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Chapter 20

"William Hephaistion Malfoy! You are NEVER touching me again!"

Poppy looked up from her place between the young Gryffindor's knees to see how the Master Vampire was taking the abuse.

"Breathe, Luv, breathe."

Harrys face went even redder once his contraction ended, "If you tell me to breathe again you dead excuse for a man I'll rip your lungs out!"

Poppy was glad her grin was covered by a mask; she didn't need her emotional patient aiming his ire her way.

"Push Mister Potter," she said as the teen opened his mouth to harangue his mate again.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh," the brunette howled.


"Oh Will! Look at our beautiful baby girl!"

Poppy grinned openly this time. She hadn't gotten to attend many births in her life, but the quick about-face in temperament of the 'mother' always amused her.

Lillith Calixte Potter-Malfoy, the first ever Wizard/Vampire hybrid was born at 3:33 am on January twenty-first. Weighing in at seven pounds and fourteen ounces, the little blonde was actually double the size of most babies from a male pregnancy.

William, she was pleased to see, was absolutely smitten with his daughter and seemed to have completely forgotten the last four hours of abuse his little mate had heaped upon him. Once everything had been cleaned and the baby given to the tired Gryffindor, William had crawled into the bed and cradled both mate and child against him, purring all the while.

Angel and Lucius had been admitted to the room briefly for the naming ceremony, but no on else besides the nurse would be allowed into the room for the next seven days - an old Wizarding tradition that helped both parents and child to bond magically and emotionally. Besides which, it would give the vampire's demon a chance to imprint with the child and prevent any fits of jealousy that would lead to a considerable amount of bloodshed and violence.

Slipping quietly from the room she was surprised to find the new Headmaster of the school waiting for her. She wasn't sure what time it was exactly, but surely classes had already started.

Nodding to the vampire and the Auror guards in the hallway she joined the Headmaster on the visitor's bench.

"Good morning Sir."

"And good morning to you too Mistress Pomphrey. How are our esteemed guests?"

"Excellent Headmaster." She smiled, "Lillith and Harry are healthy and resting quietly."

"Wonderful, wonderful. I take it the guards have had no problems?"

"None that they've reported to me Sir." Poppy glanced at the two men on either side of Harry's door. The Auror nodded, confirming her words while the vampire continued to ignore them all.

"Good. I'm sure this is the least of Mister Potter-Malfoy's concerns, but Miss Granger has kindly offered to take notes for her friend in the classes they share and young Draco will cover the rest."

Poppy smirked, "It's good to know Harry's education will not suffer."

The man sniffed, "Indeed. There has been quite enough of that around here! Honestly, seven years on the Goblin Rebellions? Outrageous!"

The nurse laughed outright at that. Binns had been a sore point for the American Professor since the day he set foot in the castle.

After Harry's rescue, Lucius Malfoy had instigated a full scale investigation of the school and the actions of its staff, namely one Albus Dumbledore. A month later the investigation was still ongoing but enough bad policy and inaction had been uncovered to dismiss the once great man.

In truth she pitied him, the hero brought low by pride, but could they blame him? Really? They had put Albus Dumbledore on a pedestal after his defeat of Grindelia and they'd never let him step down or fade into obscurity. They had lifted him up and now they had thrown him down. She could only pray that Harry did not fall into the same trap.

As if reading her thoughts - a disturbing idea after the discovery of Albus' illegal use of legilimency - Professor Latham spoke up.

"It is good that Mister Malfoy is following the old traditions and observing the week of seclusion, I do not think Harry would enjoy the spectacle our world is making over the birth.

Poppy sighed, "You're right, he wouldn't. It was only good fortune really that he's been asleep since you-know-who's defeat; the public would have driven him mad!"


The pair fell silent for a few moments and Poppy shuddered at the possible reactions Harry would have if the Wizarding World didn't get a hold of itself before next week - and none of them were good.

People were dancing in the streets for crying out loud!

The Headmaster cleared his throat, "I'm concerned about some of our guests."

Poppy sighed again; she'd been wondering when this would come up, "Oh?"

Latham quirked an eyebrow at her, "Are you aware that Neville Longbottom is sporting three rather large spherical protrusions on his stomach?"

The nurse dropped her head into her hands, her affirmative reply was muffled.

The professor chuckled a bit sourly, "Could you tell me what happened?"

Poppy dropped her hands but didn't bother to life her head. "Apparently whatever type of demon Illyria is, well they reproduce a bit like seahorses... she conceives and then transplants the fetus back into a special sac in the male."

'But Mister Longbottom shouldn't have such an accessory."

"It seems that one of the benefits of being a demonic demigoddess is being able to bestow 'such an accessory' onto a male of any species that she deems worthy - the process would have killed the boy if hadn't been."


Poppy laughed, she couldn't help it. Sometimes she forgot how young the new Headmaster was. He was so well spoke and dignified and then he would pop off with something like 'wow'.

"I can tell you that the young man is perfectly healthy and seems to reveling in the experience. He is very anxious to speak with Harry so that they can compare notes. I'm just afraid of what his Gran will have to say about the whole thing."

"That bad, eh?"

"Let's just say that she is a formidable woman."

"What about this Angel character?"

She snickered, "I assume you are really asking about his interest in Draco Malfoy."

Professor Latham cleared his throat and wriggled in his seat, "Well it is a bit unseemly..."

"Perhaps when you look at their true ages, but when you do that, Harry and William's relationship is almost as bad. Angel will age now from what I understand, but slower than a Muggle; more like a wizard. In our world it's not so unusual for a thirty something male to dally with a graduate - and they will wait until he graduates. William assures me of it. The boy is his family after all."

He chuckled, "I suppose you're right. Lucius Malfoy and Miss Summers might have something to say if they felt the boy was being ill-used."

Poppy nodded her agreement, "I think it will do Lucius good to see how the other half lives."

Latham gave her a questioning look.

"The Malfoy Patriarch is rather taken with Miss Summers, I suppose her being a Slayer makes her acceptable to his standards, but that's beside the point. It seems that he intends to make a prolonged visit to the new Watcher's Council and Slayer's Academy. Miss Summers plans for the Academy to be a fully functional school with a rather expanded curriculum."

"I take it she has asked for Mister Malfoy's expertise?"

"You would be correct. He has been on the board of Governors for fifteen years and he knows what he's doing, even if Albus didn't think so."

Latham 'hurumphed', "Yes, well."

"I thin young Mister Harris was a good choice for Muggle Studies, even if he doesn't have his accreditation yet."

The professor grinned, "Yes, quite. A wonderful man. And don't fret, he's already started an accelerated program to get his license and Professor Hanson has agreed to stay on until he's ready for practicals."

"How will you prevent the students from pranking the poor dear?"

He grinned, "I daresay that Alexander's relationship with a metamorphmagus Auror will keep the worst offenders in line."

Poppy laughed, "Yes, those two are perfect for each other. He's a much better choice for her than Remus ever was."

"Oh? I admit I haven't spoken much with Mister Lupin but he seemed a lively chap."

"That, my dear Headmaster, is a result of his current, rather unorthodox, association with both Miss Rosenberg and Mister Osborne. Those two have brought the life back to Remus. Don't get me wrong, he was always kindness personified, but there was a weary melancholy about him that's gone now thanks to those two... I've never seen him so happy."

"Hm, yes. Speaking of Mister Lupin, I've heard he and Severus have quite the rivalry going on - do you think its going to cause problems now that Mister Lupin will be returning to the D.A. position?"

Poppy snickered, "Oh I'm sure Severus will be as snarky as ever to the man, but somehow I think he's more interested in other things now than trying to sabotage Remus."

Now it was the Headmasters turn to snicker, "Yes, he does seem rather... distracted these days, doesn't he? But then our new History professor is a rather interesting fellow."

"You've offered Mister Giles Binns' position then? Thank Merlin?"

Latham quirked an eyebrow, "I'm glad you approve."

"Rupert is an excellent choice! He genuinely cares about children; he's well educated, well read -"


Poppy froze for a moment and then smacked the Headmaster's arm. "Shame on you Sir, teasing an old girl so."

"Well I must ensure the betterment of our school and if my Medi-Witch is going to try to steal my History prof from my Potion Master it could lead to a disaster."

Poppy scoffed, "Those two are so wrapped up in each other that they wouldn't notice me flitting about he castle starkers singing dirty limericks at the top of my lungs."

Poppy had made the comment in jest but the considering look that lit the Headmaster's eyes had her jumping to her feet.

"If you'll excuse me sir, I have a detention to oversee."


Poppy played with her smock, vainly hoping the heat in her cheeks wasn't visible to the... rather handsome man before her.

"It seems that Miss Granger grew tired of Mister Weasly dithering about and she snogged the boy senseless outside the hospital wing. I would have turned a blind eye myself but Severus looked ready to explode. I decided to give the detention myself; a night helping her with her new project will be much more beneficial to her than scrubbing cauldrons."

"Yes indeed. A worthy cause and I'm sure many of our Professors will be willing to aid her as well."

"And with a much more palatable acronym than S.P.E.W."

"WiLAMS - Wizards Living in Altered Magical States. The new mouthpiece for Werewolves, Vampires, and many others the Ministry had been treating like trash for the last one hundred and fifty years."

"And with the Malfoys behind her she'll be a great force for change," Poppy was slowly backing down the hall.

Latham stood, "Indeed and at the rate people in this school seem to be pairing off we'll have the staff and at least the sixth years married off by the end of term."

Poppy took one look at the heated expression on the Headmaster's face, blushed fiercely, and fled.

Change was definitely on the wind.