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----Morgan's POV---

A soft smile spread across my lips as I watched a small girl no more than four years old run up to me and give me the biggest hug she could. "Mama! You're home!" My daughter shouted happily. "Auntie Yumi's here too. She says that she has an offer for you if you want to stay away from Grandma and Grandpa."

I pick my daughter up and gently hugged her close, being careful that I didn't open up any of my new injuries. "Alright, lets go see what auntie Yumi has to offer." I say with a smile, grateful that I am able to see my daughter againafter nine months of separation.

She wasn't my biological daughter, I knew that just as well as my family -excluding my parents since they had no idea about my secret life here in Japan seeing as they lived in America- knew it but that didn't stop any of us from treating her as if I had carried her in my womb and given birth to her. I had found her in the back of my car one day after working in my grandfather's hotel, her biological mother nowhere to be found.

We headed inside the house and saw Yumi having a verbal fight over Jason about something. "It'd be good for her. She'd get away from your pyscho parents." Yumi shouted, her brown eyes flashing showing that she was annoyed at my idiot olderbrother.

"Incase you've forgotten, Yumi, she's a grade under of you! She could easily ditch school." My brother, Jason, shouted back.

"I have friends that's in the same grade as her and the teachers do roll call before every class." Yumi shouted back.

I smiled a little and said, "Okay, so who's going where and why were teachers mentioned?"

Yumi and Jason both stopped arguing for a minute before Yumi said completely ignoring Jason pretending to stab and strangle her, "Kaji, I have an idea on how you can escape your parents and be free from them completely."

-----End POV----

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