Spawn was on the other side of town when a little trouble was building up in the national park.

Balan Stop man! Give it back. It's mine.

Eric And if I don't. What are you gonna do tell your father. Oh im sorry you don't have one do you. HAHAHA!

Thats not very funny. Considering the fact your a dirty bastart .


Y.o.u.r ...a... dirty...bastart. Can you hear me NOW.

Oh your gonna get it now. I've been taking kick boxing classes.

Aaaaaaa I don't think kicking a wet box around counts as taking classes, you ugly, ass, hairy monkey.

I'ma kick your ass

And I'ma kick you in the nuts if you don't give me my damn kneckless back. I'ma count to 10.

Then watcha gonna do.


You fight like a girl.


Your daddy kicked your ass to the curve.


Ya mommy don't even like you.


I was in your girls bed last night.



Next thing you knew Eric was stuck 150ft high in a tree.

Thats what your ass get. All fucking wit my girl and shit. Your girl problably have herpes.