Naruto: The Dual Blade Saga.

"This is it." a loud voice echoed in the corridors of Doom Island. "This is the last one!" Maxim fell to his knees in fatigue. 'Strength, don't leave me now! I must save Parcelyte… save Jeros… my son. Selan, Guy, Dekar, Iris, Tia, everyone… lend me your power!' He was positioned before a huge stone, the last control source of the Island. Maxim stood up and gathered energy into his arm. He then held it in front of him and aimed at the last stone. 'Break damn it!' He closed his eyes as a surge of energy erupts forth from his arm and flew at the stone. The surge of energy bounced off measly at the Mystic Stone's defense.

"Damn it! I'm not strong enough to stop this," he cried in despair as he once again dropped to his knees. 'How can I stop this? Am I not enough to destroy this alone?' He slammed his fist into the stone ground. 'Selan, Jeros… I failed you both.'

'Do not give up yet, Maxim,' a female voice whispered in his ear. Maxim quickly looked around; his eyes clouded with tears that threatened to fall when he first heard the voice. 'Selan?' He quickly shook his head. 'Nay, it is not so. She has died from the power of Daos. Wait… that's it!' He stood up one last time. He then reached for the legendary sword: The Dual Blade. It was pulsing as its legendary power slowly vanishes. 'For the only purpose of vanquishing the Sinistrals: without that sole-purpose, it can not go on existing in this world.' He slowly unsheathes it from his sash as he gathers energy once more. 'This is it… one final time.' He held the blade in front of him as he slowly makes his way to deaths door.

"Du…Dual Blade…?" he slowly draws out as its legendary energy fills him. It was pulsating a beat… telling him that he should use all of its power.

"Alright... I'll use all the power and strength I've got left with you!" he shouts as a yellow aura surrounds him. 'Even if I should perish!'

"Lend your power to mine, in this, my final blast of strength, Dual Blade!" Maxim shouted while the aura grew ten fold. He held the blade above him as he shouts out "Wave Motion!"

Maxim jumped up with the last of his strength towards the last stone and slammed the Dual Blade upon it. Both the Mystic Stone and the Dual Blade shattered at the blow as Maxim surged through the air, crashing into the wall while he inhales his last breathe. He smiled as the Island started to shake and crumble as it veers off course that was Parcelyte and starts to plummet towards the sea.

'Selan, I changed the course. Parcelyte…, our Jeros will be okay now,' he thought as he embraced death.

Never was it to rise again, the floating fortress known as Doom Island crashed into the sea; submerging what's left of the Dual Blade into oblivion

"Naruto, you failed the genin exam."

'F-ck!' Naruto thought as he wiped a stray tear off his cheek. The words rang through his head over and over to no end. 'Stupid exam!' He kicked a can that was in his way. As it bounced out of sight, Naruto proceeded homebound. 'Stupid Bunshin Test!' he thought as he reminisced about the three part exam. He failed the first test, which was about dispelling genjutsu. Naruto barely pass the second test, which was a pure tai-jutsu fight against a peer or a sempai. But the last test…

'What a loser!' Kiba screeched in the audience which brought about loud mocking laughter. 'He's been here for Six years and he can't even do a Bunshin no Jutsu correctly!'

The Bunshin he created was horribly disfigured beyond all reason.

'Kill me!' the Bunshin pleaded in front of the whole Class.

This brought about stunning silence. Nobody could have comprehend, much less comment what just took place. After the Bunshin dispersed, curtsey of Naruto, the once quiet class erupted into laughter that fathomed the one before and was heard throughout Konoha.

'Smart mouthed clone…' He thought angrily for a second, but the sorrow in his heart overwhelmed that emotion. Iruka, Naruto's sensei, felt pity for his student and offered him a meal at Ichiraku on his expense after class.

'Thanks Iruka, but I feel that I must refuse the offer.'

So, here he was. Naruto, self-proclaimed future Hokage who failed the genin exam twice all because he can't make a simple Bunshin, was making his way home from the worse day at the Academy to only greet no-one at his humble-abode and is only looking forward to a home-cooked meal of Ramen made by yours truly.

'Gee, someone must really hate me up there!'

As he finally made got to his doorstep and reached for his keys, a loud clap was heard overhead. Naruto looked up and sighed. The clouds were ominous with heavy rain. 'Great, crappy got crappier galore!' he shook his head as he found his keys and opened the door.

