It's Not Natural...- samuraiduck27

A/N: I had a inspiration burst… so leave me alone… (dodges objects from angry reviewers who want me to update HWGA and ARS) DON'T WORRY! I'M GETTING THERE! I have no idea where this would fit into the series as I have only seen about 5-6 episodes, read a few of the mangas, and seen Endless Waltz. So yeah…… hope it don't suck.

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He's just sitting there… it's strange… not natural…

For once, the safe house is quiet and still- none of Maxwell's loud, annoying talking or pranks have gone on for the last few hours.

He's just sitting there- his usual smile not on his face, and his cobalt eyes seem to be a bit duller and without that spark of mischief that I usually find as an omen of something bad about to happen. It's as if he's a whole different Duo Maxwell. Oh Kami- please tell me there's not two of them. I don't think I could stand it.

He's acting odd. No gorging himself with food, or pranking myself or the others, and no annoying chattering that makes me want to slice him through with my katana has gone on all day. He's… just sitting there, frowning…

I didn't think he could frown or sit still actually…guess I was wrong.

I wonder what he's thinking about. He looks deep in concentration. Hah- Maxwell, thinking! That's another thing I didn't think he could do outside of battle and training.

He's supposed to be the happy-go-lucky one, the one who always smiles and gets on my nerves. The "braided baka" as I have dubbed him.

Guess there's more to him than I thought.

Actually, there's not a lot I do know about him, actually, now that I think about it. All I really know about the brown-haired teen sitting in front of me, is that he grew up on L2 on his own for most of his childhood and is a war orphan who was taken in by Professor G. He's a self-proclaimed Shinigami, but why he calls himself that I'm still not too clear on. A thief too, it seems, and one who "will run and hide, but never tell a lie".

What is he hiding?

He looks up at me as if just noticing my presence, that smile back on his face; but somehow… it now seems as if it's plastered on, and not really natural. I never really noticed it.

"Hey, 'Fei. Whatcha need?" he asks me.

"Hn. Nothing, Maxwell. Just wondering why you're so quiet today." I reply.

His face adopts a confused look, and he shrugs, "I dunno, really." he gives me a wry, evil-ish grin I know too well and throws an arm over my shoulder, "Why? Miss my mayhem already? I'm gonna have to go fix that, then."

I throw his arm off of me, and glare at him as he runs off to Kami knows where to set up some kind of trap for the next unfortunate Gundam Pilot to cross his path. As he leaves the room, I can hear him mumbling to himself, and it's not plans of chaos…

"Gotta keep smiling, Duo… you just gotta keep smiling…"

I raised an eyebrow and felt a bit concerned for the braided boy leaving my sight. This just isn't like him; like I said, it's not natural...

A/N: I noticed how Duo's always the smiling, prankster one in GW, and when I read Gundam Wing ZERO I saw that his past is just as bad, if not worse than the others'. He's always smiling, and is rarely caught without that or his little evil glint in his eye outside of battle. Everyone else has their little brooding moments, some more so than others, and I don't believe Duo has ever told the others he was a survivor of the Maxwell Church Tragedy. (If I'm wrong, correct me please- it's been a while since I saw the series…) So… this was born. And really, I think it rather sucks.

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