As If Teenage Life Wasn't Hard Enough

This is JungleBoy with my latest story! About Fantastic Four! I intend on doing lots of stories for Fantastic Four, so check back to see what I have!

Summary: What if the members of the Fantastic Four had received their magnificent powers when they were only thirteen and fourteen years old? How would they be affected in school and at home? Would they fight crime? Well, read to find out!

Pairings: Reed/Sue Ben/Alicia (Alicia won't be blind though)

Ages: Thirteen/Eighth Grade- Johnny Storm

Fourteen/Freshmen: Sue Storm, Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Alicia Masters, Victor VonDoom

Chapter 1; Looking Back On Yesterday

Susan Storm rubbed her head irritably, fresh waves of pain enshrouded her skull, she ran a hand through her long blonde locks. "Ugh." She moaned quietly, "What happened?" She asked to herself aloud. Sue glanced around the room, it was a sparkling pearly white room, her eyes fixed upon an object adjacent to her bedside.

Next to her bed was a monitor, presumably a hospital monitor, showing her vitalities. Her heartbeat line was fine, her blood pressure, she removed the sticky pads on her chest just above her shirt collar. She gave another groan of pain as a fresh wave surged through her head. Truth be told she felt fine, on shaky legs Sue stood upright, her slim teenage body paced through the room. Sue reached the door, she put her small hand on the silver doorknob, opening the door widely she stared down the hall.

Glancing down the other way, she noticed a familiar named staged on the door across from her, it read 'Reed Richards'. Sue marched over to the door, not bothering to knock she entered the room, on the bed lay a brunette boy who seemed to be dozing.

Sue's royal blue eyes traveled up the bed, Sue gasped and almost fainted as she saw what happened to Reed, she let out a muffled scream.

Reed woke up with a startle, "Wha, what's going on?" Reed asked, "Who's there?" Reed shouted, not being able to see any other occupants of the room.

"It's me Reed." Sue peeped, Reed looked around.

"Where are you?" He inquired to the hidden Sue he couldn't see.

"I'm right here you idiot!" She yelled at him.

"Where?" He choked, "I can't see you!"

"What are you talking about?" Sue demanded confused.

"Look at yourself in the mirror then." Reed said.

"Fine…I…" Sue's voice trailed off as she looked into the mirror, not seeing her body, "What's going on?" Sue backed away and bumped into a expensive looking machine, it was sent free-falling, Reed extended his arms to catch the hefty machine.

"Oh. My. God! Reed! Your arm!" Sue screamed in horror.

Reed looked, "Holy…" Reed was interjected by a screaming Sue.

"What is going on here?" Sue screamed again frantically, not comprehending how their teenage bodies suddenly developed abnormal abilities.

"That explosion from the transporter device, it must have altered our DNA somehow. It's the only logic explanation. I had the schematics checked over thousands of times, I was right, Victor tampered with it because he thought I was wrong. Ha, I proved him wrong!" Reed said proudly.

"Well Reed, hello? This isn't time for your boyish ego to kick in, we have new abilities, isn't there a cure?" Sue demanded, calming down.

"Sue," Reed started as her clothes materialized in his eyes, "Your body, I can see it! Keep calm and concentrate." Reed instructed, Sue followed as told, soon her whole body was visible.

"See, all you have to do is keep your emotions in control, instead of getting emotional over nothing." Reed said, examining his new arms and body.

"Excuse me? Emotional over nothing?" Sue questioned, getting more angry, "We have become freaks, and you think I should stay calm?"

Suddenly a blue force exploded from Sue's form and knocked into Reed's vulnerable monitor, blasting it back against the wall.

"Whoa." Sure gasped, "We need to get out of here."

"We can't," Reed started explaining, "We'll get caught and put back in."

"Oh, well, then I'll get out of here. I'll have to find Johnny and Ben too." Sue said while scheming her plan of escape.

