Kim Possible: Calm before the Storm

By Tucsoncoyote

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Prologue: Wait Five Minutes…

April 8th, 2005--

There's an old Saying: Wait five minutes, and the weather will change.

To Doctor Drakken, megalomaniacal scientific genius bent on taking over the world, and Shego, Drakken's faithful loyal assistant, bodyguard, and partner in crime, which would have been an understatement.

Doctor Drakken had unleashed perhaps his most fiendish plot ever. It was so diabolically perfect.

April 1st, 2005 -Drakken's Lair in the Caribbean-- -

"What is he up to?" Shego muttered to herself as she looked at the screens in front of her chair. "A toy design, top secret cybertronic technology, syntho-drone personality and performance upgrades, and teen scene junk!" She paused pondering all this. "What is he going to do? Throw the world's weirdest pajama party?"

It was then that Drakken snuck up on Shego his face grinning from ear to ear.

"You really haven't figured it out, have you?" Drakken said with a sultry smug grin on his face as Shego turned and looked at him with an icy stare on her face.

"There is NO plan!" Shego said sarcastically to her boss as she stood up to face him. "No Way!"

But Drakken kept a smug look on his face, as he stared at Shego. "Oh but there is!" he sang in sort of a teasing sort of way. Of course Shego was never one for teasing.

"SPILL!" she said, grabbing him firmly by his shoulders, the anger flashing from her green eyes. But Drakken remained cooler then most people did in a heat wave.

"NO!" he said firmly to Shego, and this raised Shego's anger into a frustrated fury.

"WHY NOT?" Shego shouted as she pushed Drakken away and ignited her hands, Green Meta-energy plasma flowing from them glowing ominously at her partner.

Drakken shielded his face for what he thought Shego was to do next, "Kim Possible is not smarter then you." He said looking at her and then shrugging his shoulders looked at Shego wondering if she would get his hint.

Shego realized that Drakken was right. She lowered her hands and extinguished the meta-energy that flowed from within. "True." Shego said smiling as she crossed her arms looking at her boss.

Drakken continued to smile as he pointed a finger at his assistant, "If you can't figure it out," he then gestured with his hands, "'She' can't figure it out, and that means..." Drakken said his face beaming in a broad evil grin.

Shego pondered what he was saying and then was in utter surprise like she had been hit by a snowball. "You might just win." She said with a stunned cold look on her face.

April 8th, 2005—Bueno Nacho Headquarters', Granby Utah

But like the weather outside Bueno Nacho Headquarters, the plan had changed in just a few minutes when Ronald Adrian Stoppable, a person Drakken had called a 'lack wit', a buffoon', and 'a loser', did something for the first time in his life that even Drakken hadn't comprehended., and that was to solve his plot, and to tell his best friend, Kimberly Anne Possible, of the plot.

Did she believe her best friend Ron? Of course.

So Drakken, like the weather, changed plans... He would lure Kim Possible out by taking what he thought would be her Achilles heel, the boy Kim had been asked out to her junior prom.


But it all came to a head, when Kim Possible, and her trusty sidekick, Ron Stoppable, had showed up at Bueno Nacho headquarters, to try and stop Drakken and Shego from taking over the world.

Kim was responding to her usual "Save the World" Tactics. After all her date for the prom better known as "Erik" had been taken hostage by Shego, and in fact Drakken knew Kim would fall for Erik's face, his good looks, and his charm.

But Drakken's plan was like a planned change in the wind; for Erik wasn't real... he was one of Drakken's personally designed syntho-drones that were camouflaged as a teenage boy.

Drakken called 'Erik', syntho-drone Number 901.

And Drakken had figured out his plan perfectly. He knew that Kim would Charge headlong into the fray against Shego, wearing her experimental battle suit, and in fact things worked a little too well, for Kim took out Shego in under five minutes flat.

That's when Drakken decided to play his trump card, and expose Kim's fatal weakness, and sure enough, syntho-drone number 901 known to Kim as 'Erik', served Drakken's purpose, as did Shego.

Drakken captured both Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable without even breaking a sweat, After all he figured that once Kim had fallen as the victim, to Erik's charms, the lack wit friend and sidekick, would rush in, jealous at seeing Kim unconscious in Erik's arms, and Shego would take him out easier then a summer breeze.

And in fact that's how it all came down.

And in moments, Kim and Ron were secured in a storage area inside Bueno Nacho headquarters with no real hope of rescue…

Or so Drakken thought.

