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Baily was standing before the judge as she tried to explain why she stole the pants from Macy's.

"It wasn't my fault," she exclaimed, "My friend, I mean my ex-friend, pressured me to do it. She threatened me!"

"So, you caved in to peer-pressure," remarked the judge as he looked down his nose at her in disapproval.

"Yes. I mean, no! I mean… all I know is I'm sorry. Please, I'll never ever, ever do it again."

She turned back to look at her parents with pleading eyes. Her mother stood up and leaned over the railing. She hugged

Baily and leaned into her ear.

"Sorry, dear, we don't know if we believe you anymore."

Baily's jaw dropped. "But I'm the good daughter! Don't let them do this, please!"

The judge cleared his throat to get their attention. As he shuffled some papers, he announced, "Camp Green Lake has just been changed. We currently have one girl there, so you can bunk with her. You can go there or to jail."

"A camp? Ummm...I choose..." She sent one last look back to her parents, but they shook their heads.

"Camp Green Lake."


Baily's eyes snapped open.

I stole some pants. Some freaken pants, and they're all throwing a hissy fit.

She rubbed her eyes and took a look at her surroundings. The dry stretch of land looked exactly the same as when she went to sleep. It was a wonder she took a nap at all with the stinky, dirty school bus bumping along. The only people on the bus with her were the diver and the guard, who looked at her suspiciously.

Ooo. Like there is anything on the bus to steal.

Baily rolled her eyes at that thought. If people knew her, they would know she would never be a thief. Granted she did steal pants, but there was a reason. Okay, a really dumb reason, but then again, she wasn't thinking clearly. Baily knew she wasn't buying the reason excuse herself. She was just tired of everyone calling her the goody-goody; the sweet one; the nice one; the one who never does anything wrong. She wanted to be one of the girls, one of the tough girls, and it got her sent to a juvenile camp.

The bus stopped in what looked like an old ghost town. Baily couldn't see a lake or anything green anywhere. She dropped her head into her hands and moaned.

Maybe I got lucky and they made a mistake and I'm at the wrong camp. She reflected on everything that has happened to her. Yea, right.

She stepped off the bus and was instantly greeted by a very happy man.

"Hello, my name is Mr. Pendanski," he said. "Welcome to Camp Green Lake."


"If you will follow me, I will show you everything you need for your experience at camp." Mr. Pendanski led her into a building and introduced her to another man. This one didn't look quite so happy.

"Baily, this is Mr. Sir," he said, "he will give you your uniform and some tokens." With that, Mr. Pendanski left.

"Well, girlie," said Mr. Sir, as he was chewing on something that Baily couldn't see and, really, didn't want to.

"Recently our camp got changed by adding girls to it. I guess they are committing more crimes these days," he chuckled to himself. "I don't cope well with girls, so if you have a problem, don't come to me. You will be in the girl D-tent. Here's your uniform. You get two: one to dig and the other to relax in. Now remember, don't come to me with your problems or questions. Any questions?"

"No, Mr. Sir," Baily responded quickly.

Mr. Sir spit out, "That's what I thought. Now this isn't no girl scout camp…"

"Mr. Sir, since there are girls-"

"Get out of here."

Baily got up to leave, but was stopped by Mr. Sir clearing his throat.

"One more thing. The girls in girl D-Tent and the boys in boy D-tent dig together. Got that? They dig together. They don't do anything else together. Putting some girls in a boys' camp was a bad idea, in my opinion, but I don't care. You are here to work. Now get."

"You don't have to worry about-"


Baily scurried out.

She was walking through camp trying to find D-Tent, when she suddenly saw a boy and decided to ask him for his help, since no one else was around.

He looks kinda cute. Maybe he will help.

Only, with that thought, she froze up and muttered, "Excuse me...umm...could you...that is to say...can you help...well umm..."

The boy had started to walk away, so she acted quickly. Baily grabbed him by the arm to stop him. He gave her a surprised look. Since she was feeling surprised herself, she hurried to smile at him.

"Can you tell me where D-Tent is?"

He lifted her hand off his arm and pointed at a tent across from them with a huge D on the side.

"Oh, well...that's easy...I mean...er...thank you..."

But he had already walked away.

I have got to stop acting that way. Okay, next guy I meet I will be confident.

With new found determination, she marched over to D-Tent and pulled back the flap. The only problem was there were seven guys in the process of changing clothes.

"Oh my god," she freaked and covered her face to hide the blush while frantically closing the tent.

Inside the tent, she could hear laughter.

"What's the matter, baby?"

"Didn't like what you saw?"

"Leave her alone."

"Do you think she was spying on us?"

"That's why she ran screaming."

"That's not very nice," she retorted, "It was an honest mistake."

The laughter grew louder and Baily felt worst.

"Boys are such jerks. "

Surprised by her out burst, Baily hurried away from the tent. She looked around and felt very lost. Not knowing where to go next, she stood there until she heard someone leaving the tent behind her. She turned and saw it was one of the boys from inside D-Tent. This one looked like he was Hispanic and was wearing a South Central Mayhem shirt. He was heading towards her.

"I said I was sorry," Baily said, "Leave me alone."

"Actually, no, you didn't, and stop walking. I'm trying to help you," he said as he grabbed her arm and whipped her around. "Stop, please."

Now facing the boy, Baily got a good look at him. After staring at him for a few seconds, she decided he looked cute but, once again, that thought made her freeze. She opened her mouth to reply but was still frozen.

"Hola," he said, "I'm Magnet. At least, that's what they call me. What's your name?"


"What? You don't remember your own name?"


He smiled.

"I mean yes. Of course I know my own name."

Omg...How stupid am I?

"Well, then what is it?"


"It won't be for long. Your tent or someone else will name you soon enough. It's our way of making you one of us."

"How thoughtful," she said sarcastically.

"Yes. We are just so kind like that."

"Well, can...um...you help...me? Cause...you said...you would...but now..."

"Hey, don't worry. What's the problem?"

"Mr. Sir said... I was in... um... D-Tent or a D-Tent...or something… but obviously," she tried to explain as she pointed to
the tent he had left, "that's...uh...wrong."

Magnet laughed. "I think he meant for you to be in girls D-Tent. It really only has one girl in it, but she needed to dig with someone so they made her part of D-Tent. Come on, I'll show you," he grabbed her bag and started walking. "So, Baily, whatcha in for?"

"I...um...would rather not talk about it. It... was... uh... really stupid. Really, really stupid."

"I can understand that, but you seem too nice to be here."

"No... don't say that. That's what started this whole... uh... mess."

Magnet smiled at her. "Well, don't worry. Here at CGL, we do have problems, but everyone pretty much has the same problems. Holes, Water, Heat. But you have tomorrow to get used to that. Here we are."

He showed her a tent that looked exactly like the other one. He handed her bag to her and said, "If you ever need anything don't worry about asking. Adios."

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