Summary : Framed for murder, Harry finds himself sentenced to Azkaban, as the wizarding world believes themselves rid of Voldemort forever. Only Harry knows the truth, but no one will believe him. Betrayed by friends, Harry finds out his true heritage, and disappears upon his release. After restarting his life in a completely new setting, he finds out that his past has no intention of leaving him alone.

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Chapter title from the Beegees.

Chapter 15: Don't Forget To Remember

Grey-dominated eyes glared at the ornate stone chair, anger flittering freely in its depths as the tall figured paced back and forth, pausing occasionally pausing to growl unintelligible words under their breath. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the silver-cloaked figure strode towards the sacred seat of the Nagasiin. "Why," he hissed heatedly to himself, "why was he chosen?" A slight sneer marred the otherwise unmarred face. "While I have been waiting for years for this chance, only to be shown up by this child!?" A growl, silver shifting like mercury in a heated gaze.

"It is not yet your time," came an unexpected voice, soft like a winter breeze, startling the other. "But it will come, and with it, liaisons with creatures you have imagine only in your wildest dreams. Do not rush this. Your chance will come, for from pain, horror and death springs hope." White, blank eyes seemed to stare through the Shadow Elf's eyes and deep into their soul.

The cloaked elf struggled to control a suddenly racing heart and excess of adrenaline, extremities shaking slightly, though whether in fear or anticipation was impossible to tell.

As if reading the other's mind, blank eyes blinked slowly, and a slight smile curved the very edges of small, soft lips. "Fear not," like the tinkling of a stream the soft voice flowed, "I will not reveal this to anyone. The Dragon's Cry will remain unchanged." And with a swirl of soft, flowing fabric, the blank-eyed figure disappeared, led silently by an equally as silent figure.

Silver-flecked eyes watched the entrance to the large room with cold eyes, before a slight twitch at the corner of rose lips revealed satisfaction.


"Any word from Blaise?" the words left Draco Malfoy's mouth as soon as he heard the familiar footsteps and slight creak as the doors opened, absentmindedly reminding himself to get the house elves to fix it immediately.

"No," came the calm reply, the tone belying the number of times this question had been asked. "not since you last asked, fifteen minutes ago, darling. Last we heard, he was in Canada, and that's all we know. Nothing has changed." Gabrielle's exasperated tone reached his ears as she settled herself on the couch near his desk, and the young Malfoy heir could hear the slight warning laced in her voice.

Nonetheless, he was undeterred. Blaise should have sent some word by now. It had been over two months since he'd seen the man. Who knows what that mischievous bastard was up to now. Probably spying on some noble or lord. He was rather surprised though, that even his spies had not caught wind or word of his long-time friend.

"He always was good at disguises," came Gabrielle's dry response, and he realized that he had been speaking out loud.

Shocked at his lack of control, he fought to regain his composure, before turning back from his pacing to face his wife. "He'd better bloody well have a good explanation for his disappearance," he growled, eyes flashing angrily. "or I'll thrash him bare myself." And with that he stalked back to his desk, angrily grabbing his quill, and set about writing a very important letter.

Gabrielle eyed him from her spot on the chesterfield, wondering if she should tell him now or later. Her hand drifted over her stomach and she smiled slightly. Perhaps at dinner time. He was much too worried about their foolish friend at the moment. Maybe after a glass or two of wine over a lovely meal. Yes, that would be the best time to break the news.


"Lethares," Wolf smiled warmly, walking into the pair of arms that were waiting to embrace him. The comforting scent of pine and earth washed over him as he buried his head in the older elf's shoulder, much like a child would his father after a long trip away from home. Strong arms wrapped around his shoulders, soothing the tension that ran through his taught muscles.

"Wolf, our most precious Nagasiin," replied the Lethares, his low calming voice bringing comfort to the young one in his arms. "Times are trying, my young friend, and you will need all the help you can get," a sad smile played with the ends of his lips. "You have our full support. Come," the Shadow Elf swept through the open doors from the antechambre to the drawing room, "we have important issues to discuss."

Upon entering the room, Wolf noticed that they were not alone. Sharp, shrewd eyes locked onto his form immediately, and he locked onto the silver-speckled gaze without hesitation. It took a moment before he recognized the elf who stood in front of one of the couches, having stood up once Lethares had entered. "Ah, Tetou, I had not thought that I would have the pleasure of your company so soon," he spoke carefully, politely, but otherwise impassively.

The tall man bowed to Lethares in greeting, then tilted his head slightly towards Wolf, eyes dominated by grey as cold as they had been when they had first met. "Likewise," he murmured, no inflection in his voice, and yet his eyes showed an emotion that Wolf knew all too well: dislike. The man only lowered himself back into his seat once Lethares had situated himself comfortably, finally breaking away from the intense gaze with a slight nonchalant toss of his head.

Choosing the love seat for himself, Wolf let his gaze move from Tetou to Lethares, finding himself relaxing automatically at the sight of the head of the Silver Shadow Elves' confident and nonchalant manner with which he held himself.

"I promised you help," began Lethares, deciding not to bother with idle small talk, "and thus I formally present to you Tetou, Truthsayer, and your crutch in these times of little trust."

Wolf stood in quiet surprise for a moment, before bowing. "I am honoured," he murmured, eyes focused on the ground. He had a feeling that Tetou would be watching him carefully to observe his reaction. Although truly, he was not sure what he should be feeling at the moment. He was grateful for both the aid and the gesture of support, but he was not sure about Tetou himself. He knew very little about the elf, and he knew that – for some reason or another – the man held a certain degree of animosity towards him. Why, of course, he had no idea. Nonetheless, he would be wary around him, but he would not disregard the importance of a Truthsayer. The support was sorely needed, especially at a time like this. He would be indebted to Tetou, of that he was sure. He just hoped that it would be worth the price in the end.

