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It was past eleven at night when Harry pushed the scattered bits of parchment off his desk as he began to write the required letter to Dumbledore. Since the beginning the break he was required to owl the Headmaster every two or three days to show he was okay and getting along. What Harry wasn't revealing in his letters was exactly how bad off he was. Ever since Sirus died, Harry made himself feel that he was the only one there was to blame. He was so angry with himself that, feeling he was deserving of no less, Harry began to bring pain upon himself with a very slight, wandless cutting spell. Harry had stumbled upon the fact that he was extremely proficent with wandless magic, and the Ministry of Magic must not be tracking wandless magic anymore.

"Don't worry Hedwig," he said softly to his snowy owl as he noticed the look she was giving him. "Everything is okay, and nobody has to worry about the hero of the wizarding world." Harry finished this last bit with bitterness within his voice. What Harry didn't notice that on the letter he was about to send off to Dumbledore, were a few imprints left on the bottom corner."Come here girl, let me attach this to you."

After sending Hedwig off to whereever the Headmaster spent his summer vacations, Harry collapsed onto his bed and drifted off into a fretful sleep filled with the images of the battle that took place in the Ministry just two weeks before, and with Sirus screaming at him that everything was his fault. The images in Harry's head screamed that if he would have never been born, none of this would have happened, and Harry had began to wonder if that was the truth.

Albus Dumbledore was sitting in his office fixing one of the silver gadgets that Harry had broken after returning from the Ministry. Albus didn't blame the boy for being as angry as he was, so he just set about working on this particular gadget. He didn't even look up from his work until a snowy white owl landed in front of him and hooted softly.

"Ah, hello Hedwig. I see you've brought along Harry's latest letter," Dumbledore said taking the roll of parchment from her leg. He gave the owl a treat as he began to read the letter Harry sent ;

Professor Dumbledore,

Everything is well and quiet. The Dursley's haven't said anything lately, and for a change they've allowed me to keep everything in my room.. I suppose that this letter will be enough for another three days. If any word comes in on Voldemort's plans, that I do not know already thanks to this bloody scar, I would like to be included in for a change, seeing as it's all me or nothing, since I'm the main weapon in this war.Good evening Headmaster.

Harry Potter.

Dumbledore could hear Harry's voice filled with bitterness and sarcasm as he read the letter. This didn't bother the headmaster since he knew it would take awhile to regain Harry's trust, but as he moved to place it beside him, he noticed about three imprints of a rustlike color along the bottom corner of the parchment. Upon a closer examination of these imprints, Dumbledore was shocked to see that it was blood. Running a hand through his silvery beard he turned his attention to the owl still perched on his desk, his thoughts churning in his head. With all that had taken place in the last three weeks, only one thought sprang to the front of his mind that could have caused the marks on the parchment.

"Hedwig," the Headmaster began a knot forming in his throat, " has Harry been hurting himself ?" Hedwig looked at Dumbledore and with a nod of her head and a soft hoot, she confirmed what Albus had been fearing. That Harry was hurting so much emotionally, that it became physical. Afraid that this behaviour could lead to others, Dumbledore stood up and disabled the wards around Privet Drive before apprating to Harry's bedroom.

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