"Sue, you just can't walk out, someone will see you." Suddenly Sue went invisible, all Reed could see was the empty space where she was previously standing.

"Or maybe they won't." Sure said proudly rematerializing, she was wearing a broad smile on her face.

"Sue, we'll all escape together." Reed began explaining, "Is the coast all clear?"

Sure glanced out of the small window, peeking left and right, her ocean pools scanning the empty hallways for any form of life; she saw nothing.

"Then let's get going." Reed declared, hoping up and off the bed, the teens exited silently.

It was weird to the pair of young wondering teens, it seemed like no one was in the hospital, it was like a ghost town. After fifteen minutes of carefully examining every name on every door, they finally arrived at two doors adjacent to each other, the names read 'Ben Grimm' and 'Johnny Storm'.

"You go visit Ben and I'll go visit my little brother." Sue advised, both of them took deep breaths and silently slipped behind each of the doors.

Light flooded Sue's dark pools, the room was extraordinarily bright, on the bed laid her baby brother Johnny. He slept peacefully, his breaths monotonous and paced, Sue stared sadly. When she looked at his statistics displayed on the small monitor, she had to do a double take, her eyes flickered to his temperature. Sue's eyes widened with shock, his temperature was one hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit, that wasn't humanly possible. Sue rested a small hand on Johnny's forehead, he was burning up and felt feverish. Sue was sure it wasn't his usual hotheadedness.

"Oh Johnny, please let this be your powers and not some disease or something." Sue pleaded quietly.

Johnny's eyes fluttered open slowly, the intense brightness was engulfed by his eyes.

"Are we dead?" He wondered aloud in a joking manner.

"No, sorry, you still have to live with me." Sure replied with a smile.

"Oh darn." Johnny said snapping his fingers in disappointment, a stream of flame erupted.

"Whoa." The siblings exclaimed in surprise.

"That's so cool." Johnny said, holding his fingers still after snapping again, a constant stream of fire burning in the air.

"Stop Johnny." Sure warned, eying her brother wearily.

"No." Johnny spat, acting like a spoiled child. Sue's temper increased fairly, Sue concentrated, hoping her powers could create a bubble to contain the unbearable heat.

Soon a warped blue force surrounded Johnny's hand, relieving Sue of the heat that it was radiating.

"Cool! I have force fields and fire!" Johnny cried out happily.

"I have force fields you twit!" Sue barked angrily, she set off another blast of blue force from her body, it slammed against Johnny's smaller body into the mattress.

"Let's go now." Sue huffed, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Lead the way.." Johnny reminded her in a mock voice.

"Ugh." Sue threw the door open and walked into the other room, Johnny in tow. The next noise that was heard, was a loud high pitched girl scream that emitted from Ben's room, sending a pair of rushing doctors to the room.

Sue heard footsteps and her head snapped toward the door, peering out she saw two doctors speeding toward their room. 'Oh crap.' She thought. The doctors reached the door and opened it widely.

Sue threw her hands up in defense, the doctors walked headlong into a shimmering blue force field that sealed across the doorway from top to bottom.

"Sure, how are you doing this?" Reed demanded.

"I'm a quick learner." Sue replied with a shrug, "What is that?" Sue asked, nodding her head toward the giant golem on the hospital bed.

Outside the doctors began to slam against and pound on the bubble.

"I can't hold it forever." Sue called to the boys in the room, "Make a way out!"

"Allow me." Ben said standing up off the bed, he now stood at five ten, taller than his usual five eight bulky frame.

Ben walked over to the over-sized, panoramic window, jumping through it without a scratch. Reed and Johnny rushed out hurriedly.

"Come on Sue!" Johnny called.

Sue gave a moan as her power faded, the bubble was becoming flimsier, it was failing. Soon she let it totally dissipate.

"Quick, get her, she's contaminated!" One of the doctors yelled.

