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'Josh you have to get going' she shouted from the bedroom.

He lifted himself up off the couch and stared down the hall. 'Where am I going?' he asked a little groggy from his nap.

'To the airport,' she told him, throwing some new clothes in his direction.

He looked at her panicked. 'I can't go on vacation. I'm the Deputy COS.' He stood up as though affirming his point, he hadn't counted on needing the chesterfield for balance.

She stopped in the kitchen. 'You don't really remember what happened in the last twenty-four hours, do you?'

'Of course I do,' he said automatically, taking the coffee mug from her with grace. He sat back down on the couch and began to sip it. Then he raised his eyebrows. 'No, I don't. What did I do?'

She laughed at him. 'Josh if you don't get moving I swear to God…'

'Fine, fine,' he mumbled picking up the clothes that were on his lap. 'I'll change.' He looked around the room curiously. 'As soon as I remember where I am?'

She laughed again. 'I'm making you breakfast. Now go change.' She pointed to the bedroom.

He stumbled down the hall. 'Where am I?' he asked himself. He began to look around the bedroom. 'Well those are defiantly my pants.' He pointed to a pair of pants on the floor. 'And that is my tie,' he looked at it head tilted, 'I think.'

'Josh are you changing?' she shouted at him.

'Right,' he said. 'Clothes.'

He sat down on the bed and slowly began to pull the clean clothes onto his sulking body. His head was screaming, and his memory was filled with quite a few blanks.

'Donna!' he shouted, once he had clothed himself to the best of his ability.

'What!' she yelled obviously irritated.

'Where am I going?' he asked her again.

She came into the room. 'You're coming with me to the airport.'

He looked at her, head half-cocked. 'Are we going somewhere?' He slipped off the bed and onto the floor.

She bent down to pick him up. 'No, I am.'

He smiled. 'But you're coming back.'

She gently threw him back onto the bed. 'As amusing as you are when you are drunk, I think I'll just drop you off at work.'

He stood up, managing this time not to fall over. 'No, I want to see you off.'

She patted him on the shoulder, 'Maybe if you weren't so drunk.'

'I'm not drunk!' he shouted.

She backed away back into the hall. 'You need to get some food, and drink some coffee.'

'Right!' he said and briskly followed her.

He found in the kitchen toast, and eggs, and bacon. 'What's all this?'

'Breakfast,' she told him and handed him a fork. 'Eat!'

'Donna I'm not a five year old,' he said taking he fork and slowly feeding himself.

She smiled and went into the other room to retrieve her bags. She came out carrying to very large bags which Josh distinctly remembered never having at his apartment.

'Donna?' he muttered from the kitchen counter. 'Where exactly am I?'

'My apartment,' she told him with a grunt. She let go of the bags and went into the kitchen to retrieve a coffee mug.

Josh gave a short sigh and continued to eat.

'Okay,' she began looking at her watch. 'If I drive you're car to the office, and then catch a cab, I might make my flight.'

'Where are you going?' he asked shoveling eggs down his throat.

'Wow you really are out of it,' she laughed at him. 'I'm going to Madison'

'Why!' he said just a bit too loudly. He had thrown his hand into the air and nearly knocked himself off of this stool.

She didn't hesitate to pick up the phone. 'Josh, are you going to be able to work today.'

He smiled. 'Sure...' he slurred.

'Hi,' Donna said into the phone. 'Are you okay?.… Good…. Sam I've got Josh here… No… No… Anyway, I think you'll have to...'

Josh began to shout, 'Give me the phone!' He was holding out his hand waiting.

She didn't move. 'Sam I'm going to out him back to bed… Sam will you just pay attention!… Okay if you could just sned a car over here in about two hours… Right… He should be there… Good...'

'Donna give me the phone,' Josh demanded, hand still held out waiting.

'Right I have to go,' she told Sam. 'Thanks… Here Josh wants to talk to you.'

She handed Josh the phone. She took him back to her bedroom and laid him carefully down on the sheets. The whole time Josh was having what seemed to be a very disoriented conversation with Sam. Once Josh was lying down Donna stole the phone from him.

'Right,' she muttered into the phone. 'Bye, Sam. And Thank you.' She hung up. She looked at Josh who was pathetically laying down on her bed, spread eagle. 'josh I'm going now. Sam's going to call you in a couple of hours and then you'll have to go to work.'

'What about the airport?' he asked, smiling still in a cocky sort of way.

'No, you go to sleep,' she ordered.

He didn't protest. He just rolled over.

Donna backed out of the room and smiled. Even if he didn't remember anything that had happened she would. And that was enough to make her happy. And it was enough to make her smile.

She called for a cab quickly. She left Josh a note on the front door, half-hoping he wouldn't see it. She grabbed her bags and went downstairs to face a taunting day. Tears had already begun to string her eyelashes, she missed him already.