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Circus Dog

Chapter 17. Epilogue






She had to do it. It was her responsibility now and she was determined to do her best to set her free. She already knew her wish, she just needed the time to slip away from Inuyasha without any signs of suspicions. Of course that's easier said than done considering his demonic abilities allow him to hear when a heartbeat quickens, and when the smell of nervousness wafts into the air. There was also the little problem of escaping his very strong embrace.

'I can move, but then I can't because of him… I thought I might be able to leave and do this on my own. But I guess that won't be happening too soon.' She thought to herself. Kagome sighed, Inuyasha's nose digging into her neck even more. 'Unless…' A small smile formed at her lips. 'Teruyuki!'

'Yes? Please, don't tell me you are honestly thinking of having me—'

'You bet your ears I'm thinking it.. Come and take my place! Quick!'

'He's going to be very angry you know.'

She rolled her eyes, 'He always gets angry. Besides, I don't want to wake him..'

'Because you don't want to talk. Feh, why are you avoiding it? He could help you know!'

'I need to do this 'Yuki. I'm the jewels guardian and—'

Teruyuki's form materialized next to her suddenly, his eyes boring into hers. "I refuse. He is going to be your mate. And as such, you should be involving him in your decisions. All he wants is the best for you and to keep you safe, the least you can do is tell him the truth about this and allow him to help you."

Kagome let out a warning growl, her eye twitching slightly in suppressed anger, "Teruyuki…"

He paled noticing sparks forming around her. "O-on second thought, why not just do one little task?" His voice squeaked.

.:.:.:. With Kagome .:.:.:.

The miko chuckled to herself, half limping down the hall, away from the elevator. She spotted Rin's desk, and the woman just beginning to pack up for the night. It was close to nine at night, believe it or not. She had nodded at Rin, exchanging smiles before stepping out of the building towards the gates. From there, she was able to grab a quick cab, leaving Sesshoumaru's building all together.

.:.:.:. With Inuyasha .:.:.:.

Teruyuki counted down to the last seconds, having mentally given the girl a twenty-minute head start. 'Now for the stupidest way to get myself killed.' "Ahh, Inuyasha?" Teruyuki cringed as the hanyou still slept soundly.

Currently, Teruyuki was in Kagome's place on the bed. One of her shirts separating Teruyuki's head from Inuyasha's sensitive nose. 'She is a clever girl..' His eye twitched. "Wake up you useless excuse of a dog!" Teruyuki hissed, his tail flaring as he shifted on the bed, alerting the hanyou immediately.

"Huh?" He sat up straight, one of his ears twitching, his eyes heavy with sleep. "Kagome?" He yawned, sniffing.


His nose never lied, she wasn't there. He couldn't hear her too. 'What the—' His eyes shot open, and he focused them, finding Teruyuki sitting on the end of the bed, crouched with his tail flared.


"Shut the fuck up! Where's Kagome?" He demanded.


"No shit, where is she!?"

"Finding someplace sacred to purify the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls."

"Goddamn that fucking woman!" He barked, tossing the sheets away from his bed and growling at the neko, "Why didn't you wake me up?! What the hell is wrong with you?!"

Teruyuki narrowed his eyes, "It was either I get fried by her power, or I possibly get a beating from you." He hissed back, "I chose the ladder of the options."

The hanyou grunted, tugging a shirt over his head. Most of his wounds were healed now thanks to immense treatments. 'Damn miko. She can be so stubborn.'

"Mind taking me with you?" Teruyuki purred.

Inuyasha placed Tetsusaiga in a loop on his dark jeans, "Why should I? You're no help to me."

"I gave her a head start hanyou. Unlike you however, I may know where she is."

His ear twitched back, "Tell me."

"Only if you take me."


.:.:.:. At the Shrine .:.:.:.

Kagome sighed, "It looks just like how Gramps left it. Thank the gods I know some good people." She walked over the new shrine grounds, feeling the same pure presence as usual. There were also no dead youkai corpses anywhere, or blood, or broken trees. Everything was as her family had left it.

'Wow, Sesshoumaru did a great job!'

