Hello! This was my first story, but I've decided to clean it up, since it was riddled with errors and other annoying bits. I hope it's at least somewhat cleaner than it was. XD This story contains shonen-ai, or mild slash. There won't be anything offensive in it, nor will it have any sexual scenes. If the parings still bother you, however, perhaps this story isn't for you.

Also, a bit of creative license had to be taken in order to give this fic the...well...outcome that it has. I tried my best not to cut many corners, but a few realistic facts had to be sacrificed in order to make this work (ie: a few rules and procedures regarding moving into the dorms).

I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters presented in this fic (excluding the extra people like professors, random students, etc.)

In the beginning, as that is most often where things commence, Cloud and Leon had always had this indestructible...

...negativity towards one another. They had learned to despise each other so greatly that they even thought about intensely disliking each other almost constantly. But there was something particularly unusual about their opposition, especially when it came to Cloud.

Cloud wasn't exactly certain if his particular disapproval of Leon was the concrete truth as to why he was always thinking about him. In fact, he had reason to believe that his constant hate of Leon wasn't as fundamental as he had always considered it to be. Certain things about his behavior confused him a little bit.

From grade school forward, Cloud liked nothing more than following the irritated brunette around and teasing him...testing him, until finally Leon would work himself up into a fit of tears and cry until Cloud stopped his playful banter, and left him alone. Cloud enjoyed this little game—up until Leon cried that is. At that point, he wanted nothing more than to apologize and console his infuriated toy (something his pride wouldn't allow him to do, however) until he could resume his game again.

This process confused him.

Cloud wasn't sure why his game always ended in this sorrowful feeling toward Leon. He always knew that this would be the end result, but still he still hated having such enjoyment end that way. Another thing that perplexed the young Cloud was that none of his other friends seemed to want to apologize like he did. They teased Leon well after he started crying; they teased him for crying, and it wouldn't stop until the teacher would come in and scold them all for disrupting the class. Why couldn't Cloud be like the rest of those guys? Why couldn't Cloud be a successful bully too?

Cloud just decided that he was just a bit more sensitive than everyone else, and there was noting wrong with that. This was the philosophy he stuck too all the way through high school and into college.

Leon however, had quite a different opinion about Cloud's behavior, and it wasn't so simply put as Cloud just being sensitive. In fact, as far as he was concerned, there was no sensitivity in the reckless, irresponsible (the list went on and on really) Cloud; rather bottomless cruelty directed fully at him.

Ever since Leon could remember, Cloud loved to badger him—usually in an enclosed or sparsely populated environment—and all it would take to get him to stop was a single tear to fall from his emotion ridden eyes. Yeah, that was all it took; Leon had to completely lose it before that idiot could see just how irritating he really was.

Why was he always the target of Cloud's little games? And of course as quickly as Cloud would start, his popularity would inspire others to join (tears don't usually go unnoticed...) and he would soon have several classmates harassing him; most not being as prompt to stop as they were to start.

It was all Cloud's fault that he had such a miserable experience in school. Cloud's teasing, and his popularity roped the rest of the masses in like flies on fly paper, and Leon—as Cloud so matter-of-factly put it—was the honey to draw them in.

And this was the philosophy that he stuck to all the way through high school and into college.

The past wasn't something that Leon much liked holding onto, especially if the past contained some rather undesirable memories. This was a fresh start. He left high school, middle school and grade school on the gum-stained concrete walk-way as he entered the building where he would be residing for the next four or five years.

This was college.

Leon approached the front desk and couldn't help but smile at the thought of wiping the slate clean (A cleaning he had attempted to do every grade level since kindergarten but somehow managed to leave marks on somewhere.)

The attendant was an older woman who had as many folds of skin as she had sun spots. She unsuccessfully pushed her bifocals up her nose before they fell back down to the edge of her nose again.

"Can I help you?" She said, not at all interested in his presence.

"Yes, well, um I'm here to receive my room key." Leon stated calmly.

The woman turned up her chin slightly and lifted a discontented eyebrow. Sighing, she thumbed through a stack of note cards sitting near her.


Leon relayed all the information she had requested, at after each answer the woman seemed to get quite a bit more uninterested.

A few moments of shuffling she pulled out a note card which Leon observed had his name scratched illegibly at the top. The woman snorted and reached into her drawer pulling out an envelope with his name in the same unreadable print. She slid the packet and the note card toward Leon with a bright magenta fingernail and swung around in her chair to immediately to make a call; to someone which Leon was sure had nothing to do with him or college.

No matter.

This was a fresh start. He couldn't wait to get to his room and meet his new roommate.

This was a thought that Leon would remember regret later.

Leon made his way to the room, and inserted the key into the hole. With a bit of excitement, he pushed the door open.

"HEY! Can't you knock?"

"Oh! I'm so–"

Leon caught himself mid-sentence as he and his new roommate's eyes locked like tracking devices This was more than likely one of the most ironic instances ever documented anywhere.