I hate to leave things unfinished. So here is a short epilogue rounding off this story. Sorry for the long wait between chapters and thank you so much to everyone who's read this and left such lovely reviews.


Chris didn't know how he was still standing.

He didn't know how it was possible for someone who was hurting so much to be able to walk, to talk even to function as a normal human being. How it was possible to still love, to still have hope.

But somehow, somehow he managed.

He still grieved for Darryl. Darryl, his surrogate father, who had died a good death defending New York from Wyatt's demon army.

He mourned for Prue, his larger than life little cousin. Even she in the end couldn't escape Excalibur's lethal blade, diving in front of Chris as Wyatt lost his temper and decided that if his brother would really rather die than join him then that could be arranged. Much as Sheila had done for her, she did for Chris. And no amount of tears in the world could bring her back.

He mourned for Orion, even for Mayer. And for many, many others.

But still he fought.

Still he loved.

Somehow he still had the capacity to love Bianca so much that he had asked her to marry him under the shadow of the Golden Gate bridge, hiding from the ubiquitous probes.

Somehow he still had the capacity to hope that they could build a life together in San Francisco.

Somehow he still had the capacity to hope that Wyatt could be saved from himself.

It had taken months of planning. Of scouting, of research. But finally they were ready. His and Bianca's scheme was about to reach fruition. They were going to go to the past and stop Wyatt from ever becoming the tyrant that he was today.

It would be difficult, Chris knew that. Maybe impossible. But he knew he had to try.

"Are you ready?" Bianca asked softly, coming up to stand beside him looking out over the bench where he had proposed to her.

Chris nodded, jaw set.

"I'm ready to save Wyatt. I'm ready to save my brother."