Kim Possible: Calm before the Storm

By Tucsoncoyote

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Chapter 3: Winds of Change, Part One

Middleton, Colorado, August 23rd, 2005, 10:15 pm local time, in front of the Possible Residence.

To Kimberly Anne Possible and Ronald Adrian Stoppable, It already had been a very busy evening, and yet it was odd. How odd? First a Villain broke Shego out of Jail, Very few Clues, and little to go on, and Drakken hadn't said much except that a ninja had broken Shego out of Prison and Left him to rot in a jail cell, and the only real clue was what Drakken had told the teens, that the ninja was working for a new villain, and that even that was very little to go on. Already this mission of stopping the villain was off to a difficult start, and what was worst of all? The Following Monday, School would be starting...

To Kim and Ron, It was hard to believe. It had barely been four months since Junior Prom and their First real date, and yet tonight was perhaps the last night of potential freedom for both of the teenagers. The previous year both of them were in classes together and yet tomorrow both would be at Middleton High choosing perhaps doing one of the last things together for a while when they weren't on missions, and that was choosing their Senior Year curriculum.

Senior year...

It was hard to believe for both of them.

"So," Kim said as she held hands as they walked up to the front door of Kim's house. "What do you think of taking Physics' she said to Ron? Ron Frowned a little, "I dunno KP," Ron said, "It Just involves too much math. How about maybe German," He suggested. Kim Frowned a little when she heard that, "Ron, you're the Linguist it seems, I just can't seem to grasp the theory of Conjugation German." Kim said. "And it reminds me too much of last Year's Latin Class." She added. Ron Sighed.

"Ah Latin," Ron said, at first "Where we learned that there is no Salsa Dancing in class." Kim giggled a little when Ron said this, to him it was still humor as usual, but then Ron Frowned as he realized what was happening. "So in a way we'll have no classes together?" Ron said dejectedly.

Kim frowned a little when she heard Ron say it that way. To her maybe this last year had been all a dream, perhaps by growing together as a couple, her and Ron as best friends were slowly growing apart. They had slowly fallen in love, and now it was almost like without Ron, Kim's save the world missions were in fact … pointless. "Ron," Kim said quietly, "Do you think that we can still be a team?" She said with a bit of twinkle in her emerald green eyes. "After all I really can't save the world." Kim paused.

"Without me," Ron Finished what she was going to say.

It was almost like Déjà vu

Kim let out a little exasperated sigh, Perhaps crossing that line from best friends forever, to boyfriend and girlfriend, over four months ago, had affected them.

First by becoming a couple they started to trust each other, perhaps a little too much. And in fact by doing this they were slowly falling out of synch with each other. But Ron remained the optimistic one. "Tell you what Kim," Ron Said, "They do have a Class in Japanese this year, so how about we take that together." Kim realized one thing. she did need a foreign language, and why not at least try to take one, After all Ron had gone to Japan the year before for just a week, and yet a week later he came back and could understand little phrases of the Japanese language.

Perhaps there was hope after all.

"I… I don't know, Ron," Kim began looking down at the ground, but as she raised her head to explain why she might not want to take Japanese, she looked up and looked at him, she realized that just like her, he had mastered her 'ultimate weapon'.

Ron Stoppable was doing Kim's now infamous 'puppy dog pout'. And those brown sparkling puppy dog eyes of Ron's weren't helping much either.

Kim almost looked on in shock and awe, as for the first time ever, she saw Ron Stoppable using her own trademark weapon, against her.

"No. Not that!" Kim said "Not the Puppy dog Pout," before she burst into laughter.

Ron himself then broke down laughing, and then smiled his own goofy smile, and this caused Kim to laugh even harder. "Gotcha KP, No one expects My Twisted version of 'Ronshine'." Ron said smiling. As she still was wiping tears of laughter from her eyes.

Kim then Looked at Ron. "Well tell you what." Kim said with a smile on her face as they walked up to the front door of the Possible residence. "Maybe Taking Japanese might be a good idea; after all you know I've always wanted to learn what the Japanese Language is all about." Kim said with a smile on her face. You know it could come in handy if we ever have to go to Japan again." She added.

Ron smiled when Kim said that. "Well you know us; we're two of a kind. So see you tomorrow KP?" Ron said as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Yes." Kim replied as she bent forward to kiss him on the lips.

