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The sounds of crashing and breaking startled Lois awake.

"What the…" she started to say, as she reached across the bed to turn on the lamp. Before she could reach the lamp pull, an arm pulled hers down gently.

"Leave it off," a voice whispered into her ear, as more crashing and breaking glass was heard outside the doors of the bedroom.

Lois lowered her arm, and crossed them both under her chest. She was starting to get annoyed with the repeated harassment. She locked her jaw and sat in stony silence.

They heard a phone rang in the other room, and the crashing ceased. Several minutes later there was a soft knock at the bedroom door.

"Mr. Luthor, the FBI wishes to speak with you," the maid, Glynis, spoke through the door.

"I'll be out in a few minutes," Lex replied.

Lois glanced at the bedside clock, a quarter to six. Not as early as previous searches, but still too early, even for government business. Lex slipped out of bed, putting on a pair of sweat pants-a gift from Lois-and a lightweight sweater. He couldn't meet with the FBI in his boxer shorts.

"Lex, when will this end?" Lois asked, with an edge of the annoyance she felt, evident in her voice. She needed her sleep, and these repeated raids were wearing her down.

"I mean, it's been months, when will they give up? They have yet to find any evidence to support these repeated raids against you! Don't they know by now that you had nothing to do with it?" By the end of her rant she was on the verge of getting out of bed and storming out of the bedroom herself-her hands balled in fists.

Lex sat down on Lois's side of the bed. He reached up and stroked her cheek. Lois closed her eyes and leaned her head into the gesture. He sure does know how to calm me, she thought, releasing her frustrations.

"I appreciate your willingness to fight for me, but I am certain this is going to be the last time the FBI disturbs us here. I'll make sure that Agent Merks knows that I don't appreciate these useless raids upsetting you." He said this with no doubts.

His hand traveled up to her head, where her hair was caught in a very loose, messy ponytail. He caressed a loose strand between his fingers. He loved her hair, he loved her skin…

"and anyway," he continued, "they have yet to find anything remotely condemning, so there's no reason for any of this to continue. Now go back to sleep, and I'll make sure they leave, quietly" he added.

"Just be careful what you say," Lois responded, as she placed her hands gently on either side of his face and stared into his eyes.

"You know all they need is one little insinuation of involvement to take you away!" The look of concern was so warming to Lex. He loved her even more than ever in that moment. He didn't think it was possible, these feelings he had, after all the horrible relationships he'd been involved in. But he cherished the feelings he had when he was with Lois; in fact he craved them by the end of the work day. He wanted to look into those eyes and get lost in the arms of this magnificent woman.

"I'll be careful," he kissed her very lightly and rose to leave the room. Lex hadn't been so happy in his entire life; there was no way he would let any overzealous FBI agent take any of what he had away from him. He was finally in charge of Luthercorp, and he had Lois. They were the two most important things in his life, and the two things he'd do anything to protect.

"I'll be careful," he whispered again to himself as he opened the door of the penthouse bedroom. He heard the rustling of sheets as Lois settled back in to sleep until her alarm sounded. He smiled as he softly closed the door behind himself. Then quickly put on the Lex Luthor façade that was used when dealing with anyone other than his beloved Lois.

Agent Dina Merks was pacing slowly back and forth, across one of the few areas of floor not covered with strewn paper, broken glass, and various debris of different nature. This was it. Dina had dreamed of a case this high-profile since she began at the agency. She wasn't about to give up; she wasn't fully convinced Lex Luthor was entirely innocent. No matter what orders or information she received from above.

"I hope you've summoned me to apologize for again destroying my home and disrupting my life."

Lex surprised Agent Merks from her thoughts. He stood confidently in the doorway looking powerful as always, even without his expensive Italian suit. He walked into the room, surveying the damage around him.

Agent Merks looked at Lex, once again in awe of his presence. As much as she wanted to despise this man, she found herself almost attracted to him. Much like most women, she thought. Pulling herself together, she gave Lex a smile that nowhere near touched her eyes.

"Well you should be thankful that we were interrupted after only searching this room. It should be easy to clean up," she glanced around at the mess on the floor of the study. Agent Merks took a deep breath, grasped her hands together in front of her and looked up at Lex.