But what he hadn't counted on was of course, The Lack wit, Ron Stoppable, for Ron had a trump card of his own, a trusty pet rodent by the name of Rufus.

But then again, evil plots are like the weather,

Wait five minutes and they fall apart.

With Kim out of the way, Drakken decided to put his master plan into full gear, and in the process released his unsuspecting storm of diablo robots onto an unsuspecting world.

Kim when she awoke realized what had happened. She was being held captive, as was her best friend Ron, but again Drakken didn't realize that the young Stoppable boy had more drive and determination in him... that plus he had a Naked Mole rat in his pocket, who was trained to listen to his owner's instructions, as well as those of his best friend.

Ron explained to Kim what had happened. Kim realized what a sap she had been suckered by the pretty face, and the charms of someone she didn't know. She practically had literally surrendered.

Yet it was something that she said to Ron that made her realize one thing.

"Are there any real guys out there for me?" She asked her best friend.

Ron Decided to be truthful about the matter, "Out there," He paused for a moment, "In Here..."

And for a moment like a stroke of lightning, Kim realized something she hadn't really realized all along, both from Ron...and herself.

Kim blushed when Ron said that... After all Erik was a fake. Ron on the other hand was very real, like a warm, sunny, spring day.

To her, she had realized something. The guy that cared about her the most was in fact right next to her, keeping the hopes up, and thus stopping the rain that had fallen on her parade, not more then a few minutes earlier, when she had completely given up hope.

And yet again another five minutes and the weather changed yet again.

Drakken and Shego were basking in their own warm glow, for they had finally done it, but one thing troubled Shego, why all the odd parts of a plan that made no sense, and it was then Drakken unleashed his gloating like a blustery gale.

"Boys, boys, boys!" Drakken Chortled. "Who shall I take to the Prom with me? Who's the Perfect boy?" But as he finished his sentence, he looked up, and saw something that made him go white with shock... with utter fear…

It was a Hurricane Looming over him dressed in white and blue.

An angry female hurricane by the Name of "Kim."

"Boys? Dating?" Kim began, her fury beginning to roil like a tempest, "Oh it's hard Drakken, but this..." She pulled back and with a full force blow landed one on the chin of the poor hapless villain, "This… is easy."

Drakken was sent sprawling, flying through the air, to come crashing down on the floor looking confused and bewildered at the fury within the teenage girl. "Shego!" The villain bellowed, and in a moment a clash began, a clash of enormous explosive force. On one side the white and blue female fury of Kim, on the other the Green and Black thunder and lightning of Shego and her villainous meta-energy.

And the clash only took less then a second as Kim flipped Shego over her head, to send her sprawling into a wall.

Kim's next move was even quicker then most storms; she headed to the roof, to stop the advancing storm of robots.

Meanwhile Ron stood his own ground, Facing down the syntho-drone known to him as Only 'Erik.' And in moments Ron had Erik up against the ropes, or so he thought.

Again, five minutes, again, another change in the weather.

Kim actually had gotten to the roof; she pulled out the electromagnetic scrambler pistol and took aim at the tower, sending out the signal. She was ready to fire, when the next squall blew in, and it was yet again Shego,

"What's this!" Shego said as she quickly knocked the device out of Kim's hands and sent it flying away from the teen heroine. Shego stood there looking at Kim, Her hands glowing with meta-energy as the thunderstorm broke around both of them.

Ron in the meantime had stopped Erik, and had rushed up the stairs as he saw Shego knock the device away from Kim.

"I'm Open!" He shouted, but before he could grab it, syntho-drone number 901, intervened, and grabbed the device out of the air as he exploded through the roof with the force of a Great Plains tornado. Ron tripped and fell, sprawling on the roof as he felt the cold stinging rain of the thunderstorm hit him. As he looked up between the flashes of the natural fury he saw his adversary, 'Erik' looking down at him with an evil grin on his Face. "Nice try loser, and By the Way, a naked mole rat is not cool, it's gross." Erik chuckled with a sneer on his face.

Ron's own fury was beginning as well. "Don't be Dissing the Rufus" Ron Growled at Erik, as Rufus who had crawled up on Ron's shoulder, also heard the little comment 'Erik' had made. Rufus growled as well when his owner said those words. With a quick move of his legs, Ron caused Erik to fall, and Rufus immediately saw his chance. Bounding over the now fallen syntho-drone, the hairless rodent went after the electromagnetic scrambler pistol, as quickly as his tiny feet could carry him.

