Chapter Ten: A Secret Love no longer


Tea looks over at Tristan and rolls her eyes. "You are so lame!"

Tristan shrugs and then grins as Serenity and Yugi come into the room. Tea stands up and runs over to Yugi and gives him a hug before letting go and helping Serenity sit on the couch. Tristan grins and makes a move to sit down, but ends up sitting on Yugi. "Hey! Yugi why are you sitting there?"

Yugi blushes and then shrugs. "I wanted to."

Tristan looks over at Tea before talking to Serenity. "I brought over a few movies. Do you uh want to watch them with me?"

Tea smiles now before talking to Yugi. "I thought that since Tristan brought over some movies, that maybe we could go out for some coffee?"

Serenity takes her time to adjust her tunic and bows her head. Yugi glances over at his girlfriend and then back at Tea. Her sable hair falls to her shoulders and her azure eyes are shinning with happiness. Yugi clears his throat as Serenity folds her hands into her lap.

Yugi looks up now. "Guys I…"

He breaks off as Joey walks into the living room, followed by Duke. Serenity looks up and grins as Joey kneels down beside her. Joey pulls her close to him and lightly kisses her cheek. He stands back up and Duke hands Serenity a single red rose, causing her to wrinkle her nose.

Joey sits down on the other side of Serenity, forcing Duke to sit on the floor at her feet. "How's my baby sista?"

Tristan grins and smirks in Duke's direction. "Joey would it be ok if Serenity watches movies with me?"

Joey rolls his eyes. "Did she say yes?"

Tristan nods, causing Serenity to bow her head. "Why wouldn't she?"

Yugi leans forward, unable to hide his anger. "I didn't here her say yes."

Serenity looks up in surprise and sends Yugi a grateful smile. Joey looks over in time to see Yugi return the smile. "All right ya two. Spill it."

Serenity reaches for Yugi's hand. "Tristan I already had plans with Yugi."

Tea stands up now her lips curved into a smirk. "How? When I asked Yugi to…?"

Yugi grins. "I never said yes. Tea Serenity and I…"

Joey stands up now and lets out a happy shout. "About time!"

Tea, Tristan, and Duke however have very different reactions. Tea lets out a sob while Duke and Tristan lets out angry shouts. "WHAT!" Yugi glances over at Serenity to find that she has moved closer to him. He grins and tucks a strand of hair behind her ear.

Tea wipes her eyes, her voice chocked up. "How long?"

Yugi shrugs and Serenity mock glares at him. "A few months. Ever since she gave me that message puzzle."

Joey looks over at them shocked. "You mean since…"

The two nods as Joey directs his last sentence at his sister. "You let me go on and on about how great Yugi was!"

Serenity giggles now. "You were so cute big brother."

Yugi chuckles now and puts his arm around Serenity. Everyone looks at the couple and they spot the things they missed. The faint blush across their cheeks. Serenity smiling as Yugi absently fingers the golden puzzle around his neck. How their hands seems to fit perfectly together. Joey grins as Tea sighs, realizing that she really is in love with Yami, the spirit. Duke and Tristan look at each other before straightening their clothes and turning toward Tea. She notices and her eyes widen as Yugi and Serenity laugh. "Oh no guys! Don't even think it!"

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