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Circus Dog

Chapter 1. Embarrassment number one






A silver Samoieda dog dashed into the woods. It had scratches, cuts; you name it, tainting his fur. This dog was running away. The place where he used to reside was a circus. "Cirque de freak." There, he had been treated awfully by all the men. He could no longer take it! They treated him like dirt! For some odd reason, and quite recently, he's been having flashbacks of once being human! Well not exactly human, but a half-demon! He remembers a bright light and pain. Then it ends there! The owner of the circus, Naraku, was quite wealthy! The shows the circus use to put on, were priceless!

Now a days, people do not attend. It's not as popular as before. Naraku is still quite wealthy, but not wealthy enough. He had major competition going on with one man, Sesshoumaru Taisho. He was a full demon who owned a corporation where demons worked. See, demons are supposed to be extinct. But really, they're not. Most demons either work for Sesshoumaru Taisho, or for Naraku. Usually, the youkai's that do not make the cut for Sesshoumaru's business end up with Naraku. Simple as that!

The Samoieda continued to run blindly through the forest until it had finally reached a city. It was dark out. Pitch black as a matter of fact, and no one was in sight. Not one single human. The dog whimpered, walking over to a dark alley weakly, it's paws aching from running and its stomach begging for food. He had finally done it. He was away from that damn circus. No one could get him now! Though, they would probably try to search for him, since he was the main act and the one who brought in most of the money.

The dog crawled into a dirty old box, lying down to catch a breath of air. Out of nowhere, it had started to thunder. Perfect! Just perfect! How could he have missed the scent? A major thunderstorm was heading his way, his ears perked at the sound of rain pounding against the box. The dog whined a bit, slightly frightened. It's nose twitched at another scent. The colorful scent tickled its nose playfully. A beautiful scent indeed.

A girl, who was around 15 years old, wearing a pair of black Capri pants with a red tank top, attempted to walk towards her shrine until the wind kicked up a notch and it started to poor rain. She placed her arms up to block the rain from going into her face, attempting to run, but the wind was simply too strong! She decided that she would wait out the storm, instead of fighting it. An alley had caught her eyes and she dashed for it. Perfect! She could sit there, under a roof and wait! It was what…. 9:30pm? Not bad. She had placed her back against the wall lightly breathing heavily. She slid down the wall until her butt collided with the cold and dry cement. "St-stupid storm.." she breathed.

Golden eyes glowed in the dark, watching the girl's every move. It growled fiercely at the stranger.

Kagome gasped standing up quickly, "Oh my god…" she trembled, "Stay away!"

The Samoieda decided to stay in its box, but continued to growl. A searing pain came from one of the gashes in its side causing the dog to cry instead.

With a gasp, Kagome rushed over to the dog worriedly. "Hey, are you ok?" she asked, crouching down in front of the box, which happened to be in the rain.

A growl and flash of the dog's golden eyes had alerted Kagome that it did not need her help. The girl frowned standing up, against the pounding rain, walking back over to where she was, "fine then, be that way! Stubborn dog.. That's the last time I try to help a dog." She grumbled under her breath.

Kagome was at he end of the alley way, her right shoulder leaning against the stone brick wall, she was back where she was before, but this time, she was watching the storm. Flashes of lightning bolted down and thunder boomed so loud that Kagome could have sworn the cement beneath her shook.

A sigh escaped her lips as she stared at the stormy skies from her dry spot under the roof. "Stupid storm, I wish it would go away.."

Somehow, the dog from the box had wandered out and sat down beside Kagome to watch the storm too. Kagome had failed to notice until she heard it growling at the storm. "Eek!" Kagome's back collided with the wall behind her. "What the…? I thought you didn't want my help!"

The dog turned its attention to Kagome. It cocked its head to the side, staring at her with its golden eyes curiously.

"Oh, so now you look innocent, hmm?" She scratched her head, 'well, I guess I could bring him home… I mean Souta, mom and gramps are gone on that trip… its summer time so no worries about school…the only thing I have to worry about is my job…' she thought. Kagome shrugged her shoulders, crouching down to the same level as the Samoieda, "So, do you want to come back to my shrine with me? I could get you all fixed up and then you can leave afterwards.. If ya want."

The dog snorted at her, looking away.