To the combatants, Rufus was a blur, a flash of pink before he was able to grab the pistol before it left the roof, quickly grabbing the device with his teeth.

Rufus hauled himself up with the pistol gripped carefully in his mouth, and as he got the device back on the roof, with his front paws, let out a deep breath, and quickly saw the two clashes continuing.

The fury of the storm had shifted yet again.

"You don't know when to quit!" Shego growled her voice shrieking as a cold wind blew the icy rain; she spun around and tried to kick Kim, as Kim Ducked under the flying foot. Kim countered with her own spin and Shego ducked as Kim shot back, "Neither do you!" Shego circled Kim looking for an opening, and muttered to Kim, "Got that right!"

Rufus analyzed the situation, he knew Kim was preoccupied, but his owner, was being beaten senseless as he watched Ron fly into the side of a wall, before landing on his back with Erik looming over his owner with a foot on the left side of Ron's face.

It was a risk Rufus knew he had to take.

"Here!" he squeaked at Ron.

Quickly the little pink rodent pushed hard on the EMS device sending it skittering across the rain slick roof like a hydroplaning car, to his owner's right hand. Ron looked as he could feel Erik's foot pressing against his head, causing his head to ache and throb, and seeing the device sliding in his direction, He quickly grabbed it as fast as he could and tossed it away from his attacker, just as fast.

"Kim!" he called out like a howling wind, in the cold biting rain.

Kim in the meantime had gotten Shego off guard and had flipped her and the rain slick roof sent Shego skittering right to the edge but luck was with the villainess, as she was able to dig in with her clawed gloves, and kept from sliding off the edge of the roof, to the ground far below.

Kim looked up quickly and saw the EMS as it flew towards her with hurricane speed. Kim grabbed the gun. It was almost a fluid motion, as Kim caught the device, wheeled quickly, aimed and fired. The EMS projectile flying like a bolt from the blue straight for the target, the command signal antenna some 200 yards away.

Drakken's face again went pale with shock. "NOOOOOO!" Drakken wailed like a howling mournful wind at the top of his lungs…

But like the weather, the battle changed yet again.

Just a second before the dart hit its target, a hand shot out, grabbing it out of the air, picking the device off with such ease; it was like a force of nature had stopped the dart, ice cold in its flight. Kim and Ron both looked up and saw between the flashes of lightning and the rumbles of thunder in the heavy thunderstorm, whom it was that had which stopped the dart from hitting its mark.

It was Erik, or rather syntho-drone 901.

"So Sorry!" Erik sneered a dark brooding smile on his face, a look of evil that was frigid, almost mind numbing.

Doctor Drakken let out a sigh of relief. Kim had been stopped…

Or so he thought.

Again the battle changed just as quickly as the weather.

"You know," Kim said with a bit of sultry smugness on her face, as the rain dripped from her soaked hair, "Rufus did NOT appreciate that crack!"

Erik's look at Ron's beaming sunny disposition as Kim Said those words, causing Erik to wonder, what was she saying?

Ron's sunshine look on his face beamed as he remarked up to the syntho-drone, "The little dude holds a grudge!" Ron said smiling just as smugly as his partner had.

Syntho-drone 901 was confused, lost in the blizzard of information as he wondered,

Where was the little pink hairless rodent?

Suddenly he felt the sharp stabbing pain in his leg. The pain of the rodent, biting down hard on his leg with the ferocity of a small Pink microburst, causing the syntho-fluid to escape from his body. Syntho-drone 901 realized what was happening.

He was shutting down.

"NOOOOO!" Wailed Erik a lost mournful cry lost in the fury of the storm.

But this time the events didn't change.

After biting the syntho-drone, Rufus leapt away quickly, as syntho-drone 901 collapsed letting the dart impact the tower, and with an explosive rumble of thunder, the tower itself exploded, in an unnatural spectacle that defied nature itself.

Within a moment, the clash was over, and it was calm, but just as quickly it began to hail, tiny red diablo robots fell from the sky, impacting the roof, with loud clunks.

Drakken blanched, as the hail of robots and the cold biting rain, pelted down around him.

He had lost…

And yet, as the cold biting rain and the hailstorm of tiny robots continued to fall, and the thunder crashed, Drakken muttered to himself. "Okay maybe she is all that."

