Hermione Granger sat in her small blue sedan, waiting anxiously for the light to change. Her car had been a gift from her parents for her seventeenth birthday. It was nice in the Muggle world once in a while, she thought. The simplicity of it all amazed her, but at the same time, she didn't understand for the life of her how Muggles got along without magic. Now that she was of age in the wizarding world, she was allowed to use magic outside of school. It had been wonderful. She didn't mind working hard, but menial things annoyed her, since she knew the exact spell that would do it for her. The light turned green and Hermione pulled away through the intersection. Now that she had her drivers' license, she had decided to drive to Harry's aunt and uncle's house to visit him. She had called earlier and he said that he would be there. So now she was on her way to number four, Privet Drive. She didn't live far from him. She herself lived in Surrey with her parents, so it wasn't more than a ten-minute drive. She couldn't believe that she had neglected to think of that sooner. She was sure that Harry would have enjoyed her company.

And yet, now that he was of age, it was much easier. He didn't have to worry about getting in trouble anymore, since he could now threaten his relatives with a simple hex. They had left him alone that whole summer so far, and alone was how he liked it. She pulled into the gravel drive of number four, hearing the gravel crunch under her tires. She parked the car and rang the doorbell. Looking around, she smiled at how very Muggle-ish it was. Neat, manicured lawns and prim and proper houses adorned the street. The door opened in front of her, and a very upset looking Harry stood opposite her.

"Harry, what's wrong?" She was worried now. Had he heard something bad from Ron? Perhaps someone from the Order had contacted him with some bad news. It was running rampant these days, now that Voldemort was back in power. It wasn't safe for underage wizards anymore, especially the Muggleborn ones. The Ministry had passed a Decree allowing underage Muggleborns to carry their wands outside of school, to be used for defensive spells only. They had placed a charm on each young Muggleborn's wand the moment they entered Hogwarts' front doors, that would hex them if anything non-defensive was cast outside Hogwarts with their wand. Her attention turned back to Harry. She mentally kicked herself for not paying attention to him, getting lost in a tangent like that. He distractedly motioned her inside the house, closing the door the moment she was inside. She sat down on one of the couches and waited as Harry did the same.

"Harry, please. Tell me what's wrong." She was really afraid now. Had something happened to the Weasleys that she hadn't heard about? No, Ron would have sent her a letter. She was completely mystified as to why Harry could possibly be this upset.

"I just got a letter from one of my mum and dad's best friends, and Hermione, you won't believe this, but," Hermione cut him off with a shake of her head, pulled out her wand, and placed a silencing charm on the room. "Smart," Harry said.

"In case your relatives were eavesdropping," she explained. "Please, go on. You got a letter from who?" Harry swallowed nervously.

"One of my mum and dad's best friends." He paused.

"And what did they say? Who were they?" she prompted him.

"Well, they said that they were in the Order with my parents and that they had been instructed by my mum that if anything happened to my parents, that they should contact me with certain...information." Hermione's interest was definately peaked now.

"Well, what did they say?" She asked impatiently.

"You've got to swear that you won't tell anyone." Hermione nodded.

"Of course," she breathed. Harry gulped.

"Apparently my mum and dad arranged my marriage," he said solemnly. Hermione asked the first logical question that came to mind.

"To whom?" Harry gulped again.

"That's where it's going to get complicated."

"Harry. Who is it?"


So, who is it? Sorry this chapter is so short, but I wanted to see if people liked it before I spent mega hours on it. R&R! (Flames welcome...they give me a laugh. ;-) )