room but not before looking back at Obi-Wan. Shoulder length ginger hair was spread out on the pillow free from the day's restains; Anakin pushed his own long hair from his eyes and journeyed into the main room before heading onto the balcony and gazed at the peaceful village. In the seven months since they had been sent to Phaedos for Obi-Wan to recover and to have their child, Anakin had fallen in love with the planet and its people. Anakin jumped as he felt a hand rest on his arm; Obi-Wan appeared at his apprentice's side.

"Ani, is everything alright?" Obi-Wan inquired, he was dressed in a loose white tunic and baggy white pants.

"Yeah, I just woke up and couldn't back to sleep" Anakin replied, smiling. He pressed a kiss to Obi-Wan's tan forehead; he and Anakin had become an intricate part of the community. Anakin joined the Warriors in their daily outtings for food and in patroling their village while Obi-Wan taught and care for the young children of the Village. Anakin, always the quick study, had picked up on Obi-Wan's native language better when their Soul Bond had fully developed. The two had been announced, officially, as Life Mates after Obi-Wan insisted on having a official ceremony six months ago. Their "wedding" had lasted five days, tradition of Obi-Wan people; Anakin had been greeted with not only the Family members of the Maidin Gleann Tribe but with two Tribes from Talamh and Cnoc Provinces that were also of Obi-Wan's family.

"You know, Ani, we never did agree on the name for the baby" Obi-Wan said, he had rested his head against Anakin's muscular shoulder.

"Only you could think of that now" Anakin replied, kissing Obi-Wan's head. He moved them to the swing that he had installed for Obi-Wan and they sat down, watching the Sun peek over the Valley's guarding Hills. "Hmm, well, we don't know if it's going to be a boy or girl".

"I was thinking maybe if the baby is a she, we could name her Shmi" Obi-Wan said, quietly. "Though I don't think I'm having a girl".

"I like that" Anakin admitted, "and you could be having a girl. Your grandfather, Piran, as well as your Uncle, Onacona, did admit that it's a possibility". Obi-Wan shrugged but nestled closer to Anakin, who was rubbing the side of his large stomach. "How about Qui-Gon for a boy? He did have a large impact on both of our lives". Obi-Wan smiled at the thought of his deceased teacher and nodded. "Okay then, Shmi or Qui-Gon Kenobi-Skywalker it will be then".

"Amharc, Speir-Coisi! Nios mo Jedi" said one of the Warriors that Anakin was serving with on patrol. Anakin looked out of his tree that he was sitting and saw where his companion was pointing; he nearly fell out of the tree in shock. It was most of the Council; Anakin turned and looked at the others.

"Filleadh go an Sraidbhaile" Anakin ordered, "abair Taoiseach Odanodan dar seo. Me toil cas le an Jedi". The others nodded and disappeared into the Foliage of the large trees while Anakin jumped from the tree and landed with a catlike grace before the stunned members of the Council. "Masters" Anakin greeted, giving a short bow.

"Skywalker, where is your Master?" Mace Windu questioned, "we've come to confer with him". Anakin made to speak but was interrupted by someone dropping out of the trees.

"Speir-Coisi! Tar go tapa!" said the Warrior.

"Ceard is se, Hjalmar?" Anakin inquired, not bothered by the shocked looks of the Council save Yoda, who understood the language of the Phaedos tribes.

"Se is Prionsa Obi-Wan! E is i lui seoil!" said the Warrior, "Miochaine Fear Piran is crua tu!" Anakin spared a look at the council but Yoda waved him away.

"Go, take us to the Village this one shall" Yoda said, "have my congratulations you and Obi-Wan do". Anakin gave a bow and disappeared into the trees; Yoda poked at the warriors shin. "Tosach muid go an sraidbhaile".

"Sea! A mhaistir" said the warrior, he gave the Jedi a bow; "seo bealach, le do thoil". The warrior headed into the brush, Yoda following after him; the other masters looked at each other and headed after them.

Anakin winced as Obi-Wan gripped his hand tighter; his other arm was around Obi-Wan's shoulder helping the older Jedi to sit up partially. Obi-Wan gritted his teeth and swore colorfully in a language that Anakin didn't know and by the look on his grandparents, Anakin took it that Odanodan and Piran didn't know either.

