As spawn is soaring in the air, a red beam hits him. The light is from atomic ray gun. The person holding the gun or fat slob looking thing is no other then the ugly, putrid, rank, foul smelling fat guy known to man. The clown from hell. Is he back for spawn or just here for other business? A lot has happen in ten years.

What is your short fat ass doing here?

I told you I would be back spawn. You are still crying. I am here for better prizes then you. Word out in hell is that your not the most powerful being that's stuck in between heaven and hell no more. HA HA HA HA! Cough. Sorry I had rats for dinner.

What new being.

He goes by the name Balan. In demon terms, it means prince of hell. I figure I can take him under my wings. I mean my jelly rows. I don't have no wings since that day. The day I got hungry

A son, but how can this be. It is not possible.

Remember Alley from the hooters bar. Well she was not an angel. You never told Wanda. Witch I really do not care about, for the fact I am from HELL! He will be 15 tomorrow. I am planning to let all hell brake loose. With him on our side, we are unstoppable. You see he's already more powerful then you. He is just cuter also.

This will come to an end, you fat hug.

Enough with the fat jokes, I was teased when I was a little devil. See ya in hell Spawn. Ha ha ha ha(echos) fart, opps.

As the clown disappears, a blue fog of hot air appears over Spawn. Spawn does not know what to do. He starts to go searching for the boy before it is too late.