She found her way to the back of the shrine, looking at an old section that was close to never being used. It was fairly large wooden dojo, meant to be used as a practice arena for priests and priestesses. She noted that the sutras were still on all sides of the dojo, including the entrances. 'No demon's allowed.' She thought as she walked up the stairs.

She placed a hesitant hand on the wooden door and slid it open, entering, then closing it. It was fairly dark, in fact, it was pitch black. "I can't see a thing!" She huffed, moving her hand around the dojo to find a light switch. "Oh yeah, this thing is too old to have electricity." She mumbled.

Suddenly, there was light.

The entire room lit up with torches of fire.

Kagome gasped, "H-how?"

A small glow came from her pocket in her jeans. She had reached in and taken out the Shikon Jewel. "Hn? It seems to be reacting to the room." She stepped towards the centre and sat herself down, tucking her legs behind herself.

She placed the gem down before her and breathed in slowly. "Midoriko-sama, you told me that you were trapped in this thing.. that I could do whatever I wanted with this.." She stared down intently at the Sacred Jewel. "I.. I wish, with all my heart, that Midoriko-sama gains enough purification power to defeat the demons within the jewel to set her soul free."

The Jewel glowed brightly, the light blinding Kagome.

Intense winds started to surround her, causing the old dojo to whine and cry against the winds.

The sutras outside the doors glowed.

Strange pulses were emitting from the jewel and escaping the dojo non-stop making Kagome wince lightly as the sensation washed through her over and over again. It didn't hurt, but it felt weird.


.:.:.:. With Inuyasha .:.:.:.

'Stupid, stupid, stupid girl.' Inuyasha mentally chanted. His foot lightly touched the cement roof before bounding onto the next building. He growled, vowing to yell at her for being such a stubborn fool.

He could feel the Tetsusaiga thrumming against him soothingly to calm him down. 'I ain't gunna calm down! That damn wench!' Inuyasha mentally barked back.

Teruyuki sighed from within the sheath, 'This fool is going to do something stupid if I don't calm him.' He thought to himself.

Inuyasha leapt off another building onto the next, concentrating his thoughts solely on

this girl. The Shrine, he could see it! Unbeknownst by him, a white vapour leaked out

from the blade that was looped below the Tetsusaiga. This vapour had flown away from

Inuyasha, and towards the next building he was going to leap off.

Teruyuki's body formed, his glowing silver eyes held nothing but calm emotions as his tail swished behind his form elegantly. His leopard ears merely twitched at the sounds of Inuyasha's dog demon growls forming in his throat.

"Outta my way ya damn sword!" Inuyasha barked, as he landed just in front of Teruyuki.

"Inuyasha, wait just one moment—"

"I ain't waiting! Kagome's off being reckless again and I have to save her! She—"

"Do you have any idea why she left Inuyasha? Besides to purify the jewel?" Teruyuki questioned. He raised a brow at the dog demon, noticing how he kept tensing his muscles. He sighed, "Think hanyou.. the word purify says it all.."

Inuyasha blinked, 'Purify?' He stared down at his claws then back up at Teruyuki. "She.. She didn't.. want to hurt me?"

"I believe our hanyou has found the answer." Teruyuki hummed, "She can't purify anything with a demon around. She wouldn't want to harm the demon and accidentally kill him. She knows the powers of the gem are strong and wishes only the best for you."

'She wanted to keep me away so she wouldn't hurt me. Idiot wench.' "Feh, even if that was her intent, I'm still going to yell at her! And I'm still going to make sure she's safe." He replied.

Teruyuki nodded, "Fine hanyou." His transparent form broke down into a slivery white vapour, returning to the blade he once came from.

"Keh." Inuyasha mumbled, before leaping off the building, landing softly on the cement sidewalk. He dashed down the road, turning around the corner sharply and leaping off the ground. He landed midway up the steps of the shrine, leaping up until he reached the top. He shivered, feeling a wave of purification power being released from a large dojo at the far end of the grounds.

