If you're not Deadly Serenade and you came in here, I applaud you. Seriously, I do. Okay, I'm sure everyone reaction to this was OO; what in the hell? And you would be right to have such a reaction. This is how this particular fic was conceived:

On the way back from Otakon to my house is a seven hour drive, 1:30 to 8:30 no breaks, no stops just... Maryland to Ohio non stop. Now, I was jotting down ideas in my notebook for "Mind of a Child" and my little brother started annoying me... like non stop so I turned up my music which happened to be Sailor Moon music full blast to drown him out. My little deranged mind actually took the two things and combined them, why I don't know. But when I told DS she immediately latched onto it and agreed to be my body guard. Now what kind of Neko am I to refuse that? Besides, DS deserves a little something :3

So, no flames, I warned you, all of you know my crack fics better then me anyways. And if you're really that interested or just wondering what the hell I was on go ahead and read.


Netto let his head fall on the table with a muffled thump sound that echoed on either side of him where Enzan and Laika sat. "Why are we here?" he asked. "What on earth is this achieving?"

"We're here because we were told to be here," Laika said coolly.

"They're arguing about absolutely nothing. And they've been arguing about absolutely nothing for about three hours. Nothing is happening and we are sitting here watching them argue," Netto hissed.

"It's a conference," Enzan said simply. "That's what conferences are for."

"To argue for hours about nothing?" Netto asked while they watched the men at the front of the table get into yet another shouting match.

"Pretty much," Enzan said dully.

Netto groaned and almost put his head in his arms but he was held up by Enzan. "Don't, we're on thin ice as it is."

"Because we're kids," Netto said simply.

"So, don't act like a kid," Enzan retorted.

"Just a few more hours, Netto-kun," Rockman said quietly.

"Or years," Netto muttered.

Enzan and Laika both sighed but they knew their friend was right. Being called to an international Net Savior conference in Tokyo of all places was one thing but being called there and not being able to say anything just because of their age was another matter entirely.

"Just a few more hours," Enzan murmured.

"Right," Laika said.


Netto stretched out in the sunlight outside of the conference building. "There is no way in hell I'm going back there for a whole week," he muttered.

"Its part of being a Net Savior," Laika reminded him.

"Um, no. Being a Net Savior means protecting people, keeping the internet society safe and keeping evil people and things from taking over the world. Not sitting on my ass for a week and listening to a bunch of old guys argue about nothing," Netto said huffily.

"He has a point," Enzan said. "But it doesn't matter, because kids are kids, Net Saviors are Net Saviors and we're here on demand not will."

"I know, I know," Netto said, "But still…"

"Yeah, that wasn't exactly a walk in the park there," Rockman agreed as the humans started to walk down the sidewalk.

Netto yawned, "Well, we've got a few hours before bedtime, can we do something please?" he asked.

"Sure," Enzan and Laika agreed who in truth didn't want to be cooped up in a hotel room anymore then Netto did.

They walked down the busy streets for a few minutes when an open area caught Netto's eye. "Want to go down there?" he asked pointing to the open patio.

"Sure," Enzan said and Laika just shrugged. Netto grinned and walked down the steps quickly claiming an empty table for themselves.

"Netto-kun, there's karaoke up there," Rockman said while pointing up at the small stage that over looked the open area.

"Great," Enzan said in a quiet sarcastic voice.

"But there's ice cream," Netto said happily. "And it's close to the hotel," he added.

Laika nodded and sat down at the table Netto had saved. "He's right, it's not like we can exactly go very far away from here. Manabe told us to…" he started but Netto cut him off in a very good impression of Manabe.

"Stay close to the hotel and make sure that you boys are in before ten pm," he said. "Right, because we obviously can't take care of ourselves."

"Netto-kun, that's not fair, she's in charge of three teenage boys, and no matter how well she knows you three it's not like she's going to be lax about it," Rockman said.

Netto shrugged, "Yeah, yeah."

Around that time a tall, teenage girl with long blond hair that fell past her waist went up to the small karaoke set up. "Oh great," Enzan muttered.

"Be nice," Netto said, "She might be good."

The girl waved out to the twenty or so people lounging around in the open area. "Hello everyone! My name is Minako Aiko, glad you're all here!" she said in a peppy voice. Her little speech got quite a few cheers and a general spatter of applause that rippled through the crowd suggested that she went there frequently and was a relatively popular singer. "So, let's get this started!" she cheered and everyone followed suit.

