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Concert Time

Holly was the first to wake, she was glad she had not dreamt anything unpleasant again. Waking up next to Genki made her feel safe even when things were hard. She knew what they needed to do, but now she doubted herself. * What if we save this world now and end up with another thing to do cause of all the evil here? * Genki yawned catching her attention. She wasn't sure if he was up yet or not but she wanted to speak with him. She felt him shift and noticed he was watching her.

"Something wrong Holly?"

"No… I was just thinking about a few things."

"You look troubled to me."

"Well… what if after we solve this we have another thing to do. After all with all the evil in the world there might be more trouble."

"Holly…. I don't think that will be the case. You were called here specifically because of the monsters. Not because my world has evil in it."

"I know…"

"Don't worry so much. Everything will turn out alright."

"Do you think Raya will find anything out?"

"I don't know. I'm hoping she can but… if the only lead she had isn't around anymore then we may be stuck for awhile."

"Genki you seem to know a lot about this underworld… were you involved in it?" her voice very tentative now, she wasn't sure if he would speak about it or not.

"Not really. I know a lot about it because of what Raya was into. And I did help her with a couple of 'pick ups' but I was never involved more then that."

"I see…"

"Holly are you worried that I was involved with her romantically? Cause I wasn't. I would never be able to tolerate her enough for that." She looked at him a bit surprised.

"I was wondering about that a little."

"We would kill each other if we were around each other for very long. Neither of us really gets along with each other. She doesn't like my way of dealing with things and I don't like hers. But we do have uses for each other."

"So you use each other?"

"Yes, we remain friends because we do need each other from time to time. Raya knows there are things I can do that she can't, usually because she can only see things within her own perspective and I see things a lot differently. But there are things I can't do as well." He gave her a wry smile then decided to change the subject. "Why were you so worried about me being romantically involved with her? I told you my past experiences, did you think she was the one who tempted me before?"

"I'm not really sure. She seemed… like she is very experienced…"

"In many things… and probably including what you are thinking but that doesn't mean she had that type of interest in me."

"No… but she seemed close to you… she knew you had something to talk to her about before you said it." he laughed catching her off guard.

"She does that to a lot of people. She did it to you as well. Raya is very good at reading people, I think she knows more about them from what they don't say then what they do." She blushed slightly,


"Holly… I would never hide something from you or lie to you. I wasn't involved with her that way. The woman who tempted me moved away a long time ago. I haven't seen her since, nor do I want to. I want to be with you and only you." She looked deep into his eyes seeing his searing desire for her to believe him. She nodded then smiled,

"I understand Genki. Thank you, I'm sorry I didn't believe you…"

"Its alright." He pulled her close holding her, his hand stroking her back. Holly snuggled against him enjoying the feel of him with her. She knew he was happy to be with her, and that what he said was true. Resolving to not become jealous again she relaxed with him enjoying their moment. Both knew very well the others would spoil some of their moments and they'd get very few they could enjoy. Especially once they got the information they needed.

A little while later the couple emerged from their room and went down stairs. Genki saw his sister already up and preparing to make breakfast.

"I'll help with that Vivian." Holly beamed; she really did enjoy cooking for the others.

"Thanks, I'd be glad for the help." Genki let the girls do what was needed, mean while he went into the small study they had. Getting on the computer he used one of the underground sites he knew to look around for any clues as to whom could be making they the monsters, why they were doing so, and what they had planned. When the girls finished breakfast Sarah wondered in to fetch him.

"Genki, food's ready." He glanced over at her and nodded. Soon the group was gathered at the table for their meal. Genki sighed; he knew he would have to go to work soon and then to practice after that. It would be a long and tiring day for everyone. He just hoped that after this concert was over they could focus on what their true objective was. Holly noticed Genki seemed to have a lot on his mind, but before she could say anything to him there was a knock at the door. Vivian rose to answer it. When she returned Officer Remmy accompanied her. She smiled to Genki then spoke to Sarah.

"We have your father in custody and at the moment your mother is in the hospital. I thought you would want to know."

"In the hospital! What happened?" Sarah stood panicked.

"Relax she is fine now." Sarah calmed herself then followed Remmy into the living room to talk in private. Genki knew Sarah was desperately worried about her mother. Genki noticed the group was staring at him now.


"Do you know what's going on?" Tiger asked.