"Bru, Obi-Wan, Bru!" Piran urged his grandson.

"Ceard coisir tu smaoinigh ta ndearna!" Obi-Wan yelled at his grandfather, glaring at the Medicine man. Piran paid no mind to what Obi-Wan was shouting at him; he was too busy concentrating on delivering the baby.

"Bru!" Piran ordered. Obi-Wan gritted his teeth and pushed with all his might and finally he felt the baby that had been growing within him slip free; Piran rested the newborn on Obi-Wan's chest as he and Obi-Wan toweled off the baby, who began to cry.

"Ciunas, babai, Daidi is anseo" Obi-Wan cooed.

"Se is buachaill" Piran said, proudly. Obi-Wan looked at Anakin, who was staring in awe at the child.

"I told you" Obi-Wan replied.

"Yeah, yeah" Anakin said, dismissively, "hi, Qui-Gon, it's me . . . your Daddy". Anakin caressed the baby's head, smiling. He leaned in and gave Obi-Wan a kiss; resting his head against the others. The couple stared at their newborn son, who was blinking big blue-green eyes curiously. "He's perfect".

Anakin and Obi-Wan listened to one of the Council members rant on and on about the code. Obi-Wan noticed that Anakin's eyebrow was twitching, a sign that the younger man was getting annoyed; Obi-Wan subtly took several steps to the side and behind. "Dun do damnaigh beal!" Anakin shouted; though none of the Jedi Masters could understand it was enough to shut the Council member up.

"Anakin, socraigh" Obi-Wan said, gently. Anakin closed his eyes and took several deep breaths, centering himself in the Force. Yoda gained a crafty smile on his face that sent shivers down Obi-Wan's spine when he noticed it; he was right ready to run away.

"Against the code, this is not" Yoda stated.

"They're married!" Master Hyuuga Jor growled.

"Forget Master Kenobi's species, you do" Yoda replied, "Forget that all Eireannach Jedi have Jedi terms to serve". Anakin looked over at Obi-Wan, who was busily looking at their son, who was strapped to his chest in a sling; "loyal to the Jedi order, Obi-Wan is. Planned this the Force did".

"Would you kindly stop being so damn cryptic!" Master Enola Adamdh ordered, hotly.

"Feel it you cannot?" Yoda asked, "the bond that sings between them? The Soul-Bond that has strengthened?" That stopped the Masters, while Anakin tried his hardest not to laugh; Obi-Wan bit his lip but he was clearly amused. "Finished this discussion is; came here not to discuss this matter but another. Decided we have".

"Decided?" Obi-Wan echoed, "decided what, Master?"

"Concerning Padawan Skywalker's Trials" Mace replied. Anakin sucked in his breath; "We have decided that what happened on Genosis and what he has learned here will account for his trials. Congratulations, Knight". Anakin let out a whoop of joy and gathered Obi-Wan into his arms and spun around.

"Anakin!" Obi-Wan said, "put me down, this instant!" Anakin set Obi-Wan down but kissed the smaller man then danced around the hut that they had gathered in. He was estatic; his son had just been born and he was now a knight. Mace looked to Obi-Wan, who was shaking his head.

"You might want to catch him" Master Leilani Uuda said to Obi-Wan, who nodded. The older Jedi grabbed Anakin's tunic and stopped him.

"Anakin, if I have taught you anything it has to be manners and about proper behavior" Obi-Wan said, crossly. Anakin looked chastised and immediately bowed to the gathered Council.

"My apologies" Anakin said, "and my deepest thanks". Obi-Wan rolled his eyes but gave Anakin a kiss on his cheek.

"And we have decided to elect you, Obi-Wan, onto the Council". Obi-Wan choked and looked at the council shocked; it was quite the surprise, even Anakin was gapping like a fish until Obi-Wan reached over and shut his mouth. Obi-Wan, though never very vocal, was at odds with several aspects of the Code just like his Master. "Not only are you a Council member but you will be serving as our voice in the Senate".