As Drakken tried to flee, a pair of feet quick as a flash, shot under Drakken's legs, causing the villain to trip and fall face first into a large puddle of water that had collected on the roof. He quickly heard a male voice... who was full of fury and anger, like the full force of the thunderstorm was about to break about the poor hapless villain.

"Taking over the world is one thing" The Voice began as Drakken flipped over to look up at Ron Stoppable, who's face with seething full of anger as the rain and robots pelted down around both of them. "But you ruined Bueno Nacho!" Ron growled deeply in his voice, his anger seething about to break over the villain. "You're gonna Pay!"

Drakken looked at the teen boy, his own anger building, "You Can't be serious!" Drakken thundered back his voice sarcastically teasing Ron, thinking he could bluff his way out of the boy's wrath of fury.

He was dead wrong…

"NOTE SERIOUS FACE!" Ron thundered back twice as loud, his anger in his face showing Drakken the fury that was to befall him if he stepped out of line.

Drakken was dealing with a new force, a force that scared him, a force that terrified him; the hapless villain began to whimper cowering as the anger of Ron Stoppable loomed above him "Please!" Drakken Screeched, "That name escapes me! Oh, I beg of you!" Drakken cried out like a child staring down a full blown tornado about to strike the fear in him causing Drakken to tremble.

The anger inside Ron was about to explode… "Say my Name! SAY IT!"

Drakken saw the look on Ron Stoppable's stormy face, the anger flickering in Ron's eyes, and Drakken cowered in fear.

"Ummm … it's… uh Ron…. STOPPABLE!" Drakken said as he threw his hands to the heavens as a bolt of lightning backlit the frightened Drakken looking to the heavens for some sign that the storm would end.

Ron crossed his arms as he looked at Drakken and smiled his warm Ronshine smile…"Boo…yeah" Ron said softly, his name being said, feeling the storm within him abating.

On another part of the roof, another storm was brewing, but this one would end more violently.

Shego herself was trying to escape off the roof as well, when Kim jumped in front of the fleeing villainess, and looked her in the eyes. "You know what I really hate?" Kim looked at Shego standing there her blue and white gloved hands on the curves of the form fitting battle suit, smiling a warm smile on her face, looking at the now soaked black and green clad villainess with a sultry smugness.

"That your date Melted?" Shego said icily as she struck a fighting stance ready to attack Kim yet again.

Kim was still warmly smiling, "Nah, " Kim began and just as quickly the mood on Kim's warm smiling face changed to a frigid icy stare. "You." Kim said as she brought her left foot up and struck Shego in the chest so hard that Shego felt a blur of white hit her and she was sent flying through the air.

"AHHHHHH!" screamed Shego, as she flew through the air, sounding like the Wicked Witch of the East as if Dorothy's house had just fallen from the tornado onto her.

Shego's body impacted hard against a solid object and a surge of electrical energy coursed through her body as she felt like she was being struck by a thousand lightning bolts at once. The sudden impact of Shego against the Concrete tower coupled with the electrical surge and the rain of the driving thunderstorm caused the tower to collapse and as Kim watched Shego fall some fifty feet to the ground below, an eerie calm surrounded her. And for a moment Kim Possible was content as a warm wicked smile crept across her face, her own storm within her abating as well. For once again, both she and her sidekick, no … partner, had saved the world once again.

Soon the rain stopped and the thunderstorm abated, Drakken's henchmen and Drakken and the injured Shego with smoldering hair were loaded onto a police van in chains, but still the anguish of Drakken master plan that had failed, wailed like a sorrowful moaning of a storm now past.

"THIS IS NOT OVER!" Drakken whined, "AWWWW this can't be OVER!"

As Ron slammed the door shut on the police van, his face smiled in satisfaction, "Deal with it dude!" Ron said, "It's OVER!"

As Kim and Ron watched the police van pull away, Ron turned to look at Kim, still wearing her blue and white battle suit, her hair still soaked by the storm that had come and gone, and for a moment, the clouds were gone, and it was again a cool calm night.

Kim however had a warm smile on her face. "You know Ron;" Kim began "We better hurry."

Ron was thunderstruck with this little revelation. "Hurry? Hurry Where?" he asked as he looked at Rufus. The hairless rodent just shrugged his shoulders looking at his owner, and squeaked "I dunno."

"You'll see" Kim replied.