The teens shared a rather long and softly passionate kiss before Kim broke the kiss. And look at Ron with his sparkling brown eyes. "See you tomorrow Ron." Kim Said as she opened the door to the house. And as she closed the door Ron smiled wistful. And then turned and headed for home. Yeah tomorrow, we start anew. Ron Thought to himself. As he walked down the street to his own residence, to get some well deserved rest.

Outside Middleton High Gymnasium, August 24th, 2005 9:00 a.m. Local Time—

"Alright People, Listen up!" bellowed Assistant School principal through his bullhorn. "Sign up for Classes will begin in 15 minutes! The Former Marine Lieutenant Bellowed like a drill sergeant" And I want an orderly line to proceed into the Gymnasium!"

Senior Kim Possible looked around in the crowd of other students to see if she could spot her blond haired boyfriend, Ron Stoppable in the crowd but Ron it seemed was nowhere to be seen.

Where is he? Kim thought to herself. I hope he hasn't overslept like last year, where we ended up sharing the entire class schedule together including… Latin, Kim shuddered about what she had to go through last year as Ron had convinced her to take a class in Latin. All because he thought it involved Salsa dancing, and Salsa Eating, where Kim realized that Latin was of course the Dead Language.

Kim Again looked at her digital watch. And already it was now just a few minutes past 9 am on the late summer day in Middleton. The air had been unusually warm, and there had been talk of some afternoon thunderstorms but for this time of the year, it was usual for Middleton to have such weather.

Of course Ron wouldn't be late now would he? Kim Thought to herself. Nah Not Ron, but still she wanted to really make sure that he hadn't forgotten. So Kim reached into her pocket to fish out her Kimmunicator to talk to the Webmaster of her website, Wade Lode, and ask him, if he knew where Ron was. She was about to contact Wade, when a voice spoke up behind her, "Worried about your Ron, girlfriend?" said a familiar voice and as Kim Turned her head slightly to the right where the voice was coming from she saw that it was Her very best friend Monique, looking over her shoulder smiling at her friend. Kim smiled back a little but Monique could tell that Kim was a bit worried, "Worried about Ron, Kim? " Monique stated as she could read her friend's face pretty clear.

Kim tried to fool the African American girl, "Uh No, No Monique, I'm not worried about Ron," Kim began, "It's Just that." But Before Kim could finish Monique interjected, "Uh huh, yeah you're worried, aren't you girl?" Kim Frowned a little as she had realized how well Monique had read her.

"It's just that we had a wonderful time, but after we got home from a mission, he said he'd promise to be here with me when we signed up for classes, but now it's. Kim Looked at her watch, "Nine oh five in the morning, and I dunno where Ron is."

"Monique was smiling as she thought to herself, Can't really fool me can you girlfriend. I know you all too well. "Girlfriend," Monique said, "He's probably running late because of that scooter of his."

It was then that Kim decided to take the worry of Ron being Late off her shoulders. "So Mon," Kim said, "How has your summer been with Brick? Maybe you want to 'spill' the details?" Monique smiled and shook her head, "Nuh uh, Girl, not until you tell me how your date with Ron was last night," Monique said with an impish grin on her face.

Kim started blushing a little, when Monique said that. "Well, it was perfect, that is it was perfect, that is until we got the call from Wade," Kim began, Monique raised her eyebrow a little, "So then what happened?" Monique asked.

"Well," Kim said, "Wade gave us this mission, we thought Drakken had busted out of prison, and…"

"Whoa! Whoa! whoa, girl," Monique said, what about the movie date?" Kim sighed, "Well by the time we got back it was almost curfew, and of course, we started to talk about classes, and the next thing you know, Ron's asking me to take Japanese with him." Again Monique raised her eyebrow a little. "And as I was going to say yes to into taking Japanese, well, He surprised me." Kim said blushing.

"He gave you a full Lip lock girl?" Monique asked almost like she was pumping Kim for details.

"Monique!" Kim Whined… "No, of course not," Kim replied, "But he did surprise me I really was about to say 'no' to his idea about us taking Japanese together, when he … "Kim paused for a second. "He used the Puppy dog Pout on me." Kim said giggling a little to her best friend. Monique's mouth dropped when she heard her best friend say that.

"Get out, Girl, Our Ron using 'the pout'?" Monique said as she made 'air quotes' with her fingers, "No Way!" Monique said, "So then I guess that changed your mind?"