"What!" Obi-Wan cried, "Masters, you know that Politics and I do not get along!" Anakin stifled a laugh and looked away but Obi-Wan glared at him.

"I'm agreeing with you" Anakin protested. Obi-wan rubbed at his forehead and was alerted to the whimpers of his son; Obi-Wan knew that the newborn was hungry.

"If you'll pardon me" Obi-Wan said, "I have a son to feed". Obi-Wan bowed and left the hut; Anakin looked to the Masters.

"Are you sure it's a good idea to have Obi-Wan as Ambassador to the Senate?" Anakin inquired. Yoda hmmed but nodded; Anakin stifled a groan but it was Master Enola Adamdh that voice Anakin's thoughts.

"I have a bad feeling about this".

Anakin, Mace and Yoda entered the hut to shouting. Anakin winced at the volumes of the shouts; it was Obi-Wan and his grandfather, and it sounded as though they were arguing.

"Aon, aon, aon!" Obi-Wan shouted, as Anakin peeked into the room with Mace and Yoda also peeking. Obi-Wan was glaring at his grandfather, while holding onto his son, who was watching the argument.

"An Treibh teipthe chrannchur tu!" Odanodan yelled, "tu togradh eirigh Seandoir do Phaedos". Obi-Wan glared and growled, glaring at his grandfather; Odanodan glared right back. Suddenly, Odanodan's eyes softened and he reached out caressing his grandson's cheek. "Obi-Wan, Me biodh mhaith tu------" Odanodan sighed and rubbed at his eyes.

"Seanathair?" Obi-Wan asked, quietly.

Anakin motioned for Mace and Yoda out and followed them out. "Well, that was unexpected" Anakin said, looking at the elder Jedi. "I better go off and do my night patrol; I'll see you later". Anakin bowed to them and headed away; Mace looked to Yoda, who looked up at the darker skinned Jedi.

"Is really the right thing to do?"

"Planned all of this the Force has" Yoda replied, "sense the darkness is lifting, I do".

Obi-Wan watched from his place on the swing as the sun set over the valley. He sighed and ran his fingers through his loose hair. "Something on your mind?" came a quiet voice; Obi-Wan looked up to see Anakin standing there. He was leaning against the open doorway, smiling at Obi-Wan.

"Just contemplating things" Obi-Wan replied. Anakin moved to the swing and sat down, wrapping his arm around the shoulders of the smaller Jedi. Obi-Wan rested his head against Anakin's shoulder.

"Obi, what ever you decide" Anakins said, "I'll support your decision. No matter what". Obi-Wan gave Anakin a smile and sigh; did he really want to step up the the task given to him? Did he want to fulfill what the Council and his grandfather had laid out for him?

"Ani, what do you think of me as a Senator?"

"You'll be a very good one" Anakin replied, "and I'm sure Padme will help you get into the swing of things. Why?"

"Grandfather wants me to become the Senator for Phaedos" Obi-Wan replied, "Senator Tor Bjarne wishes to retire and start a family. Grandfather believes that it's time that I owe up to my duties as a Prince; he believes that I am the perfect candidate for becoming Senator".

"I hate to say this, Obi, but I agree with your grandfather" Anakin replied, "I know you hate Politics and everything but you do understand them and you are one of the best negoitators that the Republic has to offer".

"I suppose" Obi-Wan replied, he gazed at the sunset.

"Look, no one can make this decision but you" Anakin replied, "just let the Force guide you. It's never been wrong before". Anakin pressed a kiss to Obi-Wan's ginger locks and stood; "I'm going to go check on Qui-Gon, alright?"

"Alright". Anakin moved into the Hut, lightening some candles as he went. Obi-Wan closed his eyes and let the Force encase him. He heard it's whisper in his ear and gave a slight nod; if that was what the Force was guiding him to do, then he shall do it.

Piran Kenobi watched his Life-Mate of many years stare out at the village, Odanodan rubbed the back of his neck and gave a sigh. "Something troubles you" Piran said, quietly. It was not very surprising that Piran and Odanodan spoke Basic when in the privacy of their own home; Piran wasn't born to the Eireannach Tribes but lived on Phaedos long enough for the sun to genetically alter him. Piran was born on Chandril and had been a son to the Emperors of old, only he had been taken as a Jedi and raised; Piran had met Odanodan when he was but an apprentice and was surprised to meet the master that had taught Yoda. When Odanodan's Jedi Term had been served, Odanodan had left to return home, ready to become Chief of his Tribe and Piran accompanied him. Ninety years ago, Piran had given birth to their only son, Oistin.