'Shit, she's already started!' He ran towards the building, biting back a howl of pain as a wave hit him yet again, but it this time it was stronger. He could feel Teruyuki hissing in pain as well, even his Tetsusaiga was crying. He growled, leaping up in the air and landing on a piece of the shrine. He flattened his ears and winced, feeling a wave of nausea hit him. 'Gods.. this place has never felt this pure before..' He squinted his golden orbs, finally locating the dojo up ahead, noticing glowing sutras placed around it.

His vision blurred slightly for a moment before returning. He growled and leapt off the wood, feeling the most powerful wave yet of power, coming from the dojo. He couldn't hold back his cry as his skin started to burn, and scratches began to form on his face and arms. 'Damn it! It hurts!' He thought, but tried to ignore it. He landed about ten feet away from the building, panting.

"Kagome!" He shouted, feeling another wave hit him. He gasped, kneeling on the ground and grabbing his head. 'M-my vision's going blurry again… Fuck off..' He thought while growling and panting. He placed a clawed hand on his Tetsusaiga, releasing the fang from its sheath and digging it in the ground before him. "Sorry Tetsusaiga." He bit out, shielding himself from the purification waves behind the large fang.

The wave had suddenly stopped, the hanyou gasping as he was finally able to breathe easier. He winced as the burning sensation in his skin never ceased, but he could deal with it. He peeked around the fang, noticing that the building now pulsed quietly. The sutras were still glowing however, and with those in place he wouldn't be able to get near the girl.

'Kagome.. damn it! I can't get to you!'

.:.:.:. With Kagome .:.:.:.

Kagome winced, covering her eyes to shield them from the intense light. 'Did I hear Inuyasha just now? He can't be here! He'll get hurt!' She shivered, just thinking of what he would look like after a blast of purification power. She gasped as a wave had passed through her body and escaped the dojo. 'What is this feeling?' She thought.

It had happened a couple more times before the Shikon light died down, and the gem just pulsed heavily. She had uncovered her eyes and found a dazzling woman before her dressed in the same clothing and armour as within her dream.

"M-Midoriko-sama?" Kagome squeaked out.

The woman blinked, staring down at her semi-transparent hands and looked over at Kagome as her name was spoken. "I have been released." She said slowly. The woman had stared down at the gem and watched as it broke in half and turned to ash. "The Shikon now ceases to exist."

'My wish.. it worked?' Kagome just gaped at the woman that held such a powerful aura.

"Thank you, Kagome."

"I—You're welcome Midoriko-sama." Kagome replied.

Midoriko sighed, her body beginning to dissolve, "I can finally rest in peace.. for over five centuries no one had been kind enough to wish for such a thing. I am in your debt miko." Her voice was slowly dying down, "And as such, I will grant you one wish." Only her upper body was left, but still continued to dissolve.

Kagome thought for a moment, "A wish? But I…" Her face brightened, "Are you sure, Midoriko-sama?"

"Most definitely."

"Then.. I wish.. I wish for demons and humans to be able to live along side in harmony.. without fear of each other… can you grant that?"

"I can do… my best." She whispered, her body completely dissolving. The dojo had suddenly emitting a very large wave of pink aura that had spread throughout Tokyo, then Japan, until the entire world had been covered. It then dissolved.

The dojo flames died out.

Kagome was left in darkness.

'I.. did it..' She sighed in relief.


'Who's that?'


'I can't think properly.. am I ever tired..'

"Damn it wench! If you don't come out here right now I'm going to tear this place down!!"

'Oh.. It's Inuyasha.' She smiled dreamily to herself before standing shakily to her feet. She wobbled a bit and limped slightly because of her injury, until she reached the door. She fiddled with it and finally opened it up, breathing in the cool night air. She noticed right away that Inuyasha stood behind his Tetsusaiga, grasping the handle tightly. He looked visibly a bit relieved once she stepped out.

He had sheathed his sword quickly, "Kagome!"

She smiled at him and limped down the stairs before getting assaulted by him. She gasped as he hugged her tightly and sniffed her, trying to locate any new wounds.

"You idiot." He finally said, after deducting that she was fine, "You could have gotten yourself killed!"

