Chapter 7: Close Call!


I was rather curious about Mr. G, so I asked Mia about it. She simply answered, "Oh, he just offered to let me attend his review sessions of Algebra."

All I could say was, "Oh." That means Mia is trying to avoid me, so she is getting someone else to teach her.

Then she quickly told me, "It's nothing to do with you, Michael. You are really a good teacher. It's just that my mom told me to have extra classes with Mr. G."

"And I really hope that it is okay with you to continue teaching me in Algebra. But if you aren't free, it's okay, though." I flushed and quickly answered her that it was really all right. I felt relieved because Mia wasn't avoiding me. I let out a small huff.

Mia noticed it and asked me, "Are you okay?"

It is really hard to hide my problems and feelings from Mia. She is like an angel sent from Heaven to help those in need. "It's nothing, really." I gave her an assuring look. However she wasn't convinced by the answer I gave to her. "Come on, Michael, what's going on? Is it something to do with Lily?"

"To tell you the truth, a part of it is of Lily. She offered to help me get a girl I've liked for a long time. But now, I am thinking of declining her proposal." I hope she doesn't suspect that the girl is her. I couldn't read the expression on her face. She looked sad and hurt.

"Mia, are you all right?" I shook her shoulders. I was really worried. Did she really figure out that she is the girl I am talking about? She just nodded her head and smiled slightly.

"I know it may sound crazy, but Lily is good at these things, so you can count on her to help you out. I can assure you of that."

Then her boyfriend placed his cell phone in front of her. She asked him sweetly, "Lars, who is that?" I heard him reply that it was her grandmother.

"Will you excuse me, Michael? I'll talk to you later, and good luck with the girl you are after. I'm sure she is a lucky one," she said. She gave me a sad smile. Then she went at the back of the class and answered the phone.

I stared at her retreating figure with Lars following her. I mumbled, "I really hope so, Mia. I really do."

Mia's P.O.V

So many things happened in just a day. Today I felt so stressed out. I don't think I can tolerate any more pressure from anyone else. As soon as I was in G&T class, I thought there wasn't anything else to worry apart from staying back in school for review classes. Usually that's when I hang out with my friends. I was staring in space, deep in thought, until Michael interrupted me.

He asked me about Mr. G. I just told him that Mr. G asked me whether I would like to attend his 'stay-back classes'. I told Michael that I agreed with my Algebra teacher's offer. He just gave me an "Oh" for a reply. I sensed that Michael thinks that I took up the class because he didn't teach me well.

I quickly assured him, "It's nothing to do with you, Michael. You are really a good teacher. It's just that my mom told me to have extra classes with Mr. G."

I added that I really hoped that he could still coach me during this period. He said, "Sure, it's obviously fine with me." I was relieved because I don't know what to do without having Michael coaching me. Well, yeah I don't concentrate when he teaches me, because I am so busy smelling his scent and glancing at his eyes, but he really does have a nice pair of eyes.

"Quit thinking about it," I scolded myself. Suddenly Michael sighed so I asked him if something was troubling him. He just told me it is nothing. I was not happy with his answer so I pushed him to explain further in detail. I just shot out that it must have been something to do with Lily. What a good friend I am. Sorry Lily!

It turns out to be a right guess. He told me that it is about her, she (Lily) is trying to help him get a certain girl that he's liked for a long time. And he was considering letting down her offer. In my mind, I said, "See, I told you, he likes someone else, not you."

"Why are you so stubborn? If you would have taken my advice, you wouldn't be feeling so miserable." I couldn't tell how I was feeling. I felt the earth stopped moving. His exact words kept on ringing in my mind. 'To tell you the truth, a part of it is of Lily. She offered to help me get a girl I liked for a long time. But now, I am thinking of declining her proposal.'

I didn't know what to say or react. Luckily, Grandmere called me at the right time. Thanks a lot Grandmere! I just wished him good luck with the girl he's after. I was very surprised when she called. I asked myself, "What does she want now? I can bet it must be something not good."

