"Fuck off Malfoy", she furiously screamed. "Don't you ever touch me again, or you will regret it!"

Draco knew this threat would go unfulfilled. She had no wand. Her life was his to control. She had fallen and he picked her up. Everyone believed her to be killed in action. She knew this too, yet she still threatened with the usual malice.

Draco looked over Hermione casually. She really had turned into the swan since her Hogwarts years. Yet, even then she had caught his eye. No one could beat her academically. He tried all seven years, but only came in second.

With her intellect, how could he not notice. If knowledge was power, then she'd rule over anyone. But, his admiration could never have amounted to anything because of his father.

Now he was under he ruled over himself. He could finally have what he wanted. Dirty or otherwise.

"Really my love? I could've sworn that I have your wand. No one even knows you are alive, so what do I have to worry about?" I told her with malice in my voice. She knows I have called her bluff.

Maybe you should work on your poker face my love. You can't leave, but at least you will always be safe with me. No one messes with a Malfoy.

She just sits there. I can tell she is deep in thought. Her bottom lip will be chewed away is she continues to think that hard. It's kinda cute the way she does that though. Her eyes light up, maybe she thought of something?

"Malfoy, what do you want with me? You could've killed me back there, but you kept me alive. Why?" She looked at him quizzically as she said this.

Well what do I say? Well my love, you are here to entertain me. You see, you've left me starstruck. I lived in your shadow in school, and adored you from afar. Ha, like she'd believe that. I can't tell her I love her. She'd laugh. No One laughs at me.

"I think you said enough for today. When I leave the room the doors will be locked from the outside. But not to worry. There is a house elf who will call to your every need. I do hope you learn to enjoy your stay," i said as i slowly turned to the door "oh, and you are to dine with me tonight, and shall be rewarded for good behavior." With that remark, I opened and closed the door with ease. I could hear her crying. Maybe in time she would feel the same for me as I did for her.