"I take that as a, yes?" Just as Kagome said that, the storm began to calm down, the rain didn't pour as hard. "Hey look! Here's our chance!" She smiled. "Let's go!" She stood up and walked out of the alley towards her shrine that was just another block away.

The dog trailed behind Kagome, slowly and silently. He wasn't quite sure if he could trust her just yet. She was still a stranger to him after all.

"Hey, do you want me to slow down?"

Once again, the dog snorted at her.

"Fine then." Kagome bit out, "You know, its as if you could really understand me… something about you is different.. And I'm going to find out!" She said proudly. Kagome sweatdropped for a moment, "Then again, I might be going insane since I'm talking to a dog.." She laughed sheepishly.

The Samoieda just stared at her, then away. It whined a bit because of the bleeding wounds.

Kagome huddled to a stop, she whipped around quickly, "Are you ok?" she asked.

The dog looked away.

"Fine! Be that way! I'll lead the way back to the shrine! Once your all fixed up, I'll be glad to kick you out!" She hissed.

The dog growled at Kagome and took off for the other direction.

Kagome watched as the dog ran away because of her outburst. "Oh no.. What did I.. I'm so stupid. I scared the poor thing off." She turned on her heals and began to walk back towards the shrine. "I-I should forget about him.. It's not like I needed any company.." she sniffled turning a corner. Her shrine was up ahead.

The dog watched from the darkness as the strange girl walked up the stairs towards the shrine. Maybe she wasn't all bad. He couldn't help but feel a bit attached to her. She was so kind to him. No one had ever been nice to him before. His nose twitched as it caught another scent. This was not good. It was the scent of a demon! A hungry demon on top of that!

Once Kagome had reached the top of the steps, she let out a shriek of fright.

The dog's ears perked at the sound of Kagome's scream. It bolted towards the shrine ignoring the pain from the various places on his body.

Kagome backed up a step never leaving the demon out of her sight. "G-Get aw-aw- away!"

The large lizard demon licked its lips approaching Kagome.

Out of nowhere, the Samoieda leaped onto the lizard, biting down on its neck. It was a demon from the "Cirque de freak"! The circus where the dog had once resided! It was knocked off the lizard with a slap.

"Damn dog! Oh, what's this? I see! It's you Inuyasha! We've been searching for you." The demon chuckled, "Master Naraku will be pleased, indeed.."

Inuyasha bared all of his fangs at the lizard, growling menacingly.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome echoed. That was the name of the dog?

Inuyasha pointed his ears back and charged for the demon bull again. The youkai had just smacked the dog away with ease, turning its attention back to Kagome hungrily. "Hmmm first I'll have some dinner, then I'll bring you back Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha whined, lying on the ground. He could not stand any longer.

Kagome screamed at the top of her lungs holding out her hands, "KEEP AWAY FROM ME!" She yelled. It began to pour rain once again.

The beast approached Kagome even more until a bright glow of light came from the girl's hands. The lizard blinked watching with interest. ((A/N how stupid can ya get?)) The pink light had blown towards the lizard and had turned it to simple bits of pieces of flesh. This flesh ended up melting away until only a stack of bones where left.

Kagome gasped staring at her hands, "Did I-I d-do that?" she mumbled.

Inuyasha whined to get Kagome's attention. He sat up feeling slightly dizzy.

Kagome turned her attention to the whining dog, "Hn? Inuyasha!" She gasped running to the dog's side. "Are you ok? Wait, that's a dumb question.."

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes at Kagome.

"Ok, c'mon, I'll try to help you get to my shrine ok?" She said, trying to comfort he dog.

The dog snorted standing up on all fours and walking towards the girl's home. It was as if it were saying 'I don't need your help'. It was a very stubborn dog!

.:.:.:. Inside Kagome's home .:.:.:.

"Ok, lay down here, I'll go get some medicine and gauze, ok?" Kagome motioned for him to sit down on the kitchen floor.

Inuyasha obeyed her and stayed in the kitchen, watching the girl leave him.

In minutes, she was back with some medical supplies. Excellent. Inuyasha somehow knew that this would hurt…

.:.:.:. 1 hour later .:.:.:.

"Ok! You're all patched up!" Kagome nodded with pride. "Now all you need is some rest and those wounds will be healed in no time!"