"I have a guess but I don't actually know." He saw Tiger nod. "My guess would be her father beat her mother up because he couldn't find Sarah or Niki." Holly looked both shocked that a man would beat his wife so and disgusted. Genki was the only one to catch the glimpse of fear in her eyes though. He now wondered what she was thinking. When Sarah reentered Genki could tell she was upset. She looked to Genki then sat back down.

"Sarah, if you want to go see her that's fine. I can pick you up later…"

"Genki don't please…. If I go there is no way I could focus on what I need to tonight…"

"Maybe, but I doubt you'll be able to focus without knowing how she is either. Just go see her. We'll be fine tonight even if you need some time off. We are really just making sure Raya meshes well with the rest of our players."


"Sarah… please just go… you need to do this and you know it." his voice very gentle.

Finally she nodded after what seemed ages of silence. Christine offered to take her and the two women departed. Niki would go to school but she was less concerned about her mother now that Sarah was going to see her. Genki some how got the girl ready for school and sent her on her way with little trouble. He then turned to the others.

"I have to go to work this afternoon, but until then we can do some research on our own." Genki got the group to watch TV while Vivian headed to work. He got on his computer again to do some research. After awhile he joined the group in watch some documentaries on various things; anything from animals, to ancient civilizations, to technology. After a break he returned to his research. When afternoon came Vivian returned and Genki headed to work promising to reveal what little he found later.

When Genki got out of work he headed to the hospital to pick up Sarah. After retrieving the information from a text message his sister sent him, he found Sarah in the room next to he mother. Genki could tell by looking she was in bad shape. He placed a hand on her shoulder, soon finding himself holding her as she sobbed. He let her cry it out then gently spoke to her.

"It's alright, this isn't your fault. She will be fine, and all of you are safe now. You will never have to worry about this happening again." she nodded as her tears slowed.

"I know Genki… its just… she could have died…"

"I know Sarah… its not an easy path… but if anyone can do it you can. And you are not alone remember that." She nodded again. After a few more minutes Genki finally got her to look him in the eye. "Can you go to rehearsal or do you want me to just take you home?" she stared at him a moment then smiled,

"I can go I think I need to be around some like minded people." He returned her smile then nodded.

The two made their way back to the house; Genki let Sarah go to her house first to get the stuff she wanted and to get some of her sister's stuff. Genki came in with her to make sure she would be all right. Some how she blocked out all the disarray and the blood on the floor and walls. Genki helped her carry her things back into the apartment; he then quickly changed and grabbed his guitar. He smiled to the others,

"I have to go to rehearsal, you are welcome to come."

"We'd love to." Holly beamed, she for one want to hear him sing again. Genki grinned then nodded; Sarah came down with her guitar. The group headed out, walking to David's he made sure the group could keep up. Sarah seemed to have recovered from her earlier emotional trauma but Genki wondered how long that would last. * I need to get her to talk with Raya; it might just help her. *

Once they arrived they headed into the garage. Genki found Raya already there and was setting the drums to where she wanted them. Once done, she looked over at him. Sarah seemed surprised to find the older woman there and looked between her and Genki a moment. Shrugging it off she went to set up her guitar. Genki guided the group over to where they could sit and watch.

"We all set?" his voice serious for a change. He had his guitar on and was ready. They all nodded to him, then placed a piece of paper with the order they would go in. "We won't get another chance to practice before we go on stage." he saw them each nod, Raya had memorized the songs by now and no longer needed the sheet music. "Alright, let's go." Raya tapped off a count of 3 then started drumming. It took them near and hour to finish their practice. Genki found no problems with how they preformed, though Raya found a few ways to make transitions from song to song easier, something everyone was thankful for. Once finished the group packed up, Genki took Sarah aside to speak with her.

"Can you give Raya directions to the place we'll perform at?"

"Sure. I'll give her all the details."

"Thanks. Oh… and I know you may not want to but you should talk to her about what happened to you. Raya has been through it herself and she might be able to help you heal better then I can. Being male I don't fully understand what you went through… though I can try." Sarah stared at him for a moment, he was right she didn't want to talk to anyone else.

* But… if she went through it herself maybe she can help me. She seems so stoic and uncaring though… would she even want to help? * "Genki I doubt she'd want to help."

