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Hermione walked around her hospital room, rocking the small bundle in her arms, which cooed occasionally. Harry walked up to her and brushed her hair off of her face.

"You look great with her."

"Thanks. Taelia Lily...do you think we made the right choice?" Harry nodded.

"Absolutely. Do you want me to take her for a few minutes?" Hermione nodded and handed him the bundle.

"Hi, Taelia! You're with Daddy now. He loves you very much," Harry cooed to the small child, making Hermione laugh.

"You're going to be great with her. You'll be a great dad." Harry kissed her on his way around the room.


A few hours later, Ginny walked into the hospital room, hand in hand with Dean. Hermione noticed she had a diamond ring on her left hand. She looked at it pointedly, and Ginny blushed.

"It's a promise ring, alright? As soon as we're old enough, we're getting married." Hermione hugged her friend.

"Congratulations, Gin."

"Thanks. It couldn't have happened without Harry, though. If he hadn't paid the fine, I'd be married to Neville by now." Harry inclined his head to her as he walked around with Taelia. Ron entered the room. The Trio had made up since "the Incident," as they called it, and had picked up where they had left off. Ron laughed as he watched Harry walk around.

"Hey, Daddy!" Ron yelled at Harry, causing Taelia to cry a bit. Harry quieted Taelia down, then admonished Ron for yelling.

"So, Ron...how's Padma?"

"Not bad...we eloped, you remember...she's pregnant now!" Ron's ears turned red.

"Congratulations!" Hermione and Harry (with some difficulty on Harry's part, since he didn't want to squash Taelia) hugged him.

"You know, I think everything turned out just fine," Ginny said. Harry hugged Hermione.

"I think so, too."