"She knows how to work a crowd at least," Rockman said.

"This looks like fun," Netto said in answer to Rockman's comment.

Fast music started to play and Minako started to sing. In truth her voice was very good and she started to dance and play around on the stage to get the small crowd at her feet to grow bigger. "She's good," Netto said elbowing Enzan. "See, karaoke isn't all bad."

Enzan rolled his eyes but didn't reply.

"Hey Laika," Netto said, trying to get the older Net Savior's attention.

"Yes?" Laika asked.

"Will you go get some ice cream?" Netto asked while holding out his zenny card.

"Why can't you get it?" Laika asked.

"Because I want to listen to the karaoke, please?" Netto asked while looking at Laika with a big eyes expression he had learned a few weeks before that Laika couldn't resist.

Laika sighed and took the card, "Fine," he muttered.

"Chocolate please!" Netto said cheerfully.

"All right," Laika said, then he glanced at Enzan. "Do you want anything?" he asked him.

"Vanilla," Enzan said dully while holding his zenny card between two fingers.

Laika took that too and walked away to the ice cream stand on the other side of the stage.

"She's really good," Netto said after the song ended.

Rockman started applauding from inside his PET, "Yeah, that was fun."

Another girl went up on stage. She had long black hair and sharp blue eyes. "Hey!" she yelled out. The crowd began to cheer again and Netto once again got the impression that she too was a regular at this area. She didn't introduce herself like the last girl and just waited for the music to begin before she started to sing. She was also a good singer but not as good a performer as the girl before her.

About halfway into the song a half grown kitten jumped on their table and began to meow loudly, practically demanding their attention. Netto and Enzan both looked at it and saw that it was a Siamese with a small star shaped bald spot in the center of its forehead. "Cute," Netto said.

Enzan reached out to touch it but it merely turned around and walked away until it was out of Enzan's reach. Then it turned around, faced Enzan and stared at him with a small smirk on its face. Netto laughed behind his hand, "It acts just like Laika," he said in amusement.

On his way back over to the table carrying three ice cream cones Laika sneezed.

"I wonder who it belongs to," Enzan murmured. "It looks to well kept to be a stray."

Netto frowned and held out his hand for the cat to smell. After a few second the pushed its head against his hand and Netto started to PET it. Enzan felt a little put out, "It goes to you just fine," he muttered.

"It is just like Laika," Rockman whispered so only Netto could hear.

Almost all the way back to his table Laika felt the urge to sneeze again.

"Laika-san?" Searchman asked.

"I'm fine," Laika said and made it all the way back to the table. "Here," he said handing Netto and Enzan their ice cream cones and zenny cards.

"Thank you!" Netto said brightly as he took his ice cream and card and immediately began to eat his ice cream.

"Thanks," Enzan said and did the same as Netto.

Laika sighed and sat down at the table and began to eat this own strawberry ice cream cone. He finally noticed the cat after it stared at him for a good minute or so. "What is that?" he asked.

"A cat," Netto said simply.

"Obviously," Laika said dryly. "I meant what is it doing here?"

Netto shrugged and the cat walked over to him and jumped on his head. "Netto, you have a cat on your head," Enzan said.

"I see that," Netto said while looking cross eyed up at the cat. "Who are you?" he asked it.

The cat yawned in response and merely put its head into its paws.

"It's cute," Rockman said while looking at the cat thought the screen on his PET.

"Yeah, if it doesn't belong to anyone, think mama would let us keep it?" Netto asked.

"Maybe," Rockman said.

"Hotel doesn't allow pets Netto," Enzan pointed out.

"Oh yeah," Netto's face fell. Then he shrugged, "Oh well," he said and began to lick his rapidly melting ice cream cone.


"Hm…" Luna frowned while looking over the small crowd that Minako managed to build by singing another song.

Artemis came over and sat down by Luna, "What's wrong?" he asked her quietly.

"Over there," Luna nodded at where a brown haired boy, a white and black haired boy and an aqua haired boy sitting at a table. The brown haired boy had a cat on his head and they were all eating ice cream and talking. All in all not a very unusual scene for that particular area.

"What is it?" Artemis asked.

"That cat," Luna said. "If I didn't know any better, I would think that cat was Nova but…"

Artemis frowned, "Luna, Nova died almost a thousand years ago."

Luna frowned, "I know, but still…"