I took a deep breath and put on my nicest and sweetest voice. "Hello?"

"Hello Amelia. God, what happened to your voice? Are you having some sort of sore throat?" Goodness gracious, why can't she just understand that I am trying to be polite to her.

"I don't have a sore throat, grandma. It's just that I wanted to greet you in a polite tone."

"For goodness sake, Amelia can you just talk to me in your usual voice? You don't sound like my granddaughter. And what took you so long to answer my call? And don't call me grandma or grandmother; you should use 'Grandmere'. It's French," she added.

I just rolled my eyes and obediently replied, "Yes, Grandmere." "Amelia, I would like to have your princess lessons after school. I will be waiting for you at the hotel suite and be punctual. Good day to you, Amelia." Then she hung up, before I could even say a word or even a 'goodbye'.

Guess I have to cancel the extra class with Mr. G today. Why can't she check with me before she is convinced that I am free? I would rather study Algebra than getting myself stuck with my grandmother for the whole afternoon.

As I was walking back to my desk, I saw Lily and Michael deeply absorbed in a conversation. It sure is really awkward seeing them in good talking terms instead of arguing. Michael was probably asking for advice about the girl he likes, I reminded myself. I felt my stomach twisted into a tight knot. I was feeling sick at the thought of it.

I thought of eavesdropping but unfortunately, they finished their 'little chat' right before I sat down at my seat. I really wanted to know who the girl Michael likes is. I am sure that the girl isn't me. How could it be? It must be Judith Greshner; they will make a great couple, unlike Michael and me.

I flipped open my book and stared at it. "Well Mia, no wonder you are failing Algebra," Lily remarked. She smirked at me. I just glared at her and this time I really was concentrating on my book. "Mia, could you stay for the night at my house? It seems like we haven't had our girly night for quite a while," Lily said.

I wasn't in a hanging out mood at the moment. I was planning on being alone for the day. So I said, "Sorry, I can't, Lily. I have a lot of things of my mind now. I just can't"

"Oh Mia, please. Can't you do it for your best friend since kindergarten?" she put on her puppy eyes. I couldn't stand it with her pleading eyes.

"But Lily, I-."

She just interrupted me. "Please, Mia?" I looked at her for a moment. She still was in her pleading look. Wrong move.

I slowly gave in, "Sure, I… guess."

Lily sounded thrilled. It's so unlikely of her. "I just can't wait to ...Ouch!"

"Err.. Lily?"

"Oh it's nothing I accidentally bit my tongue. Guess too overexcited, you see." I nodded my head without the slightest bit of suspicion.

"Excited?" What's so exciting?"

"Oh… you see I have planned something juicy for the night. I can't wait to see your reaction!"


Then the school bell rang. "See you guys later," I said.

Michael's P.O.V

After Mia left to answer her call, I stared at her for a moment or so. Then someone sneered at me, "Oh, Michael. It's not like you are not going to see her later." It was Lily. I frowned at her, then went back to work on my webzine. I thought that she would leave me alone, but sadly she didn't.

So I shot back at her, "What do you want?"

"My dear brother, it seems to me that you are smarter than you look. Well, I just thought we should get down to business."

"Sorry, but I have decided that I would like to do it my own. I don't need your help."

"Oh, come on, Michael. You know you aren't capable in these things. I am female, so I perfectly understand women's true desires and feelings. However you are a male, you don't understand us, women's hearts." She emphasized the words 'women's hearts'.

I remembered what Mia said to me earlier. If Mia says so, then why shouldn't I? Finally I agreed. "But then I have conditions. No. 1, You can't let anyone else know about it, especially Mia. No. 2, You must not do anything embarrassing."

Lily responded, "Sure."

But I couldn't trust her fully. She could do anything she wants or desires. She started discussing her little plans. I grimaced. Her 'little plan' isn't that deceptive. I have just realized my sister's true attitude.

That was when Mia came back to her desk. Lily quickly quieted, and I followed suit. She whispered to me, "Time for action." I lifted my eyebrows and glanced at her direction using the corner of my eyes. I didn't want it to look like I knew what Lily was going to say.

