Knowing What You Don't

Summary: Ron thinks he likes Hermione, so when he sees Harry and Hermione kissing he gets upset. Very upset, until he gets help from someone he thinks is crazy, but makes a new discovery. R/L

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Quidditch practice was brutal. Rain poured down hard, making it impossible to see or hear anything. Finally Harry called it quits and left the pitch without cleaning up. Ron watched him leave and felt compelled to go with him, but then decided to take a shower. A long one. He had a headache and also did not want to go back and hear Hermione badger him about his homework.

Ron smiled. He could see the look on her face whenever she talked to him about his homework.

Ginny was chatting with the rest of the team, unaware that her brother was even in there. But Ron did not mind, he needed to sort out his thoughts at that moment. Ginny and the rest of the team left.

Ron sighed and walked over to the shower, slowly he began removing his clothes and then climbed into the shower, where he turned on the water to its hottest. He pressed his forehead against the stone wall, his head pounding painfully.

When he closed his eyes he could see Hermione smiling at him. Ron smiled, then grimaced, his headache was so bad that it hurt to smile, or do anything, really. Ron just stood there and let the hot water pour down on his head. He could feel the tension relaxing.

Finally he turned off the water and began getting dressed after drying off. His headache immediately came back the minute the water left his head. Ron changed and then began heading back to the castle.

"Abraxan," Ron said to the Fat Lady, she swung open.

Ron stepped into the common room and stopped dead, staring at the table he, Harry, and Hermione always sat at. Harry and Hermione were laughing about something, and then they leaned toward eachother and kissed.

Ron wondered if it was just the fact that his headache was so bad that he was seeing things…but no. He felt all the air rush out of his lungs, his mouth went dry…he placed a hand on the wall to balance himself from collapsing. Ginny suddenly ran up to him.

"Ron!" she exclaimed, "Do you-"

She cutoff by the look on his face, then turned around and noticed what he was looking at.

When Harry and Hermione heard Ginny shout Ron's name, they had pulled apart.

Ron finally turned around and ran out of the common room. He kept running until he reached the doors that led out to the grounds. He leaned on them for a moment or two to catch his breath, and then he opened the large double doors and walked out to the grounds. It was still raining but Ron didn't care. He just walked over to a tree and collapsed against it. His head pounded hard and no matter what he tried to do he couldn't get the picture of Harry and Hermione out of his head.

"Hello, Ronald," a voice said.

Ron knew who it was. The only person at this school who called him 'Ronald' was Luna Lovegood. He didn't feel like talking, though. He didn't want to. But then he opened his eyes and said,

"Hello, Luna."

"Why are you outside in the rain?"

"Just taking a walk."

"So am I…is something wrong? You look like something bad happened."

"No, I just have a headache."

"It could be the Hempoobles."

"The what?"

"Hempoobles, they infest your head and-"

"I don't really want to hear it right now."

Luna began searching her pockets. Ron watched her wearily. Finally Luna produced what looked like a miniature purple cauliflower.

"Do you always carry stuff like that around with you?" Ron couldn't help asking.

"Oh yes," Luna said, handing him the thing, "You never know…eat this, your headache will go away. And so will the Hempoobles."

Ron held the purple cauliflower in his hand and then looked at Luna. Her hair was matted on her face and neck. She smiled expectantly at him. Ron closed his eyes as his headache seemed to get worse.

"You should eat the Emplephore," said Luna in deep concern, "It will help."

"It doesn't matter," Ron muttered, he knew he would probably choke on whatever she had said this purple cauliflower was if he tried swallowing it. Then his eyes snapped open when the image of Harry and Hermione kissing entered his mind once again. But opening his eyes tossed another wave of pain through his head.

"But if you want to get rid of the Hempoobles-" Luna began again.

"It's just a headache, Luna, really…you're making a big deal out of nothing."

"I know it's a headache, but its Hempoobles that start the headaches."

Ron just decided to eat the purple cauliflower, to make her stop talking. He put the purple cauliflower in his mouth…and it dissolved the minute it touched his tongue. He swallowed and relief filled his head almost at once.

"Better?" Luna asked.

"Yeah, thanks Luna."

"You're welcome, Ronald."

Ron winced at his full name, but then said,

"Well…I better go…I think."

"What do you mean?"

"I just don't really ant to go back to the common room."

"Why not?"


"Is it because of Harry and Hermione?"

Ron blinked and looked up at her. A sudden feeling of rage erupted inside of him.

"You know?" he asked, feeling his eyes burn.

"Of course."

"How…how long?"

"Oh, everyone knows! Its been out for months!"

"Everyone? Months?"

Ron felt like he couldn't breathe. Harry and Hermione had been dating for months and they couldn't have even told him…in fact, they had told everyone but him.

"Thanks, Luna," Ron said quietly, wanting to leave before she saw him cry, "I'll see you around, 'kay?"

"Alright," Luna said brightly, "I think I'll continue my walk."