"It is Obi-Wan" Odanodan replied in an accented voice. After a thousand years of knowning basic, Odanodan's voice still had that lilting accent that still sent shivers down Piran's spine. The smaller man wrapped his arms around Odanodan's waist and rested his head against the strong shoulder. "Why doesn't he understand that becoming a Senator is a good thing? It will help him when he ready to become Chieftain".

"Oh, Beloved" Piran said, smiling. Odanodan looked over his shoulder at him; "Obi-Wan is someone that longs for a simple life. He could careless about the titles that are to become his when his elders leave their posts but he will be prepared to do what is necessary. Obi-Wan puts his happiness aside for the greater good". Odanodan made to speak but was silenced by a knock on the door. Both could feel that it was Obi-Wan on the other side. "Enter, Obi-Wan".

Timidly, Obi-Wan entered, fiddling at his hands. Piran smiled and gave his Life-Mate a kiss and left the room, not before giving his grandson a kiss as well. Obi-Wan looked at his grandfather with his blue-green eyes, a mixture of his parents' eyes. "Grandfather, I wanted ---- I wanted to apologize for the way that I acted earlier today" Obi-Wan began, "I guess you caught me surprised when you asked me to become Senator Bjarne's successor that I didn't know what to think". Obi-Wan looked at the scenery with a sigh; "I still don't know what to think. I don't like Politics and even though I'm considered one of the best negiotators that the Republic has to offer". Obi-Wan looked at his hands, fiddling with them; "but I am prepared to do what you have asked of me". Odanodan reached out and took Obi-Wan's hands.

"Child, I want nothing more then for you to be happy" Odanodan replied, "but you were born a Prince, and you must accept the roles set out for you. Even if we both do not like them". Obi-Wan nodded and Odanodan leaned in pressing a kiss to his grandson's forehead; "you will do fine as the new Senator. I the utmost confindance in you".

Obi-Wan smiled, slightly, and gazed up at his grandfather. "I will do my best".

Two Months Later . . . .

Obi-Wan looked at himself in the bedroom mirror that adorned one of the walls in his and Anakin's bedroom of the Senatorial apartments that Obi-Wan was given upon receiving his title. Obi-Wan was dressed in rather rich clothes that accented his immortal beauty rather well. A long teal green tunic with a high color under a black sleeveless robe with cream pants and black boots. There was gold trim on his tunic and the robe; a gold circlet rested upon his brow and blended nicely into his hair, which was pulled into a ponytail and hung over his shoulder. The circlet symbolized his status of Prince to those that knew of his heritage but to others it was his mantel of Senator.

"You look very beautiful, Obi-Wan" said Anakin, leaning in the doorway. He was dressed in his dark Jedi robes. The Eireannach Jedi hmmed and made to straighten his already straight collar until Anakin grasped his hands. "Stop, you're only making yourself worse". Obi-Wan looked up at his Life-Mate with a smile.

"You're right" Obi-Wan conceeded, "never thought that I would be nervous. I've handled Politicans before; I just never thought I become one myself". Anakin smiled and leaned in, kissing Obi-Wan gently.

"Ani? Obi?" came a soft and gentle voice. Senator Padme Amidala entered the bedroom; "Ani ---- Oops!" Padme smiled and backed out. "Warn me the next time that you two want some private time". Anakin laughed while Obi-Wan turned a healthy shade of red; Anakin pulled the smaller Jedi into his arms and pressed a kiss to Obi-Wan's smooth cheek. Padme cooed at the sight; she loved how her two dearest friends had found love and not only that had the most adorable son in the galaxy. "Alright, enough, stop man-handling the new Senator!" Padme ordered, and managed to pry Obi-Wan from Anakin's grip. The youngest member of the trio plopped on to the large bed and gazed up at Padme and Obi-Wan; Padme was fixing Obi-Wan's collar. She stepped and surveyed the elder and gave a fake sob. "It seems only yesterday that you were just a wee Jedi Padawan and now you're a big bad Jedi Knight and Senator" Padme said, pretending to wipe a tear from her eye. Obi-Wan looked at his laughing Life-Mate, annoyed.