I heard Lily inviting Mia to our house tonight. But Mia declined the invitation. Oh no! However, my sister put on a pleading look which made Mia gave in. Admittedly, no one would easily get tricked by Lily's begging look except for Mia. Mia is such a kind and innocent person who accepts anything from anyone!

That is why I am so in love with her. Who wouldn't want to have a pretty, kind-hearted, smart and innocent girl for a girlfriend? For one thing, anyone who doesn't admit Mia is a good person must be a lunatic. Lana is the best example, don't you agree?

I quickly kicked Lily at the shin when she was about to expose the secret. Luckily I was in time, or else Mia would have heard what Lily was going to say. Mia was baffled but she let it go. I was relieved.

Thank god, Lily managed to lie to Mia. But it is not totally a fib because it is going to happen tonight. I am so going to kill Lily for this. She almost blew our cover! What if Lily accidentally slipped it out when I wasn't around? No one would be able to stop her! That's what I'm most afraid of. What am I going to do?

There goes the bell. I have to enter my next class, but before that I have to talk to Lily privately.

"So, Lily, did you know you almost blew it?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry, Michael. But you managed to stop me, right?"

"I sure did. But how am I going to trust you if you always make a freaking mistake all the time?" I said while pretending to think.

"Please believe me, Michael. What about if your secret comes out I will do the dishes for a month?"


"Alright. Alright. If any of our plans are exposed, I will pull back and I swear to god that I wouldn't tell a single soul who you love." Lily emphasized the word "Love."

I flushed but I had to cover it because I didn't want Lily to see.

"Okay, deal. But you have to do the dishes too." I quickly hurried off without Lily agreeing to the plan. Who cares?

Mia's P.O.V

Damn! I have to go to Lily's house tonight. I guess I won't be having a normal life after the press, too. Now I am on my way to Grandmere's. When I entered the suite, my Grandmere was in the same fur coat and smoking her cigar.

The whole room smelt of smoke. I guess I have to get used to it if I'm going to take her lessons for the next few years. I kept on coughing and coughing.

"Why, hello, Amelia. You are late."

"Yes, I know, Grandmere. I had to cancel my review classes with my Algebra teacher to attend your princess lessons."

"Oh, Amelia, you could have told me."

"Yeah, I could have. You should have asked me first and not just assumed that I'm free all the time."

"Amelia, a princess shouldn't be so rude and angry."

I was getting even angrier. What type of woman doesn't realize that I need to concentrate on my studies instead of only focusing on these useless princess lessons.

Luckily my dad came in the room looking for his trophies. "What is it? I heard you two fighting."

"Dad, can I attend my Algebra review sessions before I come for Grandmere's lessons?"

"Yes, you can. Your studies are certainly as important as your princess lessons."

"Thanks, Dad." I looked at Grandmere with a triumphant face.

"Very well then," she said stiffly. "Before I begin, can you tell me, what do you understand with the duties of being a princess?"

God I am sure this didn't come across my mind all along, though. "Emmm….well a princess is considered as the heiress to the king. And," I couldn't think of anything or even something crappy to tell Grandmere. I heard her tapping her fingers impatiently.

She then explained to me, "A princess duties is to represent the royal family in royal dinners or functions. Besides, a princess is to be an example to the citizens and to be respected. So I am expecting polite words and mature thoughts from you," she eyed at me.

"Yes, Grandmere," I said. This sure would be a long day!

I was so tired. I called my mother to tell her that I would be spending the night at Lily's. She agreed. I know she wants me to relax. She hasn't recovered from the shock either.

I reached Lily's house. Lars followed me up to Lily's apartment. I rang the bell and waited patiently at the doorstep. I sighed tiredly. That was when Lily opened the door. "Hi, Lily!" I said cheerfully.

Lily looked at me in a weird manner. It seems like she's examining me. I looked at myself, "Nope nothing dirty on me." Then Lily said, "Oh Mia, I can't wait till you are one of us! This sure would be exciting."


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