"You'd be surprised. She's very caring when she gets to know you." he may have his issues with her but he knew Raya was caring even if she hated to admit to it. Sarah nodded reluctantly then sought out Raya. Raya looked up from what she was doing when the girl approached.

"Genki said you'd need directions to the hall we are playing in."

"Yes that would be very helpful, thank you." Raya pulled out a notebook and pen; Sarah took it and began to write down what was needed; the time, address, hall number, and directions. Once finished, she handed it back to the older woman. "I know where this place is so it won't be a problem."

"I'm glad." Sarah hesitated now, Raya read her and knew she was struggling with her words.

"Genki asked you to speak with me didn't he?" Sarah looked up shocked, but then nodded. "If its still to painful then don't, I'm sure you have already been through a lot with just speaking with the police. We can always speak later if you need. I can give you my number, feel free to call me anytime." Raya wrote her number down and handed it to the girl. Sarah smiled,

"Thank you."

"I know its hard, and in time you will be able to speak about it easier. But some wounds must be healed over time. Call when you feel ready to talk." Sarah nodded then left to catch up with the group, Raya following with her stuff and heading to her vehicle. She knew the girl would call her, but she wasn't sure of when.

Genki said nothing on the way back, he knew Raya had a reason for leaving things alone for now and he saw her give Sarah her number. When they got back his sisters we relaxing on the couch watching TV. Genki returned to the den to research a bit more before tiring himself out enough that he went up stairs. His friends followed at their leisure, Holly joining him when Granity and Tiger retired. Genki hadn't told them his findings but then he hadn't much time. Holly relaxed slowly thinking about the music she had heard that night. Genki was very flexible when it came to singing and she enjoyed hearing him sing. She again wondered if he would let her sing with him. * If only I knew some of the songs… but I don't and he doesn't know songs from my world either. * She sighed, part of her wanted to talk with him about it. Part of her was too scared to do so at this point. * He already has someone to sing with… and I'm not as talented as her. He might not want that type of thing with me. * Carefully climbing into bed with him trying not to wake him, she sighed. Genki noticed her though, he wasn't quite asleep yet as he had been pondering some things too.

"What's wrong?" she jumped startled by his voice. "Sorry I didn't mean to startle you."

"Its alright. I thought you were asleep."

"Not yet, still thinking some things over. Now what's wrong with you?" when she didn't respond right away he reached you to her and pulled her into an embrace. "Holly you know you can speak to me about anything."

"I know… its just."

"Just what?"

"I'm scared…"

"Holly there is nothing to fear, just speak your mind." she hesitated a moment before decided to get it over with. She knew he was too stubborn to leave her be.

"Genki… could I… sing with you some time?" He couldn't see her in the darkness but he felt the heat on her cheeks.

"Of course, why'd you think you couldn't?"

"I figured you had Sarah for that…."

"Holly, Sarah is a good lead vocalist and a good guitar player but she isn't the one I'm in love with. I would love to sing with you, I never got to learn any songs in your world. And I know you don't know any here. So we can teach each other." Holly hugged him happily, after several minutes she relaxed next to him again asking.

"What were you thinking about before Genki?"

"About the lack of information we have. I can't seem to find anything so far to bring us closer to our goal. I hope Raya has better luck."

"I'm sure she'll try her best." she felt him nod,

"Lets get some rest. It'll be a busy week." her response was to snuggle closer to him. Soon both found themselves in the dream realm.

The next week flew by as Genki and his band prepared for their concert, and as he and his friends tried to search out useful information. Genki met with Raya once to check things with her but gained nothing for his effort. The night before the concert Sarah had finally called upon Raya, and decided to take the woman up on her offer of help. Genki was relieved that she had, though his workweek was busy he balanced everything well enough. He took the day of the concert and the day after off. He knew he would be very tired and wouldn't be able to work effectively. Genki secretly was glad this was almost over as it meant he could focus on the task at hand.

Genki stood behind the curtain making the final adjustments for his guitar. He felt nervous but then he always did before a concert. He had arranged for his friend to have some great seats, as they wanted to come. Sarah looked much better as she finished the adjustments to her guitar. Genki noticed Raya and Slash had finished theirs earlier. Genki had decided to start with a song that would wake the audience up. And the group had agreed with the decision. Sighing he picked up his guitar and got in his place, the others took theirs as well.

