Know Your Stars: Winx Club

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Victim Twenty-Three: Duman the Shape shifter

The voice had decided to go back to annoying the villains of the show and knew she'd found the perfect victim when she saw a grown man wearing a Mohawk and a floor length skirt. Not wasting a moment she hatched a plan complete with directions on how to find the White Circle and soon captured Duman in the sticky microfiber chair.

"Know your stars! Know your stars! Know your stars! Duman from the Black Circle!" The voice shouted from the safety of her hidden booth. "He is Mystique's illegitimate child." (1)

Duman's face began to match the color of his hair. "That's not true!" He shouted. "I don't even know who my mother is!"

"Then how do you know that it's not Mystique?"

"Do I look like I have blue skin and freaky yellow eyes to you?" Duman asked.

"Well… no, but you are a shape shifter so how do I know this is your real form?" The voice countered in a smug voice.

"Good point."

The voice grinned. "I know, Duman who doesn't know that Mystique is his mommy, he is Riven's daddy!"

"Now that is just messed up. Do I look old enough to have a kid who's about to graduate from university?" Duman protested.

"Again, Shape shifter. Do I have to keep pointing that out?"

"But I am not Riven's dad!"

"I can pull up a forged birth certificate if you like." The voice offered sweetly.

"No thanks."

"Duman, who doesn't like confirming paternity no matter which end he's on." The voice pauses to take a breath. "He's not just Riven's daddy, he is Riven's cross dressing daddy!"

"I am not cross dressing!"

"Dude, you're wearing an ankle length skirt and a lot of makeup, what the hells do you call it?" The voice counters. "So Duman who is Riven's cross dressing daddy…"

"And I already told you I am not Riven's daddy!" Duman interrupted angrily. He was starting to wonder why he didn't just transform and fly away, but then realized he couldn't. There was some kind of force field on the room.

"Hey! Why can't I leave here?" he demanded angrily.

"Oh that?" The voiced asked casually. "It's magical force field, I picked it up at Home Depot. I can't really have you all escaping while I'm tormenting you all now can I?"

Duman shrugged, he had nothing to say to that comment.

"Oh and Duman, I messed up you're not Riven's cross dressing daddy."

"Thank you."

"You're Riven's cross dressing evil twin!" The voice crows as Riven comes charging in the room.

"You! You brought me back here again!" Riven shouts pointing a finger at the ceiling. "And he is NOT my brother!"

"I am not Riven's brother! I'm no body's brother!" Duman yells over Riven's shouting.

The voice pretends to be choked up. "This is so sad! Two brothers separated at birth who are denying being related to each other! I could call Oprah, but she's retiring and I hate Dr Phil. Ah well."

"We're not brothers!" Riven and Duman shout in unison.

The voice ignores them both as she does with all her guests. This is probably why hardly anyone comes back for a second interview. "I think I'm gonna cry, this is so sad! And to think you tried to kill each other too."

"Hey, I had my reasons." Riven defended.

"Besides it was just a dumb show." Duman added, then he looked at Riven. "Hey you wanna get a beer or something?"

Riven shrugged, "Anything's better than here. Just don't try to kill me, okay?"

"Hey, technically I'm already dead."

"Good point."

Duman and Riven walked off leaving the voice to sob to herself. "And now you know Duman, Riven's cross dressing evil twin. I think I need a tissue."

Well I can't drink, I needed someone to drink. I promise to try and do Saladin next.

1.) You knew that was coming ever since he started turning into a bird and a wolf. For those who don't know, Mystique is a villain from X-men and her mutant power is to change into anyone or anything.