Kagome blinked at him stupidly, "Eh? Are you stupid..? I'm not part youkai, I'm fine. That wouldn't be able to hurt me.." She half giggled and lifted her hands up to his head to tweak his ears. 'But you're hurt..'

"The hell is wrong with you wench?"

"I'm sleepy."

Teruyuki's aura wrapped around her, and he purred, "You must have used some of your powers in there, Miss Kagome. You should rest."

Inuyasha felt her body go limp in his arms, sighing. "Great, now I hafta carry her."

Teruyuki hissed, "You're a half demon, such a task isn't that difficult!"

He grinned, revealing his pearly white fangs, "Feh, I know. I just like complaining." He held her bridal style and leapt away from the old dojo towards the Higurashi house. He had entered the familiar home, feeling Teruyuki's aura escape the blade as he slipped into Kagome's room through her window.

Teruyuki had transformed into a semi-transparent snow leopard kitten, sniffing the room and walking around it and out of it. He had trudged throughout the house while Inuyasha tended to Kagome.

The half demon placed Kagome into her bed, tucking her in gently. He had un-looped her sword from his pants and rested it near her night table, then un-looping his own blade, had sat down cross-legged against her bed. He rested Tetsusaiga against his shoulder and closed his eyes, feeling his body relax slightly in the comfort of her scent.

'Damn wench, worrying me like this.. Well, tomorrow will be one hell of a day.. that's for sure.'

.:.:.:. The Next Day .:.:.:.

It was close to noon now, and the sun was shining brightly. Sesshoumaru had organized a press conference and was to reveal the youkai existence in the afternoon. Kagome's health was restored by morning, and she had to face Inuyasha's wrath for daring to be so stupid concerning the Shikon's power.

"It was reckless."

"Pfft, it was a minor risk. You are more reckless than me!"

"She has a point there.."

"Shuddap! Kagome you could have over done it! What if—"

"Kagome? Kagome dear? We're home!"

"Kagome! You'll never guess who I met!"

"I sense a foul aura! Have you been around young men Kagome?"

Kagome paled, "M-my family is home!" She hissed in a whisper.

Inuyasha blinked his golden orbs at her cutely, tilting his head to the side, "So?"

"Kagome?" Mrs. Higurashi popped her head into the young girls room. She smiled brightly at the two, since Teruyuki had returned to the blade. "Well, hello there. I didn't think we had a guest o—" She glanced at his ears, "—ver…" She walked fully in Kagome's room, knowing her daughter was tensing up.

Inuyasha stared at her, 'What is this woman doing? Oh no, is she going to—' His ears twitched. The older woman had let out a high-pitched squeal of excitement, and started to assault his ears, rubbing them.

"They're so adorable!" Mrs. Higurashi beamed.

Kagome sweat dropped, "Uh, mama? I think you're hurting him.."

She gasped, "I'm so sorry! I'm Kagome's mother, but you can call me okaa-san." She smiled. "You must be an Inu youkai. I haven't seen one like you in a very long time, I must say."

Inuyasha stared at her, "H-How do you know--?"

She shook her head and winked, "I was a teenager once too you know. And I happen to work with one!"

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes, 'There are more youkai out there? I thought Fluffy had rounded them all up. I guess… Some of them have learned to really disguise themselves..' "Feh, well the entire world is gunna know about our existence soon enough. Sesshy is gunna tell 'em all."

Kagome sighed in relief, "Good, I guess this isn't as awkward as I thought it would be."

Teruyuki's aura seeped out, his form materialising, "I guess this means I'm allow to come out too." He grinned, "Hello Mrs. Higurashi, I am one of Kagome's protectors, Teruyuki." He bowed.

Mrs. Higurashi smiled, "Nice to meet you—"

"Demon!" Gramps howled in protest, taking out a sutra, "Demon be gone!" He plastered it on Teruyuki's face.

Teruyuki blinked, pealing off the sutra to evaluate it, "Hmmm,"

"Dad! That isn't a way to treat out guests!" Mrs. Higurashi scolded.

"Cool!" Souta bounced into the room, spotting the youkai. "Mama, are they really demons?"