His eyes widened for a second before he hung his head. As though some twist of fate, his whole apartment, for the f-ken third time this month, was broken into and was completely thrashed. His table was turned over… graffiti bearing words that no kid should over know was sketched over the wall… his closet full of his jumpsuits was ransacked and burned, well, still burning… his bedroom next to his kitchen/living room was emitting a powerful smell of different animal feces... and not but not less, his kitchen and everything in it was christened by urine.

While holding back tears, he walked through the door, closed it, and locked, and fell down a second later.

Naruto soon followed suit.

He tripped over what seems to be a bottle of sake. Naruto sighed and stood up, wondering why he was put on this earth.


After cleaning what can be cleansed in his apartment and salvaging anything that can be of a use, Naruto walked over towards the center of the kitchen where the table once stood. Hidden under a loose floorboard over there lay a couple packs ramen Naruto kept just in case his food was inedible due to… whatever.

As he knelt down to lift up the floorboard, a foul smell came from underneath. He immediately stopped and stood up. 'Don't tell me they…. Screw it!' He reached for his pants pocket and drew out an explosion note. Without looking, he bent down and lifts up the floorboard and threw the note inside. He sighed again as he walked towards the kitchen window.

A loud boom was heard behind him.

As he drew near to his window, he noticed that outside was pouring down pretty hard. He smiled. 'Perfect time for practice,' he thought as he opened the window. He jumped threw it and onto the fire escape. Being greeted by large raindrops and harsh winds, Naruto's smile grew larger as he made his way to the roof.

'With each passing raindrop that caresses my body, the sins of yore will perish,' Naruto thought. He chuckled as he got onto the roof. He couldn't remember who the first person was to recite this phrase to him… and yet…

The rain greeted him full force as he sighed… 'That doesn't matter,' he thought. He spreads his arms as wide as he could as thunder clapped above him. After stretching, he combed the darkness, looking for an object he prayed that was still intact and was not disturbed. When he finally found it, he laughed away as thunder clapped again, illuminating the object.

It was a takemitsu, or a bamboo sword.

'A living extension of my arm,' Naruto thought as he brandished it over his head. He brought the takemitsu down full force to the ground.


The whole apartment shook at the blow. As Naruto removed his takemitsu from the gravel that used to be part of his roof, he discreetly surveyed the area. Someone or something was watching him. Only to find no one in the darkness of the storm, Naruto continues with his practice.

He first held out a kanji scroll in front of him and gathered chakra; all the while, Naruto started to chant a mantra. When the scroll started to glow a bright red, he threw it towards the center of the roof while shouting out "Let thee be awakened!" In a huge poof, the scroll was replaced by a red kairai. It had taken on a crude appearance of Sasuke, his arch-nemesis.

'Damn Bastard!' he thought, angry about the events that took place earlier today before the exam.

'Give it up Dobe,' Sasuke sneered at the beginning of the exam. 'Anyone can pass the exam in this class but you'

'And yet they don't take it?' Naruto sneered back. 'Sounds like a lot of bullshit.'

Sasuke guffawed before saying 'Only dim-witted people are taking the exam now instead of waiting for the one next year.'

Shaking in rage at the past insult, Naruto started to snarl as the kairai started to move on its own accord.

The kairai struck a defensive pose.

Naruto held his takemitsu with his right hand as his left hand was in a defensive position.

In one quick swoop, Naruto disappeared and reappeared behind the kairai with his takemitsu sheathed in his belt. At first nothing happened, but slowly…


Naruto smirked as the kairai started to crumble into nothing more but debris.

'Kamikaze Kenbu,' Naruto thought seeing that the kairai fell to its' knees and burst into thousands of fragments. He sighed as he walked over towards the railings. When he was finally there, he sat down while he pondered about his life.

An academy student that wants to be the future Hokage, but he doesn't even have the skills to be a genin. Naruto shook his head. 'That description fits me perfectly.' He looked down towards his takemitsu. 'I should be practicing my ninjutsu, not my swordsmanship.' He held the sword in front of him as the storm started to wither. 'I guess I have to face the facts… I can actually be a better samurai or whatever than being an actual ninja.' He stood up and looked towards the sky. The storm had stopped completely a few seconds afterward and began to clear up.

Naruto surveyed the sky as though it was the first time he noticed it. Surprisingly, thousands of stars were appearing in front of him as a red full moon began to rise from the horizon.

'Wait, full red moon?' he thought as he gazed at it. 'Last night it was in its' crescent state.'

His eyes widened at what happened next.

