A/N: Yup. It's happened. I've been struck by the plague of the plot bunnies and am now working on two fics at once. I'm a baaaad girl. Anyway – this is a weird idea I got after reading a BTVS/HP crossover followed by a Bearer challenge fic. That challenge goes as such:

Challenge: 48. The Wizarding World discovers Harry is a 'Bearer,' an important and incredibly rare wizard that can bear ultra powerful magical children. (The last 'beared' child was Merlin.) Harry doesn't want anything to do with it, so the Wizarding World holds a competition. The winner will impregnate an unwilling Harry. (Submitted by Charzy)

I of course am not promising how close I'll actually stick to the challenge – but oh well. This is a year sixth fic for Harry and as such may have elements of HBP, so consider yourself warned and a post-everything for any BTVS/Angel characters that appear. Also if ya didn't figure it out from the whole 'pregnant Harry' challenge above – this is slash.


Chapter 1

Dear William,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and good spirits.

I know that we have only spoken once, but I pray that your appearance at mine and Lucius' wedding was a sign of your concern for, if not the individual members, the line of Malfoy itself. If it is then I, Narcissa Malfoy of the House of Black, beg you to return home to insure our family's survival.

I will speak plainly.

As you may know, a Dark Wizard has risen to power here and Lucius chose to join his cause. Recently however, my husband failed in a mission and is currently held in Azkaban Prison.

The Dark Lord was and still is enraged over this failure and wishes to punish Lucius further. He has given Draco, our only son and the last heir of Malfoy, an impossible task. If my son is not killed during the attempt, then he will be executed by Lord Voldemort when he inevitably fails.

I love my son William, more than anything in this world. He is a good boy but he will attempt to do this thing, no matter how vile, in the vain attempt to make his father proud. He believes by following the Dark Lord, following in Lucius' footsteps, he will earn the love and respect Lucius has always withheld from him.

Please William, for the love of Merlin – by all things sacred, please – please come home and protect our Draconus Hephaistion Malfoy.

Your Servant,

Narcissa Anneliese Calixte Malfoy-Black

William Hephaistion Malfoy, also known as William the Bloody and currently called Spike, Master Vampire with a soul and reluctant 'White Hat', carefully refolded the parchment in his hands.

He took a look around the dingy crypt he'd been holed up in for the past few weeks and smirked. He was going home…and it was about bloody time.