Usagi ran to a window and looked inside, "There!" she pointed a several pieces of cake.

Netto looked in, "Wow, that looks great," he said.

Usagi nodded, "I know," she said. "It tastes great too."

Netto smiled and went inside with Enzan and Laika not far behind.

Netto sat at a table and set his PET on top while looking at the menu. "Wow… everything looks so good," he said.

Rockman shrugged, "I wouldn't know," he pointed out.

Netto laughed, "So, I can still say it."

Rockman giggled, "I guess," he admitted. "Which one are you going to get?"

Netto shrugged, "I don't know, I can't make up my mind."

"How about the one with the least sugar," Enzan suggested.

Netto glared at Enzan, "Ha ha," he said sarcastically.

Enzan shrugged, "It was just a suggestion."

Usagi and her friends looked over at the table where Enzan and Netto were now starting to bicker while Laika looked quietly on. "They're having fun," Michiru noted.

Usagi nodded and sipped on her orange soda. "Yeah, I can't believe that they're what Luna said they were."

"They aren't yet," Setsuna pointed out. "And we'll make sure it doesn't happen."

Usagi and her friends nodded, "Of course," Minako said.

Netto finally ordered a piece of chocolate lasagna cake while Enzan and Laika both ordered cheesecake and their navis chatted with them while they ate.

"They're all really good friends," Hotaru noted.

Rei nodded, "Well, from what they told us about their life styles, their lives depend on one another. One would hope they are friends."

Usagi nodded and took a huge bite of white cake, "Right!" she said with her mouth full of fluff and icing.

Netto skated backwards in front of Enzan and Laika outside of the cake shop. "Seeee, that wasn't so bad," he said with a grin.

Laika shook his head, "You fail to see why we didn't want to come," he pointed out.

Netto stopped suddenly, "Why didn't you want to come then?" he asked.

Enzan shook his head, "It doesn't really matter now, does it?"

"What doesn't?" Netto asked.

"Nothing," Enzan and Laika both said.

"What?" Netto prodded them. "Tell me."

Inside his PET, Rockman listened to Netto's small argument with Enzan and Laika and giggled silently.

Usagi found them and ran over, "Well, was it good?"

Netto turned around to face the blond, "Yeah!" he said. "It was really good."

Usagi grinned, "Didn't I tell you?" she said haughtily.

Netto nodded, "Do you know other places to go around here?" he asked.

"Netto, tell me," Enzan said. "Do you ever just want to relax?"

Netto shook his head, "Why?"

"No reason," Enzan replied.

"There's a really nice park about 10 blocks away from here," Usagi said. "There's a fun place to hang out and it has a lot of trees."

"Sounds fun," Rockman said.

"Yeah," Netto agreed.

Minako grinned, "All right! I can practice my dancing there," she said with a happy grin.

Amy pulled out a text book. Rei looked at it and frowned, "You're going to study?" she asked dubiously.

Amy blushed, "I have a test on Wednesday."

"You're already studying for the English test?" Minako and Usagi gasped.

"No time like the present!" Ami said brightly.

"Amazing," Usagi muttered.

Minako nodded, "Definitely."

Haruka laughed and Michiru hid a small smile behind her hand. "Well, I think we should go home," Haruka said. "See you later, dumpling hair."

Usagi looked a little annoyed at the use of her nickname but she decided to overlook it, "Bye Haruka, bye Michiru," she said waving.

Setsuna looked a Hotaru, "We'll take our leave as well," she said.

Makoto nodded, "All right," she said. "Bye."

"Bye," Hotaru said quietly.

Netto waved while Enzan and Laika really felt no inclination to say good bye to the people they barely knew.

When the four girls left Netto turned back to Usagi, "So, where is the park?"

"Over that way," Usagi said while pointing down the road.

"Maybe we should get back to the hotel," Blues said slowly.

"Awww…." Netto whined. "Come on, it sounds like fun."

Enzan shook his head, "We'll go," he said.

Netto grinned at Enzan and began to skate towards the park with Usagi inquiring him about his unique roller skates.

"Enzan-sama?" Blues asked.

Enzan rubbed his forehead, "He just had a huge slice of what was essentially chocolate. I am not going to be stuck in a hotel room with him for the next 12 hours without him burning some of that energy off."

Blues gave a half smile, "Yes, Enzan-sama."

The park was your average hang out place for after school. With a small grove of trees, a small play ground and a nice pic nic area it was a pleasant place to be at. Ami found a small table and sat at it to open her financial studies book. Enzan's curiosity got the better of him and he looked over her shoulder to see what she was studying. Once he saw the material he asked Ami about it and soon the two of them were debating about how the best way to run a company may have been at the time and how it would work out in the future.

Netto immediately ran over to the jungle gym and started to climb through the bars. Usagi and Minako immediately claimed the swings and began a race to see who could get the highest the fastest. Laika merely took to mediating and he was soon followed by Rei, although Laika gave no indication that he noticed.

After looking around for a few minutes Makoto decided to jump on third swing and quickly out stripped Usagi and Minako winning the race rather quickly while Netto laughed at the outcome from his perch on the bars.

"Netto-kun?" Rockman asked.

Netto flipped upside down, "Yeah?" he asked.

"It's almost 5," Rockman said quietly.

Netto frowned, "Just a little longer?" he asked.

Rockman smiled, "Sure. I was just pointing out the time," he said.

Netto nodded and climbed off the bars, "Worried about something?" he asked.

"No," Rockman said quickly.

/Really/ Netto pressed as he sat on a swing and kinda just stayed there for a bit.

/Well…/ Rockman admitted/I'm a little worried about what Nova said./

/That is…/ Netto said.

/About how you, Enzan-san and Laika-san are caught up in this whole 'Chosen' thing because you fought with that monster/ Rockman said.

Netto shrugged/Rockman, it's no worse then any of the other Net Mafias, or Forte, or anyone/ he said.

Rockman sighed/I know, but I still feel a little uneasy./

Netto smiled and pushed back in the dirt to let himself swing forward. /You're always uneasy/ Netto pointed out.

Rockman crossed his arms/And that's one reason you're still alive/ he pointed out.

Netto laughed out loud, he couldn't help it. /Touché/ he admitted.

Usagi looked at Netto with an odd expression on her face, "What's so funny?" she asked.

Netto shook his head, "Nothing," he said with a laugh and jumped off the swing.

Usagi smiled back and hopped off as well. She looked up to see the sun slowly sinking over behind the buildings. "Well, we should get going," she said.

Netto sighed, "Yeah… I guess…" he muttered.

Before anyone else could say anything however, there was a loud crash in the grove of trees and a high pitched scream.