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It was a chilly fall evening in Tree Hill, North Carolina, as the lovely Peyton Sawyer, a punk cheerleader at the high school, sits in her bedroom, by her desk, her pencil and sketch pad in her hands, thinking of what to draw for this week's drama comic. Suddenly, the phone rings and Peyton puts down her pencil and sketchpad, picking up the phone. "Hello?" She asked into the receiver.

"Hi, Peyton? Hey it's Karen, um, I think you left your cheerleading bag here at the café earlier, would you like me to hold onto it, or do you want to pick it up?" Peyton arched a brow, she hadn't remembered leaving her cheerleading bag at the café, but when she looked around the room, she noticed it wasn't there.

"I'm gonna come pick it up." Peyton replied. Karen, at the café, on the other end, nodded.

"Alright sweetie, so you just make you way on over and it'll be waitin' for ya." Karen said with a smile and hung up. Peyton nodded, and hung up the phone, a confused look still on her face. She shakes her head, turning off her web cam and the computer monitor. Peyton grabs a jean jacket from her closet, puts it on and grabs her bag, heading out of her house. She locked the door behind her then walked to her car. She got in and started the ignition, switching gears smoothly, as she eased out of the driveway, on her way to the café. When she arrived at Karen's Café, she parked the car and turned off the engine, deciding she would get a cup of coffee and stay there, talking to Karen for a bit, but what awaited her in the café, is not quite what she expected.

Inside the café, a handsome young man, known as Jake Jagielski, awaits, leaning back against a table reserved for Peyton and himself. In his hand, he held one, single, red rose, with a semi-smile, nervous look on his face. The restaurant was closed, and Karen was in the back, doing her chores for the café, but silently, playing along with Jake's little surprise. He sighed heavily. Jake had come back to visit, if not find a place to stay in Tree Hill, Nikki should be long gone, so he wouldn't have to worry, and with Jenny in his care, he was almost carefree. Jake had turned himself into the police, but they let him off for a day, since Jake pretended he had people to tell and take care of before going in and that it'd only take a day. He promised he'd be back there by 12:00pm the next day. He wondered if Peyton would be happy to see him, and if she didn't mind spending the rest of the night with him. He was almost certain she wouldn't mind. Jake had missed her so much, and he liked her a lot, maybe even loved her, he was also almost certain it was love as well. As he stood there waiting, he fiddled with the rose a little, thinking of what he should say to Peyton, or if he should even say anything at all. Different images of Peyton and memories of them together flowed through his mind, he could never get her out of his head, it were as if he was obsessed, but obsessed and in love, he had no doubt about it. He silently waited, for his love to walk in the door at any moment, with any reaction to the surprise. Jake took a deep breath and sighed, eyes fixed on the door.

Peyton sat in her car for a few minutes, hesitant. She finally got out of her car, locked the door, and walked towards the café. She peered inside, noticing Karen not there, but somehow, not noticing her love, Jake, standing by a table, awaiting her arrival. Guessing Karen was in the back, she opened the door and walked inside. She took only a few steps before she finally looked up. She gasped, putting her hands over her mouth. Thinking her eyes were deceiving her, she walked slowly towards Jake. She looked around, wanting to grab her bag and leave, but at the same time, she wanted to stay.

"Jake…" she whispers silently to herself. The look on her face was hard to read, but she hoped she hadn't given Jake the wrong impression. Peyton was very happy to see him, but she didn't necessarily have a reaction. She bit her lower lip and looked at Jake up and down. A slight smirk tried to creep across her face, but she held it back. A glint of mixed emotions, of both love and sadness shown in her eyes. Jake had been gone for a while, and she missed him a lot. She liked him a lot, heck, maybe she even loved him. To use a word so strong, she wasn't sure if she was ready to, but she had a feeling Jake was the one. Her hands fell at her sides, as she glanced to the bottom right corner of her eyes, noticing her cheerleading prep bag. She put one foot in that direction, ready to pick it up and leave. But something made her stop and pull her foot back. Was it the look in Jake's eyes? Was this Jake the same sweet, innocent, loving Jake she had once known? Had he changed? These and more were questions that ran through Peyton's mind at this time, and she wanted only two more to be answered. Did him? Did he love her as well? She then realized that the only way to find the answers to these questions, is to spend the night with him. She looked him in the eyes, those same loving eyes, nothing different about them, as she just stared into his gaze…

Jake just smiled at Peyton. Love shown through his eyes. He had missed Peyton so much, but not being able to tell what her reaction was, worried him a bit. He raised his brows as Peyton put her foot forward, then pulled it back. Catching her glance, he held her eyes in his. Jake handed Peyton the rose and took her hand, seating her. As he pushed in her chair, he walked to his chair and sat down. "Peyton..." he said lowly, looking down at the plate in front of him. He wanted to ask her one simple question, but he was nervous, wondering what Peyton's response would be. Taking a deep breath he looked up at her. "Peyton...I missed you so much. I…I love you…and, I want to…will you go out with me?" He bit his bottom lip, and looked back down at the plate. Closing his eyes, he awaited Peyton's response. Thoughts ran through his mind like crazy. What if she said no? What if she didn't love him? What if she had found someone else? Would she actually hide it from him? Did she miss him? Did she want to be with him? What if she had said yes? What was he to do? Was he to make a move? What would she do? What was he to say? He took a breath, a low, but deep breath. His eyes glanced at her hands, to notice her twirling the rose a bit. Tears formed behind his eyes, from joy or sadness, he didn't know, but he didn't cry. He held them in, not knowing what to expect for a response from his love.

Peyton sat and smiled at Jake, admiring the rose. Hearing his question, her breath caught. Shocked, she didn't know what to say, what to do. She wanted to say yes, but she wasn't sure. Her heart raced. Did she really love him? She looked at him, tears started to fall down her face.

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