It was then that Kim took Ron's hand and dragged him along quickly toward their final destination. And as the stars twinkled above, Ron wondered what was in store for him and Kim.

He didn't have long to wait, for the calm had arrived.

Or had it?

For elsewhere in the world, the weather was changing. To some folks they would call it "The Butterfly Effect" but to people who didn't know, a new storm was forming.

Nagoya, Japan, April 9th, 2005, 5:10 pm Local time--

On the television screen before him, was the evening news, and as he sipped his Earl Grey tea, he watched the events that unfolded before him.

As he continued to watch, he saw a familiar face on the screen and in fact he recognized her flowing raven hair, now smoldering, and her traditional green and black outfit, Had it been that long? And who's the guy she's working with? His thought finished on a snide comment, He looks like a loser I knew in college.

It was then that the reporter on the television spoke "Soreyueni, okagede haitiin hiroin Kim Possible, sanzensekai akki robotto hijouji taeru" the reporter said in fluent Japanese. But below the reporter the words scrawled across the screen of what had been said. And so thanks to teen heroine Kim Possible, the World Crisis of Diablo robots has been stopped.

As the Scene Changed, he noticed the two teens waving to the crowd of reporters. One of then a redheaded female, looked familiar to him, She reminds me of the woman I used to lnow, he thought to himself, and the young blond haired boy next to her looked and reminded him of another person that he knew, all too well.

The Boy reminded him of the person who destroyed his life...

And it made him angry.

Suddenly the television screen exploded in a bright flash of light and a clap of thunder, as the man was indeed angry... He had pulled out a device and fired it at the screen causing it to explode. It was then a figure flung open the door, and a dark clothed ninja burst into the room with Nunchunkus drawn and ready to attack whoever was in the room.

"Is something, wrong?" the ninja asked in a female voice loudly to the man sitting in the chair as she looked around the room looking for the source of the attack. The blonde haired, blue eyed man sitting in the chair just tossed the device he had just fired onto his desk and frowned a little.

"No Atsuko-Chan, Nothing is wrong, just a little frustrated." He said as he sat there rubbing his temples, as his temper disappeared as quickly as it had come. He then took the cup he held in his hand, and calmly took another sip of the tea that resided within.

The female ninja didn't relax, she had seen her master and leader extremely irritable, but had she never seen him angry.

And she had wondered why he had been called "Tempest-sama" even though to her and everyone else in the yakuza, he was gai-koku jin, an outsider, yet he was their leader, their commander, the one who controlled her and his army of ninjas. Yet besides being a ninja, he also was a scientist at heart.

"Is something the matter, Tempest-sama?" Atsuko the female ninja asked, hoping that her curiosity wouldn't leave her in a worse shape then the television that was still smoldering across the room from the man in the easy chair.

The man put down his cup and smiled. "To be honest Atsuko, that would be an understatement."

"How so?" The ninja asked.

"It's funny Atsuko-Chan," the man said flatly, "I've watched time and again over the last three years other villains, try and fail, and each and every time I hear it, I keep seeing something.. Something that is like a haunting nightmare."

"A Nightmare?" The Ninja questioned.

The man nodded. "Yes Atsuko-Chan, a very bad nightmare indeed."

And in fact I have a job for you and our operatives in the United States." He said as he tapped a few keys on his keyboard in front of him. Quickly a holographic picture appeared before him and the female Ninja.

It was a picture of the raven Haired woman who appeared on the screen moments before... "I want you to find out where she is, who she's with and anything else you can because when we get the information we shall strike." he said.

The female ninja bowed and replied, "This may take some time, Tempest-sama." The man just smiled. "Take all the time in the world Atsuko-Chan, after all one thing is certain. All you have to do is wait 5 minutes... and the weather will change." The man said as he finished his tea and stood up, "But if you will excuse me now, I have practice to attend to, after all once we find her, the winds will change and a new name will be said, one that will make this so called teen hero tremble with fear." As he walked by the female ninja she bowed... and as he got to the door, he paused for a second... "Atsuko-Chan?"

Hai, Tempest-sama?" She replied.

"Have our operatives in the states, find out about this so called teen heroine, known as Kim Possible as well, I want to learn everything that I can about her..." he said.

"Hai, Tempest-sama." Atsuko-Chan replied.

As he closed the door he smiled a little smile... The winds of Change are upon the world, and to me a few weeks or months from now will seem like five minutes. He thought to himself as he headed for the training gym.

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