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Remus Lupin sighed and rolled over in his bed. He glanced at the clock and saw it was 5:32 in the morning. He might as well get up now. He would have to attend a meeting for the Order of the Phoenix at 7:00 a.m. and he always liked to give himself plenty of time to get ready. That and he couldn't get back to sleep. He slowly got out of his bed and got dressed in his shabby, patched robes. After he had gotten his shoes on, he went to the dresser, which had, a mirror attached to it and picked up his brush. When he had finished, he stared at the reflection he omitted. His blue eyes were clouded with tiredness and sadness, the scars on his face hid the handsome one that was beneath them and his shaggy, brown hair was streaked with premature gray. He sighed heavily and exited his room at Grimmauld Place.

He descended the stairs carefully and quietly and tiptoed towards the kitchen. He had to make sure that he didn't wake up the portrait of Mrs. Black, which would wake everyone else up and Remus was pretty sure no one was yet up. He was proven wrong, however, when he pushed open the kitchen door. Two redheads were seated at the table. One was a plump woman and the other was a balding man. They were Molly and Arthur Weasley. They had been sipping tea and talking when Remus walked in. They looked up.

"Morning Molly." Remus half-bowed. "Arthur."

"Morning Remus." Arthur greeted warmly.

"Please, sit down Remus. Are you hungry?" Molly asked. She made to get up from the table but Remus stopped her.

"I'm not that hungry Molly. But thanks for offering." He chuckled lightly.

Remus then took a seat next to Arthur as Molly settled herself back into her original position.

"Molly and I were just talking about the meeting today." Arthur informed him. "I wonder why it's so early?"

Remus shrugged. "I haven't the faintest idea."

Molly looked at him worriedly. "Remus, are you sure I can't make you something? You look very thin."

Remus knew Molly took it upon herself to look after everyone and Remus more than appreciated her concern.

"I'm fine Molly, really. But thanks for your concern." He told her kindly. Molly still had the worry etched in her green eyes but didn't say anymore.

Seven o'clock finally came and soon the kitchen was filled with many people. Some were Aurors, some Ministry workers and others, like Remus, who were only too happy to join. There was one of Remus' best friends, Sirius Black, who sat next to him at the table, Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody, an ex-Auror and one of the best the Ministry ever had, Kingsley Shacklebolt a tall, bald black Auror who Remus had only met a few times, Elphius Doge, a wheezy-voiced wizard; Remus had talked to him quite often, Minerva McGonagall who was the Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts, Severus 'Snevillus' Snape, the Potions Master at the same school and many others. Sirius looked darkly as the hook nosed, greasy haired Potions Master entered the kitchen. Snape and Sirius were mortal enemies ever since school. Remus, Sirius, James and Peter, AKA The Marauders, had tortured Snape when they had been at school, a matter Snape had yet to forget.

Remus had met everyone in the Order; or so he thought. There was a new face swimming among the familiar ones. She was a young woman, no older than 25 or so. She had ink-black hair that fell a little past her shoulders and bright green eyes that reminded Remus of Lily.

"Is everyone present and accounted for?" A voice rang out through the crowded kitchen. Silence gradually fell as a murmur of 'yes' echoed. "Excellent." The voice said. It turned out to belong to an elderly wizard with long, silver hair and a beard to match. He had half-moon spectacles that settled on his long, crooked nose; he had on dark blue robes with tiny sparkly stars on them with a matching hat. This man was, of course, Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and head of the Order of the Phoenix. "Now, we have much to discuss." Dumbledore said importantly. "First off, I'd like to welcome our newest member, Nymphadora Tonks." Dumbledore motioned towards the woman with the ink-black hair. She scowled heavily. "Oh-sorry. She prefers to be called by her surname, Tonks." He added. Tonks' scowl lightened immediately to a smile.

Remus didn't know why Tonks preferred to be addressed by her surname. Nymphadora was a beautiful name. Ah well, she was a woman, after all and women were always a very strange study to him. Remus had been so busy pondering why Tonks preferred her surname that he nearly missed Dumbledore's next announcement.

"…And I believe it is time to go and retrieve young Harry Potter from his aunt and uncle's."

There was a murmur of agreement and nodding.

"If I may Albus?" Moody spoke, his magical blue eye swirling madly around. Dumbledore inclined his head slightly. "I think there should be an Advance Guard to go and get young Potter, you never know where Death Eaters or Voldemort (there was a shudder at the sound of the name; not shared by Remus, Sirius or Dumbledore) himself are lurking." He said darkly.

Everyone knew that Mad Eye was a little more than paranoid. He always thought Death Eaters and dark wizards were lurking behind every corner and he was very cautious; he only drank from his hip flask, which he carried with him everywhere.

Dumbledore looked as if he were thinking for a moment before replying. "I believe you have a point Alastor. Very well. Do we have any volunteers?" He asked.

"I'll go." Remus spoke up at once. He hadn't seen Harry for nearly two years. It would be nice to see him again.

Dumbledore smiled warmly at him. "I knew you would Remus. Anyone else?"

"I'll do it!" Kingsley Shacklebolt said, raising his hand.

"Me too!" Elphias Doge added.

"Count me in!" Deaduls Diggle added.

"Of course I'll do it!" Emmeline Vance said excitedly.

"I'm definitely doing it!" Hestia Jones said.

"I'd love to go!" The woman called Tonks spoke. It was the first time she had spoken since being introduced by Dumbledore. She sounded positively thrilled.

"I'll go Dumbledore." Sirius offered. His brown eyes were filled with a sparkle of hope; something Remus hadn't seen a while. His skin was white and he was awfully thin and he always looked depressed and sad. Twelve years in Azkaban will do that to you, after all. But his sense of humor was as strong as ever.

