Daniel absently shifted the weight of the pack on his back as waited beside Jack and General Hammond in the gate room. SG-10 was due back in less than a minute from P3X-863, a planet orbiting a dying red star that the MALP had reported was completely lifeless.

The archaeologist had no doubt it really was lifeless, too. Only SG-1 ever seemed to get erroneous reports from the automated scouts.

Once the team had returned on schedule, he, Jack and Teal'c would be headed out to P3X-492, where the initial survey had shown some fascinating ruins that seemed to share characteristics with several ancient Mesopotamian temples here on Earth. A nice, relaxing mission where no one ought to be shooting at them, even if it made Jack groan and shoot Sam envious looks because she'd be sitting this one out while he'd be "Watching Danny play with his rocks."

At last, the klaxon blared, and the first chevron locked on. The marines stationed within the gate room came to attention, raising their P-90s to their shoulders. The iris over the enormous stone ring whispered shut, as they all waited for SG-10's signal to arrive.

Finally, Siler's voice came over the intercom. "It's SG-10, sir!"

General Hammond nodded, his bald head reflecting the lights overhead. "Open the iris," he ordered calmly.

It was strange how deserted the gate room seemed, Daniel reflected wryly as the lieutenant obeyed. For one thing, when it was Sg-1 coming home Janet and her medical team were usually standing by.

The iris opened to reveal a glimmering, vertical pool of water, the almost magical event horizon that never failed to take Daniel's breath away. A moment later the five members of SG-10 stepped through, unalarmed and apparently uninjured. Hammond was just opening his mouth to order the wormhole released when abruptly the marines, who had been standing down, raised their weapons again to aim them at the sixth figure that had abruptly exited the Stargate. SG-10 as one turned and gaped in surprise, and Daniel realized that whoever he was, he was not expected over for dinner.

From what the scientist could see, he was a young male, apparently human, and maybe seventeen years old, if that. The boy was wearing clothes that wouldn't have been out of place in certain parts of the world. On his back was a pack not so very different from Daniel's own, if much larger, and what could only be an umbrella had been fastened on top of it with a couple of cloth loops.

"Freeze, son!" the general ordered, holding up his hand in what they'd found to be the universal gesture for "stop!" Instantly the boy's head snapped up from the upside-down map that he held in his hands, his dark eyes wide beneath the bright yellow, black-spotted bandana that held back unruly black hair. He looked around the room, obviously astonished.

As twenty marines looked down the barrels of automatic rifles at the intruder, he nervously licked his lips and opened his mouth to speak, revealing small, pointy fangs.

"Where on Earth am I now?"

A/N: Attempt #2 at a 200-word drabble. Failure #2 at a 200-word drabble. Ah, well. At least it's out of my head now. Been bugging me for weeks. So, how were my first forays into the worlds of Stargate: SG-1 and Ranma ½, neither of which I own? I realize that some of my practical knowledge might be off- for all I know, SG-10 is that twenty-marine team that's always getting shot up.

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