Kim Blushed a little and again Monique's right eyebrow cocked, "Well… Kim said as she continued to blush a little, "Ron looked sooooo cute when he did it." Monique just laughed when she heard Kim say that. "You know girlfriend, maybe after this we can go over to my house, and you can teach me that 'pout' of yours." Kim laughed, "Okay Mon, but first I want to contact wade on something."

Kim again reached into her pocket and was about to pull her Kimmunicator out and contact Wade once again, when another voice in the crowd hollered, "Kim! Monique!" Kim looked over and could see Ron's best friend and video gaming buddy Felix Renton, Rolling up to them in his cyber-robotic wheelchair. "Hey Kim, "Felix replied, "Have you seen 'The Ron man?'

Kim frowned a little and looked at her watch, which now read 9:10 am. There was just five minutes left before class selection would begin and Kim was starting to get a bit worried, but Kim knew that Ron Wouldn't be late… Not for me. Kim Thought. "I haven't seen him Felix, and he was supposed to be here ten minutes ago." Kim said starting to worry.

"Well no prob, Kim," Felix said, "I just wanted him to know I got finally got Zombie Mayhem 5 in the game store over at the Middleton Mall yesterday and after we get done signing up, well I was going to have him come on over and play it with me. Besides you're invited as well Kim." Felix added.

Kim smiled then replied, "Thanks for the invitation Felix, I'll be sure to tell Ron about it when he gets here," Kim added,

Provided he does get here. Kim thought to herself as she looked at her watch, which read 9:14 am.

Just then the doors to the Gymnasium opened and Steve Barkin, announced to the students waiting outside, "Okay people, Registration is now open! Proceed in an orderly fashion to get your registration cards." Kim was getting a tad nervous and for good reason.

Back when Ron was just a friend, being fashionably late for Ron was the normal thing Kim had to put up with, but right after the prom, Kim noticed a change in Ron, Usually when Kim set a time for the duo to be somewhere, Ron surprisingly showed up. And sometimes even a few minutes ahead of schedule.

But somehow had Ron Gotten out of step today? Perhaps for the first time in the last four months? Kim thought to herself glumly. Was this a sign that maybe their relationship wasn't working out?

Get a grip, girl, Kim thought to herself, Nah it probably was just 'registration jitters' Yeah, that's it, just 'registration jitters'.

But to Kim Possible, not having Ron around was, 'awk-weird' it just didn't quite feel right. Ever since prom night, Kim had realized one thing; Ron was definitely there for her, through thick and think, even when they went on missions together. Again she looked at her watch which now read 9:18 am.

Kim then decided to go ahead, and check and see what had happened so she reached into her pocket and pulled out her blue Kimmunicator and switched the device on. "Wade," Kim said as the face on the other end of the screen came to life,

"Waddup' Kim" the Eleven year old super-genius boy replied. He looked at Kim and he could see she wasn't too happy. "Wade, "Kim Began, "Do you still have Ron Micro-chipped?" Wade looked at Kim through the webcam in his room, "Kim," Wade began, I think we've been through the ethical ramifications of having Ron micro-chipped already, at least four times by my last count." Wade said. Kim raised an eyebrow, "Well look wade, I just want to know where he is!" Kim said a bit nervously.

"Okay , okay, Kim, Just chill!" with that Wade tapped in a few quick commands then hit the 'Enter' key with a flourish and in a second a map showing where Ron was displayed. He was less then two blocks from the school. And the tracking dot wasn't moving." Kim smiled and yet she was nervous, "Thanks Wade," Kim said as she followed the directions the two blocks, and as she turned the corner, she saw something that made her heart freeze with fear.

Ron Stoppable was sitting on his now stopped moped, and who he was talking to was Zita Flores.

No, Kim Thought, Not Ron, He wouldn't, he couldn't,

But there he was sitting on his moped casually talking to Zita Flores as if it had been last year.

Kim Thought to herself, First Bonnie Rockwaller but then he was play acting, so as to keep Gill from guessing his real motives.

But as Kim continued to watch she knew he wasn't play acting, or even faking it. This time it was for real.

Or was it?

Kim couldn't tell whether it what he was doing was fake,

Or real.

But there he was. He was actually talking to another girl. A girl he used to date.

Kim didn't know what to do, whether to go up and ask Ron what the heck he was doing, or if she wanted to tell Zita Flores to take a hike. Kim just froze like a deer in the headlights; her heart sank as she watched her best friend and now boyfriend, betray her trust yet again.