"She was perfectedly innocent" Obi-Wan said, pointing a finger at the blonde; "you've corrupted her". Before the newly Knighted Jedi Knight could retort, a cry arose; Obi-Wan excused himself and he disappeared, heading to his son's nursery. Padme walked over and sat down on the bed and looked at her friend.

"So much has changed" Padme said, quietly.

"I know" Anakin replied, propping himself up on his elbows. "I mean, who would have thought that I and Obi-Wan would be Life-Mates and not to mention have a baby together. Though it is a nice change". Padme nodded, smiling; "so, anyone up your alley that you're scooping out now that the two most eligible bachelors in the galaxy are gone?"

"Alika Organa" Padme replied.

"Senator Organa's younger brother, right?" Anakin inquired, "I think I met him. He's a good man". Padme nodded, smiling; Obi-Wan entered the bedroom, carrying two-month-old Qui-Gon against his chest. The baby was sucking on a bottle that Obi-Wan had prepared for him; Anakin got off the bed and accepted the baby into his arms, cradling him in his arms. Qui-Gon looked up at his father, his exquisite blue-green eyes shone with love and joy.

"Ah, he is so cute" Padme cooed, she leaned over Anakin's shoulder and wiggled her finger at Qui-Gon. "Makes me want one".

"Feel welcome to babysit ours anytime" Obi-Wan replied, "I could use a full night's sleep. Padme, I believe it's time for the ceremony". Padme nodded and took Obi-Wan's arm; Obi-Wan's assembled Honor guard stood waiting. Five of the ten Warriors would be accompanying Obi-Wan while five would stay behind to aide Anakin. Obi-Wan turned and gave Anakin a smile; the younger Jedi leaned in a kissed Obi-Wan.

"I'll see you later tonight" Anakin said, smiling. "Have fun! Don't kill any Senators!" Obi-Wan glared at his Mate as he left the apartments.

Obi-Wan sat beside Seantor Bjarne with his Honor guard seated behind him. Bjarne left his Honor Guard at his apartments with his soon to be Mate, Leif. "The Chair recognizes the Senator of Phaedos" Palpatine said. The floater moved forward, and a light shone down on them. Bjarne stood up, ready to address the Senate.

"Honorable Senators and Delegates" Bjarne began, "Your Excellency, as you all know I have resigned my position as Senator of my beloved homeworld, Phaedos. In my stead, you shall receive one of Phaedos' greatest treasures. May I introduce to you all, new Senator of Phaedos and the Jedi Representive, Obi-Wan Kenobi". Obi-Wan stood as clapping resounded around the antechamber.

"I am honored to be amongst you all" Obi-Wan said, his voice carrying around around the chamber. "I hope and pray that the Force shall guide my actions in way that will benefit not only myself but all of you as well". Obi-Wan bowed his head a little and sat down; Bjarne patted Obi-Wan's knee.

"We, the chair, recognize Master Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Jedi Order as our new Senator of Phaedos and Jedi Representative to the Republican Senate" Palpatine said, smiling. "May you be with us for a very long time".

Obi-Wan stood with Padme, Bjarne and Senator Bail Organa and his younger brother, Akila, during the Banquet held in Obi-Wan's honor. Obi-Wan tried to keep up with the conversation but he couldn't help but feel something wasn't right; "Obi? Is everything alright?" Padme asked, touching the Jedi's arm.