The dog just stared at her. Well, I guess this meant it was time for him to leave. She said she would just fix him up then he could bolt. Inuyasha stood up and headed to the door.

"Hn? Where are you going? You're not actually thinking of leaving with those injuries, are you?" Kagome asked following him.

'Well its not like you give me a choice' the dog thought.

Kagome placed her hands on her hips, "You are staying. Ok? And judging by the attack from earlier, I don't think you want to go back to that master of yours."

'Go figure' Inuyasha thought.

"So, I'm going to let you stay. I'm pretty lonely already… sure I have Buyo, but he just sleeps all day.." Kagome smiled down at Inuyasha, "Oh and, by the way, I'm Kagome." She blinked, "Why the heck am I talking to you?" She shrugged. "Oh well. Lets go watch some TV. I'll order pizza."

'Kagome? TV? Pizza!' Inuyasha thought. His large mouth opened, a bit of drool seeping out.

"I guess you're really hungry." Kagome giggled, "I'll go order now! You go and sleep or something in the living room." She patted Inuyasha's head lightly before leaving back towards the kitchen.

.:.:.:. 11PM .:.:.:.

Kagome stretched her arms up letting out a bone-cracking yawn. "Time for bed! Lets go," she patted Inuyasha's head. They were currently both on the couch, Inuyasha's head on Kagome's lap and empty pizza box on the other side. "C'mon Inuyasha, we have to get to bed… and you have to get off of me for me to get to my bed." She giggled.

Inuyasha grumbled getting off of the girl and off the couch. 'Where the hell am I going to sleep?' he thought.

Kagome got off the couch as well and headed for the stairs. "Come on Inuyasha." Kagome called back.

Once they were upstairs and in Kagome's room, Inuyasha made himself comfortable in a spot next to Kagome's bed. The girl had, on the other hand, walked up to her dresser and pulled out a pair of pj pants and a tank top. She began to undress not minding the dog in her room.

'Ack! She's getting naked!' Inuyasha thought. If he weren't a dog, he would be blushing madly! He covered his eyes with his white paws feeling quite embarrassed.

Once Kagome was dressed, she went to brush her teeth in the bathroom and brush her hair. In only a few minutes, she was back in her room. Kagome closed the light and collapsed on her bed yawning once more. She crawled under the blankets to stay warm. The girl stared down at the Samoieda thoughtfully. "Hey.. Inuyasha?"

He lifted his head up towards Kagome's voice.

"You shouldn't have to sleep on the floor.. I know your dirty and such, but you must have gone through a whole lot of stuff.. Why don't you sleep beside me? I got some space left."

'Me? Sleep next to her? I have a feeling that one day I might regret this.. But hell ya! I'll do it!' he thought. And with that, the dog leaped up onto her bed walking over to the girls left side and lying down. Kagome laughed lightly turning around to face Inuyasha.

"You are incredibly adorable, you know that?" She scratched Inuyasha's ears and kissed his wet nose. "Goodnight!"

'Night…' Inuyasha absently thought cuddling next to Kagome for warmth.

.:.:.:. Morning .:.:.:.

Kagome awoke with a shriek. She bounced out of bed and clasped her back against the opposite wall. "Oh my god…"

Inuyasha blinked open his golden orbs tiredly. Kagome's shriek alerting him something was wrong. He sat up quickly staring at the afraid Kagome. She was looking straight at him. But why? He swung his legs over the side of the bed—wait! His legs? He glared down at himself. He was… he was back to his usual self! He smirked. He wanted to also cheer but for some odd reason, he couldn't he couldn't speak! Not to mention the fact that he was naked… oh boy…

"Wh-who are you!" Kagome trembled watching the strange boy.

Inuyasha stared up at her blushing madly. Thank god for the blankets covering his lower half! "…."

Kagome asked again, "who are you!" She tried to keep eye contact.. But hey.. If you saw the guy's chest, you would find it hard to keep an eye on him too! Wait.. His chest! There were bandages around his chest! Though they were falling off to reveal some serious wounds! They looked exactly like the ones…. Inuyasha had!

Kagome gaped at the boy, "Inu…Inuyasha?" She asked.

Inuyasha nodded numbly. Oh boy was he in for it now!








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