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To Will, Warren was danger. And danger was something he had only ever heard about before going to Sky High, only ever feared would happen to his parents too intensely for them to truly avoid.

He could still remember that awful speech his father had given him about hitting an asteroid and being the one to shatter.

Now danger felt comfortable, or, at least, Warren did. And Warren really was danger, because despite the fact he was friends with Will and the others, people were still afraid of him. Warren would still rather be alone, brooding and staring down other heroes, than hanging out with them.

Sometimes Will was surprised that Warren hadn't taken part in that plot in freshman year, hadn't ended up a villain.

Will, like every other teenage hero, fantasized about running into a villain who dripped sex and danger and all things wicked and was more interested in stealing Will's virtue than destroying the world.

But the only villain Will ever wanted to do that to him would have to be Warren.

Author's Note: Again, just a drabble. I like this one better, I like this idea better, but the last one I was trying for one of those 100 word limits, so it definitely stopped from any branching out. I very much like the idea of a villain!Warren and his obsession with Will. That would be a fun AU to write, but I very much don't have the time :sigh: