China knew that Henry loved her. A lot of the Hellions and the other bikers thought that she was just his personal sex toy, a notion that was only reinforced by the occasional black eye or bruised mouth that she sported.

What they didn't see were the scratches that her Henry had under his shirt.They liked it rough. Sometimes he got carried away, hence the bruises; in return she kept her nails long and sharp.

He was badass, and she had a nice ass. They made a good couple.

Henry was always so physical with her, but she did not mind. She liked it, in fact. He would protect her reputation, even though she was more than capable of doing that. Luther and most of the Hellions knew better than to talk about the couple behind their backs. One of the dimmer ones had learnt that the hard way. His nose had never really healed properly.

China loved her Henry. They were so physical, and he always made sure she knew who wore the pants in their relationship. But she loved him and he loved her, and that as all that mattered.