Sue gave in her last bit of energy. Sue concentrated hard, two crystal blue walls shot from her petite frame, blasting the doctors off their feet and into the wall behind them; their eyes rolled up into the back of their heads, soon they were slumped against the wall unconscious.

A rubber band like arm wrapped around Sue's waist, soon she was floating through the air, slapping against the jelly like body of Reed. Sure gave another groan and she passed out, Reed lifted her bridal style, she was light enough to carry.

"I can carry her Reed, it's a long walk." Ben offered kindly and thoughtfully.

"No, I got it." Reed replied looking down on the girl he liked so much.

"So Professor, any hypotheses on what the hell is going on?" Ben asked.

"Actually, yes, I do have one theory." Reed remembered proudly.

"Care to explain to us in terms that we can understand?" Ben was bright, so was Johnny, but when it came to Reed and science it was like he was talking in a foreign language they didn't know.

"Well, in a nutcase, Victor tampered with the schematics I had perfect. When the explosion happened the cosmic winds must've done something to our DNA. Thus giving us this unique and complex abilities." Reed explained.

"Oh, so your project went wrong?" Johnny wondered.

"No, Victor messed with the schematics, I was right. If he hadn't be so…" Reed's tone trailed off into the wind.

"So where is Victor?" Johnny interjected as they approached the mansion owned by the Storm family.

"I don't know, we never looked for him in the hospital." Reed answered.

"Don't you think we should have?" Johnny sounded concerned.

"Nah, he probably got early due to his father." Ben added.

"Well, we're here, Storm mansion." Johnny said, opening the mansion's large oak doors, "We'll have to be quick." Johnny said racing up the stairs with Ben in tow. Reed extended an arm, which coiled around the sturdy banister, hoisting him and the knocked out beauty up onto the second floor.

"My sister's room is this way." Johnny announced to the boys behind him, striding farther down the long hallway, stopping at a oak door. He opened the door, he and Ben stepped in and Reed followed suit. Inside the blue room, Reed walked Sue to the large queen sized bed and laid her down gently. She unconsciously gave a groan of pain and rolled onto her side. Reed watched her, even when she was out of it, she was gorgeous.

"So," Reed started casually, "You know what your powers do?"

"Hell yeah! They're crazy!" Johnny yelled, he snapped his fingers, showing the flames the leapt from his fingers.

"Interesting. Too bad you can't get your whole body like that." Reed said.

"Uhh, maybe I need a catch phrase or something." Johnny said puzzled, "Hmm, fire on! Nah, torch? Go on fire? Light up? Flame on?" Johnny asked to no one. As he finished with "flame on" his body grew bright, his body enshrouded in strong flames.

The heat woke up Sue, she screamed and soon a bubble contained her brother.

"Flame off." Johnny said, wondering if that would make then flames go away, his theory was right.

"Ugh, great, now our brother sister fights will be twice as worse." Sue said into her pillows.

"Come on! Doesn't anyone else think this is cool?" Johnny curiously inquired to the others, "We could be super heroes!"

Sue's phone rang loudly, she rolled over to her nightstand, picking up the pink communication device.


"Hey baby." Another voice told her.

"Victor?" Sue asked confused.

"Yeah, that blast sure hurt. Are you okay?" He asked concerned.

"Yes, everyone else it too." Sue assured her almost boyfriend, he was going to ask her out soon, she knew it.

"Good, I was wondering if you could come by and see me."


"I can't…"

"Why not?"

"I'm with Reed, Johnny and Ben. I'm really sorry, maybe I'll come see you another time." Sue said.

"Oh, okay."

"Wait! Before you go, did you develop any weird symptoms?"

"No, why?" On the other side of the line, Victor's hand surged with electricity, shimmering and dancing along his palm and fingertips.

"I was just…umm…wondering. Okay, I'll talk to you later, I'll see you at school. Bye."

"See ya."

Sue stared at the boys.

"Oh my gosh! We have school tomorrow!" Sue cried…

School certainly would be more fun, now considering they had powers.

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