Nagoya Japan, August 26th, 2005, 12:00 a.m. (Midnight) Local Time—

Home… he thought to himself as he watched the raven haired, lightly green skinned passenger across the cabin. Even in her sleep, she didn't look too happy. For that matter, judging from the orange prison uniform, he imagined she wasn't too comfortable either. But the Ninja in white and smiled to himself, as he had acquired for his boss, a new recruit for his operations.

He motioned to another ninja and with hand gestures not to wake the sleeping woman sitting across to him, she explained in sign language what he intended to do. The Ninja who was standing there looking down at him understood and then went forward to notify the pilots to land the aircraft.

Softly and gently the small business jet hovered then slowly continued to descend nearly vertically as the plane came to rest on a concrete Tarmac not more then a couple hundred yards from an ancient Japanese Temple. As the Plane landed on the tarmac with a soft thump, the soft impact of the plane's wheel's slight jostled the passenger awake.

"Alright, Alright, I'm awake, Sheesh!" Shego Growled as she slowly rubbed the sleep out of her green emerald Eyes. As she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, the Ninja in white smiled, and thought to himself, No wonder Lipsky doesn't admire her more; she seems to be a real tigress when she wakes up in the morning. The Ninja watched as Shego yawned a little bit and stretched, flexing her fit body like she was a cat waking up from her nap. As she blinked and continued to rub the sleep from her eyes, Shego then found herself sitting across from one of her benefactors. "What time is it?" She asked stifling a little bit of a yawn.

The Ninja smiled as he could see she was slowly becoming alert and attentive "Ah Miss Shego," The Ninja said in a low tone to his voice, "The time is roughly midnight local time, and we have just landed at your new benefactor's private lair." The ivory ninja said to her as she sat across from her, with his arms folded.

Shego finally got her bearings and looked around trying to get her bearings a little. "So when do we meet this boss of yours?" Shego asked as she craned her neck to get the stiffness out of her joints.

The Ninja motioned to another of the ninja to come forward, "Soon, Very soon, but I must first announce to him that we are here." The Ninja in white mentioned as he looked at Shego, "In the Meantime, Shego-Chan, perhaps you are famished or Thirsty from our long journey here." The Ninja said calmly to the Raven haired woman sitting across from him.

He motioned to another ninja and soon Shego saw standing before her another female, this time clad in black, and as she bowed humbly to the older woman, Shego could tell that this female's eyes were light hazel green, much like her own, How Odd, Shego thought to herself, It's almost like looking at myself in a mirror, as she looked at the slightly taller, but fit woman, standing before her.

But already Shego was alert, almost suspicious of the taller woman. Yet Shego herself was a mistress of bluff, and counterbluff and she smiled warmly to the taller woman, the woman however was starring at Shego, almost wanting to kill her with her eyes. Whatever I do, thought Shego, I better not cross her path or step on her toes.

Just then the ninja in White stood up and looked at the two women staring at each other almost like both of them were going to go at each other in a traditional Cat fight, "Taven," the Ninja In white said, "I want you to stay with the passenger until I notify our boss of this." The Young woman looked at her superior, "But Sir." She started to protest.

The Ninja in White Glared at his subordinate, "Do you question our boss' authority on this matter?" the Ivory ninja growled slightly irritated at his subordinate. "N-no sir," The Female Replied, "Very good then"

He then looked at Shego before he turned to leave. "I want you to stay here, and then he looked over at Taven, and then said in a firm tone, "If Shego-Chan gets out of line, Taven, or gets impatient, you know what to do."

The Female ninja just nodded and bowed to the ivory ninja. With that the Ninja in white turned and as he started to leave, he said, I will have Stormfury come out and meet you in fifteen minutes, until then Shego-Chan, I advise you listen to the warning I have given you and you don't try to be impatient."

With that the tall male ninja exited out the front door of the business jet, and walked down the ramp to the Temple. But in His mind, He decided let's see if Shego-Chan has the patience to see wait for him to come to her.

Up until now, Shego was unsure of what to make of these strangers. Despite being able to break out practically any jail she had been locked in to date, she certainly did not mind being saved the effort. However, the implied threat immediately caused her to tense up inwardly, and she was careful not to let it show. Curiosity beckoned she deal with them, locate the head honcho herself, and grill whoever it was for answers, but decided none of it was necessary. All she had to do was wait 15 minutes.

The possibility that they could kill her if they so chose briefly crossed her mind, but if they tried anything, Shego was confident she could take them. Seeing no magazines or anything else to alleviate her newfound boredom, she glumly leaned back on her seat.

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