"Yes, yes, of course" Obi-Wan replied, "I'm going to go out on the balcony to get some fresh air, alright?" Padme nodded and Obi-Wan moved out of the Balcony breathing in the night air. Obi-Wan rubbed at his eyes; what was it that was bothering him. Suddenly, the Force was screaming at him; Obi-Wan jerked out of his thoughts just as the balcony shook underneath him. Obi-Wan grasped the balcony to prevent from falling; inside he could here Senators screaming. Obi-Wan stood and raced inside, his lightsaber blazing; he maybe a Senator but he was still a Jedi and he would the duty that was required of him as a Jedi. Battle Droids were everywhere, firing blasters; Obi-Wan leap to a defenseless Senator's aid and sliced the Droid in two. His Honor Guard were protecting Padme and several other Senators from harm; the Chancellor was being very well protected by his Red Guard. Obi-Wan deflected several blaster bolts back toward the droids that fired them. Obi-Wan felt several Force presences, noting that his mate was among them.

Obi-Wan whirled around, his lightsaber clashing against the lightsaber of Count Dooku. "Dooku!" Obi-Wan hissed, angrily; he still hadn't forgotten what the Count had done to him and to Anakin.

"My Dear Obi-Wan Kenobi" Dooku said, smiling. He lashed out but Obi-Wan parried; Anakin and several Jedi burst into the room, among them were three council members. Dooku gave Anakin a sideways glance then turned to Obi-Wan, who regard him warily. Dooku lashed out, unexpectedly, catching Obi-Wan in the arm and grabbed him pulling the smaller Force-user to him, placing his blade under his chin. Anakin stopped and growled; he had rushed to his Mate's side backed by Mace Windu but both the Councillor and Knight didn't want to put Obi-Wan into any danger. "I shall be leaving and Master Kenobi shall becoming with me" Dooku said, smiling sadistically. He moved off dragging Obi-Wan behind him; Blue-green met blue.

Obi-Wan fought against Dooku but the elder Force-sensitive had the upper hand against Obi-Wan. They reached Dooku's sppeder but Obi-Wan had no intention of going with Dooku; he lashed out catching Dooku in his knee. This effectively released him; Obi-Wan, knowing that he was no match for Dooku, turned and ran but was tackled as Dooku caught him. The two grappled but Obi-Wan was underneath Dooku, as the man choked the life from him; Obi-Wan grasped Dooku's arms trying to remove his hands from his neck but his vision was graying and he grip was loosening. "It will be with great pleasure that I end your life" Dooku said, "Master Sidious will be very happy". A resolve hardened in Obi-Wan and he dredge up as much connection to the Force as he could then threw Dooku away from him. Dooku landed with a slam against his speeder, Obi-Wan coughed and rolled onto his side, rubbing his neck.

"Having trouble, Count?" came a voice. Obi-Wan looked up at the strange creature that stood behind him; it looked at him with very real eyes and it looked to have a brain but it was all machine.

"Cyborg" Obi-Wan whispered, shocked. He had heard that beings such as this existed but he never thought the rumors were actually true; the Cyborg reached down and grabbed Obi-Wan's arm and dragged him up. Obi-Wan heard a shout and looked to see Anakin running toward him; that's when he felt something pressed against his shoulder and pain spreading through his body. Obi-Wan looked down to see a Lightsaber pressed against his shoulder and a red blade passing through his shoulder. He was released and he slid to the ground; the Cryborg entered the speeder of Dooku's and the two disappeared into the Coruscanti sky. Anakin dropped to his knees and propped Obi-Wan up on his arm; Obi-Wan gazed up at his Mate, he felt darkness creeping on his vision.

"Stay with me, Obi" said Anakin, "come on, Muirnin, stay with me". Obi-Wan's right hand grasped Anakin's hand; he squeezed it tightly, hoping that he would stay awake. He heard sounds behind him, he looked over his shoulder seeing Mace and several others running towards him; amongst them was Padme along with Chancellor. Padme gasped as did the Chancellor. One of Obi-Wan's Honor Guard knelt at his Lord's side; this Guard had been trained in the Medical Arts of the Phaedos. Anakin looked at the Eireannach; "Dahy?"

"The damage is deep" replied the Guard, "he needs proper medical attention". Anakin slid his arm under Obi-Wan's knees and hoisted the smaller man up.

"Alert the Temple that we are coming in with an injured party" Mace ordered to one of the Knights. She nodded and immediately contacted the Temple Healers.

"Healer Eerin is going to love this" Anakin muttered under his breath.

