"Heeeey! Sakura look what I learned today!" Benji ran into the shop and did a flip off of the wall onto the counter, ready to show off his new skills.

Sakura tried not to smile at him, as she turned discretely away from the couple she was helping choose a ring. She gave Benji a look that he knew well by now. A look that told him to wait until the shop was empty.

"Oh." He said and jumped off the counter to sit behind it. While he waited he twiddled his thumbs and hummed, the same song Sakura hummed when she was bored or agitated.

Sakura smiled when the couple decided they would think about it and come back later. She wished people would just make up their minds, but there was nothing she could do but smile and hope they would come back.

As soon as they were gone she turned to Benji excitedly. "Show me what you can do!"

Benji smiled and willingly obliged her.

Gaara was late for dinner. He was late almost every day, mostly because he knew how much Sakura hated it. He didn't have anything else to do that would keep him away, but there was just something about how familiar and comfortable this feeling and situation had become that made him feel… happy.

Sakura glared at him when he came to sit at the table. "I don't know why I even bother." She sighed, acting the part of a suffering wife.

Not that they were married. After his first 'proposal' eight years ago the subject had never even occurred to either of them. Not to him at least. It was hard to tell what she was thinking from one moment to the next; it changed so often.

"But you don't get it Sakura," Benji said, continuing a conversation they must have been having before he arrived, "She's just so… creepy."

Sakura laughed, "Well she must be really creepy for you to think that. After all, you do live with him." She said, glaring at Gaara.

"I don't even know her name. I don't think our sensei knows her name." He leaned closer to Sakura and gave her a frightened look, "Sakura, what if she doesn't have a name?"

Sakura snorted, "I'm sure she has a name Benji, maybe she's just never told you because you're a big meanie who calls her creepy." She turned her glare to Benji. Despite their fourteen year age difference Sakura didn't act much older than Benji at times.

Gaara laughed quietly and they both turned to glare at him. He quickly dug into his meal to avoid anything they might have to say to him.

"That's it. Outside right now."

Gaara looked up in surprise at Sakura, but she wasn't looking at him; she was pointing at Benji.

"What!" Benji stood from his chair and stepped back.

"That's right! We'll fight for it! If you lose you have to invite her over for dinner, and that other boy too. If you win, then I'll forget it."

"Do we have to?" Benji asked. He was still a pretty lazy kid. "At least let me finish supper first."

"Fine. But quickly."

Benji sat and finished his plate within seconds then the two left. Gaara sat alone at the table and finished his meal at his own pace, and then he went out after them.

He arrived at the practice courts as Benji's doppelgangers disappeared and Sakura grabbed him in a head lock. He grinned; Sakura would fight Benji for anything, and she had yet to lose. Except that one time a few years ago, but she had let him win, and she had a cold. And it was only over a candy.

Sakura dropped his head and danced around happily. "I win! I win! You can invite her over whenever you like Benji.♪"

"Does never count?" he asked.

"You know it doesn't!" she said, smacking him on the back of the head. "But I'll tell you what, just so you're not too uncomfortable, we'll make a night of it, and I'll invite friends too. And Gaara…" she looked up at the spot where he sat, half hidden in a tree. "Well, maybe he'll be on time for once."