"There's good news and bad news, Mr. Luthor, which would you prefer to hear first?" Lex studied her intently, seeming to look through her. Dina kept her face as neutral as she could manage. But she still felt the intimidation and doubt start clouding her mind. Am I certain I can pull this off, she thought, close to letting a panic set in. Too late to go back now…

"Why don't you just get the apology out of the way, and then leave my home. I have a business to run and other matters that need attending to," he said as he crossed the room, heading for the bar. He ignored her last question.

"It's a little early for a drink, even for you," Dina said before she could help herself. That wasn't professional, she thought as she mentally chastised herself for it. Lex, however, didn't miss a stride, and though his back was to her, she could hear the amusement in his voice.

"Even I don't drink before noon," he responded. "Not that I need to explain any of my behavior to a rogue FBI agent who won't stop bullying my friends, my lover, even my business associates."

There was silence in the room. Lex surveyed the damage to his liquor cabinet, while Dina Merks stood in place, feeling like a smart mouthed child being punished. She realized this was how Lex maintained his power-by making people feel smaller than they are-and she started to get angry again. She pulled herself together.

"Mr. Luthor, there will be no more raids." Dina said this with golfball sized lump in her throat, giving him the good news first. She hated to be wrong, and though nothing had been found on the premises-in the limited time they had to search-she still wasn't convinced Lex was entirely innocent. "The bad news," she continued, allowing him no time for rebuttal, "I was just contacted by the field office in Hub City. Your father's body has been found."

This last statement caused Lex to pause but almost unnoticeably. If Agent Merks hadn't been watching him so intently, studying his reaction, she would not have noticed it. He turned fully to face her, his expression revealing nothing.

"What were the circumstances around this discovery," Lex responded like he was talking about a business deal, not about his father, missing for six months, who had just been found dead.

"I can't go into specifics right now. There are forensic crews on the scene gathering evidence as we speak. You'll be notified once there are some conclusive findings about cause of death. I should inform you, you are still a suspect, only now it's for murder. Don't plan any trips out of the country."

Lex glanced around his study, surveying the damage. He once again looked at Agent Merks, no emotion showing-but his green eyes pierced into hers, nontheless.

"If there's nothing else, I really do have to prepare for my day."

Agent Merks stared at Lex for a few seconds, and for the first time that morning, she felt like she had the upper hand in the situation.

"The FBI will be in touch, and I'll be watching" she finally said.

Agent Merks walked out of the room and left the penthouse.

Lois was just starting to drift off again when she heard the bedroom door. A few moments later, she felt movement on the bed, as Lex sat on the edge. She rolled over to face his back. Reaching out, she caressed his neck, right at the base of his skull. His body language implied bad news. He was slouched over, his head hanging down, his hands in his lap.

"Lex, what happened?" Lois prodded with obvious concern in her voice, as her fingers worked magic on his neck. Lex carried all his stress in his neck, and Lois was the only other person besides Marina, the masseuse, who could relieve the tension.

"My father's body was found in Hub City."

Lois paused, the news shocking her fully awake. She stopped her massage and getting on all fours, moved to the edge of the bed to sit next to Lex. She grasped his hand in hers.

"What does this mean?" Her eyes full of concern and worry for this man she had spent the past two years with.

"I don't know," Lex said, looking at Lois, searching her eyes for something, not knowing what. Not finding it, he looked away. "They will contact me when there's news on cause of death. The FBI still suspects me of having something to do with this."

He stood suddenly, ripping his hand from Lois's, pushing his emotions down to the bottom of his being. There was no time for grief. Why should he grieve for this man, who did nothing but treat him as the son he was stuck with, instead of the son he really wanted? Lois was concerned. She never once believed Lex was responsible for Lionel going missing, or now, for his death. But with the history of animosity between the two of them, many people did, and still do, believe Lex guilty of some foul play.

"I need to dress and get over to Luthercorp. This news can't put any damper on the project unveiling. You will be there, right?" He was heading for the bathroom, and paused at the last question, his back to her.

"Yeah, I'll be there," she smiled at him, even though his back was to her. She stood and walked up behind him. Lois wrapped her arms around his toned, muscular chest, and put her hands inside his robe, against his bare skin.

"Just because Perry said I can't cover the event for the paper doesn't mean I won't be there to support you." She gave him several small butterfly kisses on his neck, and she felt the tension leave his body as he took a deep breath and leaned back into her.

"I'm glad," he said. Suddenly he turned, and Lois found herself underneath him, on the bed, his weight on top of her comforting. "I'm very glad," he said again, softly, as he leaned down and kissed her deeply with as much passion as he was feeling.