"Alright music fans are you ready to rock?" Genki heard their announcer come a crossed the speakers. The crowded responded by screaming 'yes'. "Ok then here's your band for tonight, let hear it for 'Sukkot'!" the curtain opened and the band began to play, the first song in their line up.

"Can you feel it? It's like a thunder. Something moving like an echo through your heart. Do you hear it? A voice is calling, Out of nowhere through the noise to where you are. You can't ignore it; you're created for it! " Genki's voice rang out as he put himself into the music.

"Do you wanna fly? There's a higher high; Just this side of heaven. Brings you to your knees; brings you back to life! You can make it last forever!" the band sang with him, they all would put themselves into the music tonight.

As the concert came to a close, the fans loved them. They loved every song the band sang and wondered what the final surprise song the pamphlet mentioned would be.

"Alright guys, I'm sure you noticed our special guest drummer back there" He indicated Raya, as the band kept their music going to do a nice flow into the next song. "Well our special song is by her request. We hope you all like it" this music changed now flowing into the next and final song of the night.

"The King has planned the supper for the wedding of His Son. And He sent out His servants to invite the chosen ones. But they would not receive them and they all refused to come, So He sent them to the highways inviting everyone." the fans began to go nuts as they not only recognized the song but loved how Genki sang it. Though he had to sing in his upper voice he still sang it perfectly.

"They came from every direction! They entered into the gates of the One,
The One who called them and gave them the right to sit next to His Son,
Do you see?
as he sang Holly and the others tried to make sense of the words he spoke. Each song had been a challenge for them but this one confused them the most. Now the band sag with him.
"It's your invitation! Your presence is requested at the marriage of the Lamb. It's your invitation, to be the guest of honor at the wedding of the Great I Am."
Genki sings alone again,

"They'll come from every nation, tribe, and tongue; all those with ears to hear Him knocking. There will be rich and poor alike; there will be old and young. He stands outside of the door! Not all will hear Him but there will be some, they'll hear the voice of the Bride and the voice of the Spirit say, "come". Do you hear?" The band jumped back in with the chorus, they all seemed to enjoy this song.

"It's your invitation! Your presence is requested at the marriage of the Lamb. It's your invitation, to be the guest of honor at the wedding of the Great I Am."

"Oh, He's God's worthy Lamb. We'll drink from the Water of Life, in garments of white with no end in sight. Did you know?"

"It's your invitation! Your presence is requested at the marriage of the Lamb. It's your invitation!"

"To be the guest of honor at the wedding of the Great I Am!" Genki alone,

"It's your invitation!"

"Your presence is requested at the marriage of the Lamb." Genki alone,

"It's your invitation!" the group holds their notes slightly longer now,

"To be the guest of honor at the wedding of the Great I Am." Genki finishes up a little softer, the band lets the music go for a little bit then slowly fades it out using their controls. Once they stop playing the crowd goes wild, standing to their feet, clapping, whistling, and screaming. Genki and the rest put their instruments down and move to take a bow, and then Genki gains the microphone again.

"I'm glad you all came! We are playing to sponsor not something global but something local. We all know there are those over seas that need help but so often times we forget about those right here at home. Those who lost their homes or jobs and are struggling each day. We didn't charge and entrance fee to leave you all free to give to this cause. Out side the doors you'll find a table where you can donate to the Metropolitan Area Rescue Mission. All proceeds do go to them and helping people right here at home that need help. If you want to buy one of the bands CD's or DVD's there is a separate table for that as well. Thank you all for coming and have a wonderful evening!" the fans went wild clapping again before the curtains closed and the band breathed a sigh of relief. Their microphones off and their equipment unplugged they smiled to each other giddily, even Raya felt great about the turn out.

After the concert, Genki and the band departed for home. Genki rode back home with his friends. He was quite, which made them wonder what was going on. After all that singing though is voice hurt, he would avoid talking for a bit. And though he felt great about how things turned out he still felt very tired.

"Genki are you alright?"

"Yeah… I'm just tired…" his voice sounded rough giving the group the idea that he needed to rest it. Holly began to think of his final song. * Was that a true story? He sang as if it was… perhaps I should ask him… * she glanced over at him, * though it can wait till he gets his voice back. * When the group got they immediately went to bed, it was late and they all were very tired. Genki was the only one used to late nights and the concert had worn him out.

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