Kagome sighed, "Great.. you know, my room isn't that big—"

"You're missing a key symbol on this sutra and the actual priest abilities to use this. Which makes this thing… useless." Teruyuki concluded, handing the sutra back to a baffled Gramps.

"Can I touch his ears mama?" Souta asked.

Inuyasha narrowed his eyes in annoyance, 'Damnit all.. it's getting way too loud for me in here..' "Oi! Can you all just leave this room? I can't hear myself think!" All eyes were on him, but everyone had agreed and left the room safe for he and Kagome. "Wench."


"Now that they're gone, mind telling me what went one with the Shikon?"

"Ahh… Well I made a wish." Kagome replied, "I set her free… But then she said that she couldn't just leave without granting me a real wish.. So I wished for everyone to accept your existence."

"Feh, that's something that can never be granted. Everyone has their title to their own opinions. Gramps is a great example.." Inuyasha replied.

"I know, but this way.. it can at least help your brother and your kind live peacefully among the humans. It was worth a try."

Inuyasha was silent for a moment before agreeing, "You're right. It was worth a try."

Teruyuki hummed happily and chuckled to himself as his ears twitched, "Well Kagome, I do believe I just heard your mother say that she wanted grandchildren with dog ears running around the home."

Kagome's cheeks flamed red, "Teruyuki!!" She shrieked. "ACK! I forgot all about work! Oh my gosh! I have to leave! Th-they could fire me!"

Inuyasha growled warningly at Teruyuki while fighting back the burning sensations on his cheeks, "Keh! Who cares about your damn job. Ya don't need it anyways."

"Says you! I need money to survive! How will I buy clothing? Or get through college?" She panicked, scrambling out of bed to search for her uniform.

"Calm down idiot, your leg isn't—"

"Who are you calling an idiot?! You jerk!"

He stood up, "Hey! I was just trying to tell ya that your leg still isn't healed and if you keep rushing around—"

She shrieked and lost her footing, grabbing the closest thing to her for support, which happened to be the hanyou since Teruyuki had long since disappeared. "Accck!"


They were on the carpet, sprawled out with clothing articles surrounding them.

"Damn it girl! I told you not to rush around!" Inuyasha exploded.

"Well I told you I need to hurry to get out of here and off to work!"

"Who cares about that damn job!"

"I do!" She shouted back at him, sitting up just as he did.

"Well you can get another job! You're probably fired anyways since ya didn't go in.. what like four times?!" He sneered.

"Wh-why you--!" She jumped on him.

Outside the door, Mrs. Higurashi giggled as Teruyuki snickered. "I do believe you will be having your wish come true someday soon. Those two were meant for each other." He purred.

Mrs. Higurashi nodded her head, "I simply can't wait for that day. You will have to tell me everything you know 'Yuki."

"Oh and do I have a story to tell…" He snickered as the two spotted the arguing couple now starting to have a make out session. "Perhaps over some tea Mrs. Higurashi." He walked away from the door followed by her.

"Some tea sounds nice." She giggled.

Inuyasha parted from Kagome, licking his lips and grinning up at her. "You know that you're my ultimate saviour right? And that I love you?"

"Of course I know. We are going to be mates soon, right?" She smiled warmly.

"Yeah, but first.. You need to get to work." He chuckled to himself when she let out a squeak before leaping off of him and grabbing her clothing. "I'll be back in a few hours. In the mean time, you need to be thinking about school."


"That's right. You'll be going."

"I will be?"

"No one can survive in this world without an education."

"I can't?"

"So you better try to catch up on all the education from grade one though ten so you can come into grade eleven with us! Bye!" She blew him a kiss before dashing out of her room.

His ears drooped, "Goddamn, what have I gotten myself into? It was easier being a stupid circus dog!"

"Maybe I can ask Fluffy for some help?"

He swallowed the lump in his throat, "On second thought, maybe okaa-san might have a plan.."

'No matter what though, I'm happy and I can tell Kagome is too. I'm glad she did this for me… Glad she had a big enough heart to set us all free.'

'I am the luckiest Inu hanyou around.' He smiled to himself proudly.








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