Chapter One: Safety


Yup I know. Reposted, but hey... lol I accidently deleted this so I am sooooo sorry to everyone who was reading this before!

The couple in here is Yugi/Serenity... I just think they would be so cute together!

Meet Yugi, the golden child of Domino. Meet Serenity, Joey's
little sister, who recieves nightly beatings. Yugi and Serenity have
become really good friends, but they each harbor feelings more than a
simple friendship. How will the gang react and will they accept the new romance?

Yugi Moto jerks awake as lightening crawls across the night sky. He puts a hand over his racing heart and then jumps as he hears a faint knocking coming from downstairs. He looks at his clock and realizes it is only one o'clock in the morning. He tosses back his covers and turns on his lamp before getting up to walk downstairs. Yugi opens the door and a girl with red hair falls against his chest. He catches her as she shivers and he closes the door. Yugi leads her into the kitchen and sits her down in a chair. Her beautiful auburn hair is plastered to her head from the rain and her soothing hazel eyes look at Yugi gratefully, as he hands her a towel. Yugi goes to make some warm tea as he takes another quick look at the girl. Fading bruises cover her cheek and pale skin. Dark circles ring her eyes, even as the tell tale redness suggests she has been crying.

"Do you need to stay here again?" She nods as her eyes fill with tears again.

Yugi sits down across from her and she takes him in, a faint blush spreading across her cheeks. His spiky tri-colored hair is still messed up from his sleep, and his sweet amethyst eyes regard her as she wipes her face.

"Thanks Yugi." He blushes slightly.

"It's no problem, what happened this time?"

"He tried… Well he was drunk and I was sleeping in my bed dreaming about…" At this she blushes as she recalls her dream about Yugi. "… Well I was dreaming. He came in and… and…" Yugi stands up and pulls her into a comforting hug while she cries.

"Your safe now." She nods and then jumps as thunder booms. Yugi grins as she giggles and relaxes.

"You must think I am…" Yugi blushes as he realizes he is still holding onto her.

"Not at all. Are you going to be alright?" She nods her head and blushes as she feels those familiar butterflies in her stomach.

Yugi pulls away from her, hating that he nearly forgot who she was. The teakettle lets out a whistle and Yugi finishes making the tea. He hands her a cup before draping a thick blanket around her shaking shoulders. Their eyes meet briefly as Yugi sits out a third mug and then a plate of cookies. The two giggle and then look over at the door as another knock is heard. Yugi opens the door and smiles, as he sees his best friend.

"Is everything alright now Joey?" The blonde duelist nods as he walks into the kitchen and hugs his sister.

"Thanks Yug. Is it alright if Serenity stays here?" Yugi nods and holds back a laugh as Joey attacks the plate of cookies.

"Of course, but where are you going to stay?" Yugi sits down and casts a sideways glance at Serenity, who quickly looks away.

"With Tristan. I don't want him seeing Serenity like this." Yugi nods even as a faint blush crosses his cheeks.

Joey stands up and pulls his sister into a tight embrace before walking out the door. Yugi locks it behind him and then turns back around to find Serenity watching him shyly. Their eyes meet and Yugi is surprised to find Serenity blushing, before she looks down, allowing her hair to hide her face.

"Serenity?" Yugi walks over to her and gently tilts her face up so she is looking at him.

"Are you ok?" She nods and then meets his gaze.

"Yugi… I'm fine…" He nods and then reluctantly steps back from her.

"Ok, well if you're sure?"

She nods as she walks up the stairs and crawls into the spare bed. Yugi crawls into his own bed and turns out the light and closes his eye, drifting off into a sleep filled with dreams of the timid red head, and a chance at something he might never have.

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