Dumbledore eyed him sadly. "I'm sorry Sirius but seeing as your still a wanted man-"

"Yea, yea, I know. I gotta say here." Sirius finished dully.

Remus felt awfully sorry for his friend. Sirius had been cooped up in this dreadfully depressing place for the past couple of months. It must be awful to be stuck in the place you had escaped from so long ago; not expecting to ever come back. And Remus knew Sirius would have loved to go and get his godson, he hadn't seen him for a few months and Remus knew Sirius missed him terribly. But Sirius would be able to see him shortly.

By the end of the meeting, the Advance Guard had been selected. It consisted of Remus, Moody, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Tonks, Elphius Doge, Peadalus Diggle, Sturgis Podmore, Emmeline Vance and Hestia Jones. Remus was actually surprised so many people had volunteered to go and get Harry. He figured they had all probably wanted a chance to meet The Boy Who Lived.

"Well, I think that's everything. Alastor here will meet with the Advance Guard in a couple of days to discuss getting Harry. Until we all meet again." Dumbledore finished by bowing slightly, clearly indicating the meeting was over.

Most of the Order filed out of the kitchen. All who was left was Remus, Sirius, Molly, Arthur and the new girl, Tonks. She strolled over to the table where Remus, Sirius and Arthur were sitting while Molly was up preparing breakfast for everyone.

"Hello Sirius." Tonks greeted warmly.

"Ah, Nymphadora!" Sirius replied.

She eyed him darkly. "You know I prefer to be called Tonks."

Sirius chuckled. "Sorry Nymphadora." He teased.

She scowled heavily but there was a twitch in the corners of her mouth as if she was trying to hold back a smile.

"Oh, this is one of my best friends, Remus Lupin." Sirius introduced them. "Remus, this is my cousin, Nymphadora."

"Tonks." She corrected him while offering her hand to Remus. "Nice to meet you." She added.

"You too." He replied kindly, taking her offered hand. He noticed her fingernails were covered in a fresh coat of black nail polish.

She took a seat across from the two remaining Marauders (Arthur was busy reading a Muggle comic book called, "Archie") and screwed up her face in concentration. Remus was shocked to see that Tonks' ink-black hair instantly changed to a deep shade of violet and it shortened a little. Her eyes stayed the same.

"I'm a Metamorphmagus." Tonks laughed lightly, apparently seeing the stunned look on Remus' lightly scarred face.

"Oh." Was all he said.

She yawned and stretched. "Well, I better get to work…ugh!" She finished irritably.

"Where do you work?" Remus found himself asking. He found Tonks fascinating for some reason, like he'd never met anyone like her. Well…he hadn't.

"The Ministry" She said glumly. "I'm an Auror." She added more brightly.

"Really?" Remus was a little surprised. "You seem awfully young." He said. "No offense." He quickly added.

She giggled. "That's alright. I only just passed my test." She said. "I thought for sure I'd fail."

Sirius chuckled. "I'm surprised you didn't."

"Ha ha." She added sarcastically although she smiled. "I nearly failed Stealth and Tracking."

"That doesn't surprise me." Sirius smiled.

Tonks laughed. Remus didn't know what was so funny.

"I'm dead clumsy and a real goof." Tonks told Remus, looking at him. "But I got top marks in Concealment and Disguise of course. I didn't even have to study." She added brightly, a hint of pride in her voice. She looked at her watch. "Well, I'd better get going or my boss'll have a conniption fit." She got up. "Bye Sirius."

"See you cuz." He replied warmly.

"It was very nice to meet you Remus." She said.

"Likewise." He replied.

"Oh, are you sure you won't stay for some breakfast dear?" Molly asked, seeing Tonks get up.

"Oh no, I'm fine." She said cheerfully. "Bye everyone." She waved and turned towards the door but tripped on the hem of her robes. "AHHH!" She wailed as she fell through the swinging kitchen door.

Remus and Arthur immediately got up and rushed towards the fallen Auror while Sirius howled with laughter. Molly gave him a stern look. Meanwhile, the portrait of Sirius' mom wailed.


"Oops, sorry." Tonks said apologetically.

"Don't worry about it." Remus reassured her, helping her to her feet while Arthur and Sirius went to shut up Mrs. Black.

"Thanks." She said sheepishly. "I hope I didn't wake the kids."

"Oh don't worry about it dear. It's about time for them to get up anyway." Molly reassured her, turning back to the sizzling bacon on the stove.

"Accidents happen." Remus told her, smiling kindly.

She smiled back, her smiled reaching her eyes, which turned to the same blue as Remus'. "I like your eyes." She said happily.

"Thank you." Remus said slowly. No one had ever complimented his eyes before.

"We shut her up." Sirius announced. He and Arthur were back.

"Sorry." Tonks repeated.

"Don't worry about it Nymphadora." Sirius said.

Tonks sighed through gritted teeth but a smile on her lips. "Bye." She laughed lightly.

"She's nice." Remus commented after Tonks had gone and they were all sitting; except Mrs. Weasley who was still busy making breakfast.

"She's a hoot." Sirius said fondly as Arthur returned to his Muggle comic book. "She was always my favorite cousin."

Remus understood why. Tonks was unlike any of the Blacks to whom she was related. She was bubbly and cheerful and she obviously hated the Dark Arts. She seemed the type of person to always look on the bright side of things; a quality that Remus wished he had. It should be fun getting to know her, he thought, as Hermione and Ginny entered the kitchen, rubbing their eyes sleepily.

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