Anakin looked up as Bant Eerin entered the Waiting room where he and several others were waiting. "Obi-Wan, is he alright?" Anakin inquired.

"He's going to be okay" Bant replied, "we didn't have to amputate his arm, thank the Force, but he will need strict physio-therapy". Anakin slid down in his seat, Padme squeezed his hand. Chancellor Palpatine looked at the Mace and Yoda.

"I am so very sorry for all of this" Palpatine apologized. "I should have had more security around the Banquet".

"You couldn't have known, Chancellor" Mace said, "though I do recommend increased security around the Senate and other places of importance". The Supreme Chancellor nodded then looked at Anakin.

"I'm afraid I must be off, do give my apologies to Senator Kenobi".

Anakin nodded and watched as the Chancellor left; he rubbed the back of his neck uneasily. "You can go and see Obi-Wan now, Knight Skywalker" Bant said; Anakin stood, with Padme still holding onto his hand. The two walked up the white hallway to Obi-Wan's room; Anakin entered first with Padme just behind. Anakin felt as if he had stepped back in time to nine months ago when Obi-Wan had been in the ICU with burns caused by Sith Lightening. Obi-Wan's injuired shoulder was covered with thick white bandages; Anakin stepped up to the bed and grasped Obi-Wan's hand, then sat in the chair. Padme stood behind him, her hands resting on his shoulders. They watched in silence as Obi-Wan's chest rose and fell, softly. Anakin rubbed at his eyes then looked at his Life-Mate with conviction; Dooku was going to pay for the crimes that he had committed.

That he promised.



Seanathair, dia daoigh – Grandfather, Hello

Seo is mo printiseach – This is my apprentice

Se togradh coisir – He will do

Coisir – Do

E is do Saol-Ceile, is e nach – He is your life-mate, is he not

Saol-Ceile – Life-Mate

Seanthair, Anakin is nach mo Saol-Ceile – Grandfather, Anakin is not my Life-Mate

Anakin is mo Jedi printiseach agus e is cuig bliain mo soisear – Anakin is my Jedi Apprentice and he is fifteen years my junior

Do seanathair is triocha bliain mo soisear – your grandfather is thirty years my junior

No is si tu a is nach reidh eiligh eisean – or is it you who is not ready to claim him.

Anakin is daonna – Anakin is human

Dairire – Really

Se togradh coisir, mo leanbh – He will do, my child

E toil dean a brea Saol-Ceile agus Maidin Gleann gaiscioch – He will make a fine Life-mate and Maidin Gleann warrior

Seanathair – Grandfather

Me laithreach mo gramhac, Obi-Wan Kenobi, agus a Saol-Ceile agus Jedi printiseach – I present my grandson, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and his Life-Mate and Jedi Apprentice

Amharc, Speir-Coisi! Nios mo Jedi – Look, Skywalker! More Jedi

Filleadh go an Sraidbhaile – Return to the Village

Abair Taoiseach Odanodan dar seo. Me toil cas le an Jedi – Tell Chief Odanodan of this. I will meet the Jedi

Speir-Coisi! Tar go tapa – Skywalker! Come quickly

Ceard is se, Hjalmar – What si it, Hjalmar

Se is Prionsa Obi-Wan! E is i lui seoil – It is Prince Obi-Wan! He is in labour!

Miochaine Fear Piran is crua you! – Medicine Man Piran is demanding you!

Tosach muid go an sraidbhaile – lead us to the village

Sea! A mhaistir – Yes! Sir

Seo bealac, le deo thoil – this way, please

Bru, Obi-Wan, Bru – Push, Obi-Wan, Push

Ceard coisir tu smaoinigh ta dnearna – What do you think I'm doing

Bru – Push

Ciunas, babai, Daidi is anseo – Hush, baby, Daddy is here

Se is buachaill -- he is boy

Dun do damnaigh beal – shut your damn mouth

Anakin, Socraigh – Anakin, calm down

Aon – No

An Treibh teipthe chrannchur tu – the Tribe has chosen you

Tu togradh eirigh Seandoir do Phaedos – You will become Senator of Phaedos

Obi-Wan, Me biodh mhaith tu – Obi-Wan, I don't want you

Muirnin -- Sweetheart