Lethares eyed him for a moment, as if aware of what was on his mind, but said nothing on it, instead nodding in satisfaction. "May your Shadow forever remain black," he murmured in parting, already moving towards the doors that would lead further into the dark lair.

"May the light never catch you," Wolf and Tetou responded in unison, standing up and bowing their farewell.

As the doors closed they eyed each other silently, as if sizing up the other. Finally Wolf broke the silence with a resigned sigh. "Loyal Elf, come and be welcome at my hearth and home," he murmured politely, offering his arm as the other swept towards the waiting shadows cast by the dim light and protruding foundations.

With an impassive nod Tetou stepped forward, placing his hand lightly on Wolf's wrist, and allowed him to guide them both into the shadows and bear them away from this sanctuary and towards the human world.


Azure pools stared at the intimidating figures that stood around her, deep calming breaths helping her control her emotions. Inside she was a mess, fear and panic swirling unpleasantly in her stomach, even as she tried to ignore it, to push it aside. But she held her head up proudly, eyes gleaming with pride, cloaking any other emotions that threatened to overcome her. Her body rigid, shoulders squared, back straight, hands resting peacefully on her lap. The stiff chair was uncomfortable but she firmly squashed the urge to shift and squirm. The cold, piercing gazes of the guards stationed were not helping either. Nevertheless, she would not allow herself to lose control. She was proud that the only outwards sign of her nervousness was the occasional twitch in her right pinky. Dreadful nuisance, it was. Ever since that accident with the garden gnome...

Her thoughts were cut off as the shadows warped suddenly, stretching, humming, and releasing two tall figures, silver glinting as the shadows receded behind them, purring contentedly as they wrapped around the ankles of the newest arrivals. Wolf. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the imposing figure who watched her calmly, cold eyes assessing, and – she was sure – missing not even the tiniest detail. Her pinky twitched again. She was about to open her mouth to speak, when the shadow behind stepped forward as well. She suddenly found herself staring into frozen pools of shimmering mist, sharp, piercing, as if seeking her soul, a candle in the darkness. Her body tingled, and for a moment she felt estranged from her body, confused, the heavy gaze weighing her down. It was as if she was floating, but held back by heavy chains, unable to break free as a foreign presence wandered around her, assessing, searching, and finally… finding.

With a slight gasp she found herself jolted back into reality, eye contact broken in a swift movement by the tall, unnamed Shadow Elf. Slightly disoriented, she shook her head, missing the sharp look that passed from Wolf to the Truthsayer. When she looked up again, Wolf was standing in front of her, hand resting lightly on the hilt of a slim but no less menacing blade, sheathed comfortably at his side.

"Well, Hei," he murmured, "What brought you to my domain?" he began to circle her captive figure, eyes sweeping objectively over her body, so intense that she could feel his gaze burning into her skin, trying to read her every reaction.

She opened her mouth, and everything seemed to go downhill from there. The questions started neutral, then headed towards private, than downright intrusive subjects. And yet, she found herself answering every single question. Why was she here? For protection. Was she a Dark witch? No (She did wonder at this, she had to admit later. Would he really care if she was?). Had she at one point supported Voldemort? Yes. How had she found out about him? Rumours. Was she married? No. Did she have children? No. Did she have the blood of any creature running through her veins? No. Had she ever killed anyone? Yes. Had she enjoyed it? Yes. Did she plan on killing anyone in the future? Yes.

And so she found herself subjugated to question after question, no relief, cold curt words hammered towards her, icy stares freezing her in place whenever she shifted, no reprieve, no sympathy. She wasn't really sure how long it had been. Her bottom had long ago gone numb, her back and neck stiff from staying in the upright position for such a long time. Her legs ached, her feet cold, her lips chapped and dry, her throat parched from speaking for so long but drinking no water. Her only consolation was that her captors had not had any rest either. They seemed intent on finishing this in one shot.

She opened her mouth to answer the next question, but all that came out was a feeble croak. The next thing she knew, she was bent over in half, hacking into her hands, her thin frame shuddering at the violent abuse of her throat and lungs. She drew in a much-needed breath, only to find her throat rebelling once again, sending her into another fit of coughs. A firm hand lifted her head, tilting it back, and setting the cool edge of a glass to her lips, and letting a slight trickle of water slip past her lips. She choked slightly at first, breathing it in instead of swallowing as her throat tightened, sputtering slightly, coughing to the side, before coming back moments later, and this time enjoying the cool liquid that slipped down her throat, soothing her worn passage. Never before had water tasted so sweet, so pure. She gulped down the rest greedily, letting out a satisfied sigh as she drained the last drop, leaning back in the unforgiving chair, licking her lips for any stray droplets that may have escaped.

"It is amazing, isn't it," came the soothing voice of the intimidating man squatting in front of her, empty glass held loosely by the pads of his fingers. "how we never truly realize how precious some things are in life." He stood up and gave her a long, hard look that had her squirming slightly in her seat, feeling like a young child about to be scolded. But no rebuke came, instead were words that shocked her. "Welcome, Hei, to Ombres. I do hope you know what is most precious to you, and keep a firm grip on it. Never lose sight of it. Never forget how important it is to you." And with that, he turned and strode from the room, along with the others, leaving her alone in the cold and darkness that surrounded her. Alone until…

"Hei," a kind face greeted her, a soft smile playing on the rose lips. "come, I'll show you to your room". The woman – Naomi, if she remembered correctly – turned, obviously expecting Hei to follow.

She stared after the departing woman for a moment, until her mind finally caught up with the present. It had worked. A slight smile quirked the corners of her lips. She was in.

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