The red moon, beyond all logic, began to spiral at a rate of recognition. If possible, the moon grew bigger as it span faster towards the opposite horizon.

'No,' Naruto thought. 'It's not getting bigger, but its getting closer!'

Slowly, three ghastly red blurs began to appear around the red moon and started to revolve around it.

'My god,' Naruto thought. The three blurs burst from their orbit and sped off toward elsewhere in different directions. One sped towards the south; another towards the west; and the last one flew into the north.

'What the hell?' Naruto thought, oblivious of the area around him. The one watching him earlier crept closer towards him. Slowly and cautiously, trying to make out his face, the young woman continued to walk upon Naruto's roof as she held a hilt hidden under her red dress.


She accidentally steps on a part of the kairai. Naruto immediately looked at her, his eyes questioning if there was to be a fight. Hidden by the shadow of a stray cloud, her face was concealed under a sheet of darkness as she walks closer to him.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked, reaching for his takemitsu in an iai sticking position. Though it would be useless using it with his pants, much less with a wooden sword, the unsheathing of the takemitsu would slightly be faster and cause more damage. The shadow figure moved closer and a weapon under her dress became clearer. Naruto's eyes went wider than before. He made a move to strike the woman, but he was stopped by her voice.

"We met again, Maxim," she said as she stepped out of the darkness. Naruto immediately blushed. She was a tall and slender woman, a few inches short of being at least five feet. She wore a long red dress that went pass her feet and flowed gracefully in the puddles of his roof. Her hair, almost equally as long, was a stunning green mixed into long silver strands. And finally her face was…

Naruto began sweating. 'Beyond words.' He coughed, hiding his embarrassment.

"I'm not Maxim," Naruto said as he sat back on the railing, one hand still on his takemitsu. The woman giggled. 'Wait giggled?' He paid closer attention to her face. Though her body may be mature in… some parts… she looked like she was older than him by at least two years. 'That explains it… teenagers are still kids in some ways.' Naruto shook his head.

"Of course you're Maxim," the woman said as she drew near. She giggled again. "Well, spiritually speaking of course." She grabbed the hilt of the sword and brought it into the light. Naruto stood up quickly and drew the takemitsu. "Wait," the woman winked at him causing him to blush. "I wouldn't stand much of a chance against you will I?"

True. The woman seemed more like a defense-less seductress than a warrior. That brought up a bigger question. 'Why in f-ken hell is she here?'

"Don't worry," the woman said as she moved a strand of silver hair behind her ear. "I do not wish to harm you in any way. All I wish to do," she held the 'sword' in front of her. Naruto stared at it. It was a rustic hilt and nothing more. 'What happened to its blade?' Naruto thought. "Is give you this." She finished by walking closer towards Naruto. She was barely a foot away from where Naruto was standing. She extended her hand that was holding it in front of Naruto before she continued. "You can refuse if you wish. But know this." She looked serious at that point. "Once you accept this, there is no going back. This item might not seem much, but it will change your destiny to the point of no redemption. Do you accept it or not?" she questioned.

Naruto stared at her for a moment. There where thousands of questions in his mind. Like 'How does this simple hilt change my destiny?" or "Who are you and why are you presenting me this item?" Everything was happening way to fast for Naruto's taste.

"So will you accept it?" the woman beckons, her patience wearing thin. Naruto looked at her for a few more seconds before nodding. He held his hands towards hers and grabbed the hilt. The female smiled while she retrieved her hands from his and placed it on the area holding her heart. A small tear formed in the corners of her eyes. "Forgive me…" the woman said as the tears fell gracefully down her cheek.

Naruto looked confused. "What do-," Naruto was cut-off as a sudden ringing plagued his ears to no end. He dropped to his knees in agony while the ringing continued. He felt as though his head will split open any second. He placed his palms on his ears trying to cease the ringing, but to no avail.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Narutos' scream of agony and pain was heard throughout of Konoha, instantly stopping anyone who heard it.

As the ringing increased in decibel, so did Naruto's pain. Soon, blood started to seep out his eyes, ears, and mouth. He tried to ignore the pain by gazing at the woman in front of him, questioning 'How' and 'Why'. The woman, to Naruto's surprise, was crying lightly.

When Naruto finally dropped the hilt he was still holding on to the ground, he asked "Who are you?" The image in front of him wavered into darkness while he dropped to the ground, unmoving. Into darkness and nothing more, he distantly heard…

"I'm Iris…"

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